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Corner Shop Show's 'Hamza Jeetooa' to star in ITV's 'Zomboat'

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

It looks like Zombie's aren't only in the Corner Shop Universe! Two best friends from London, Amar and Sunny, get stuck in Birmingham after a night out & get stuck on a canal boat to face off against the deadly undead...wait, did that just make sense?

That's it. That's the plot. BRILLIANT. This new 6 part series made in a co-production between ITV2 and Hulu, will be on our screens starting on the 8th of October.

The show stars 2 British Asian actors - Hamza Jeetooa (Doctor Who, Corner Shop Show) and Ryan McKen (Bancroft, Temple) as Sunny and Amar! Alongside them is Leah Brotherhood (Vera) and Cara Theobold (Absentia).

Check out the trailer!

This trailer looks absolutely amazing - equal parts hilarious and intense! We cannot wait to watch this when it airs next week!

Looks like Hamzah Jeetooa aka Amil shouldn't have left the Off License...

Catch Zomboat! on ITV2 from Tuesday 8th of October!

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