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YouTube Channel "BatInTheSun" Releases Short Film Batman: Dying Is Easy

Some of you might be a fan of the YouTube series Super Power Beat Down. A versus series mostly consisting of live action actors playing famous characters (mostly superheroes) who fight against each other. BatInTheSun also works with other fan series like TrulyIndieStudios' Heroes with Problems, The Waiting Room, Ismahawk's Minute Match Up, Rogue Origin Films and even Death Battle whenever they are doing live action fights. Just recently, BatInTheSun has released their short film Batman: Dying is Easy. Check it out.

The film stars Bat in the Sun regular Kevin Porter as the Dark Knight himself with Aaron Shoenke as the Joker unsurprisingly. However there are some notable cameo actors too. Street Fighter's Ken Masters actor Christian Howard appears briefly as one of Mad Hatters goon. Howard has recently did a short film with Rogue Origin Films Fatal Fury where he played another Fighting Game Blond American fighter.

Jamie Costa played the paedophile villain Mad Hatter, Costa maybe recognised for other short films like his role as Obi-Wan Kenobi in Kenobi: A Star Wars Story and he voiced the Genie in HISHE's Aladdin episode.

Casper Van Dien plays Commissioner Gordon. Some of you will recognise him for playing Johnny Cage in season 2 of Mortal Kombat legacy, replacing Matt Mullins. He was also Captain America in Screen Junkies' video The Roast of Captain America. Though if only care about big blockbusters, he was Amok in Alita Battle Angel and Tarzan in Tarzan and the Lost City.

Former American Idol singer Chris Daughtry plays Dr Hugo Strange of all people and Michael Madsen plays Bullock. Madsen maybe recognisable to fans of Powers where he plays SuperShock, Budd in Kill Bill: Vol 1 and Preston Lennox on Species.

Following this we get a few introductions to some of the Arkham inmates some of which are firmiliar faces such as Vera Bambi as Poison Ivy, Mike Estes as Mr.Freeze, Guy A. Grundy as Victor Zsazs, Amy Johnston returning as Harley Quinn, Doug Jones as Riddler and Lionel Washington III as Killer Croc.

Many of these you may recognise with Bambi appearing as Vanessa in Deadpool vs Deathstroke. Guy A. Grundy ironically played Bane in his own Bane series by Hectic Film Productions and was featured in BatInTheSun's super horror beat down as Michael Meyers. Martial Arts actress Amy Johnston (who you may remember from a previous article) returns to play the crazed Harley Quinn whom she portrayed for Deadpool and Domino vs Joker and HarleyQuinn. Also Amanda Lynn Shafer makes a quick cameo reprising the role of Barbara Gordon aka Oracle.

Finally Doug Jones best known for playing the Silver Surfer in Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, Deathbolt in CW's Flash and Arrow and was also Saru in Star Trek.

Lets not forget the Sensualising Slav Tatiana Neva shows up as the end as Catwoman. Many BatInTheSun fans would recognise Tatiana for her several appearances on the channel as several heroines like BlackWidow, WonderWoman, Domino, Gamora, Elektra, Scarlet Witch, Lara Croft and now Catwoman.

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