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Marvel's 'X-Men New Mutants - Who's Who

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

X-Men are back (kind of) in this new movie from FOX. Disney has confirmed that this is NOT part of the MCU but have agreed to give FOX the go ahead of releasing this project which was previously delayed for 2 years. We can only assume it was due to the Disney/FOX merger, but nevertheless we're excited for a Marvel horror film! Check out the trailer above and 'who's who' in detail below!

Alice Braga

Alice Braga compared to Dr.Cecilia Reyes

Age: 36

Height: 5'4"

Nationality: Brazilian

Ethnicity: Pardo (unspecific)

Skills: Fluent in Portuguese, Spanish and English. Possibly Sniper and Krav Maga.

Family: Daughter of Actress Ana Braga and Director Ninho F.Moraes. Niece of actors Sonia Braga Julio Braga, Helio Braga and Maria Braga, Cousin of Daniela Braga. Sister to Rita Moraes.

Trivia: Comes from a large Family of Actors and Actresses

Role: Dr.Cecilia Reyes

Leading the group of young mutants is Dr.Cecilia Reyes (portrayed by Alice Braga). Cecilia Reyes is an American mutant of Puetro Rican descent with the ability to generate a psionic forcefield around her body which she can use to protect her like a skin tight invisible/transparent armour. The armour itself can manifest a subconcious like personality to protect her from danger and even generate glass like energy spikes to stab or wound her attackers. In the comics She lost her father in a drive-by shooting which motivated her to become a Doctor to save and heal people. Her mutation manifests after she earned her doctorate, Professor X did offer a spot on the X-Men but she rejected in favour of hiding her mutation and continuing her work as a trauma surgeon. Alice Braga is a Brazilian actress best known for her roles in as Anna in I Am Legend and Isabelle in Predators. These roles have shown she fits in a thriller Sci-Fi setting with Anna being a survivor of a monsterous apocalypse and Isabelle being Sniper pitted against Alien hunters. Cecilia Reyes motivation of wanting to help others after losing her father can play some parralels to Braga's role as Isabelle who feels she is being hunted as apunishment for not saving her comrade in arms. Whilst Braga may not be of Puerto Rican origin. Her role as Anna also involves protecting a child too, but Dr.Reyes is out to look after several super powered children She is fluent in Portuguese, Spanish and English indicating that Dr.Reyes will be multilingual. We will also be seeing Alice Braga on the other side at DC's Suicide Squad 2 soon.

Blu Hunt

Blu Hunt as Danielle Moonstar aka Mirage

Age: 24

Height; 5'2"

Nationality: American

Ethnicity: Native American (unspecific), English, Italian

Skills: N/A

Family: No Info

Trivia: Wrote and Starred her own web series

Role: Daniella Moonstar/Mirage

Accompanying Braga's Dr.Reyes will be several young mutants in her care. The first one we'll cover is Daniella Moonster aka Mirage. In the comics Mirage is a American mutant of Cheyenne descent with psychic powers. In the comics she had prophetic nightmare of a demon killing her parents. After they went missing she was haunted by DemonBear who seemed to be obssessed with terrorising her. Due to the nightmares and inability to control her powers. Her Grandfather had Professor X (who was army freind of Danielle's Father) to train her. It is likekly this version of events will ahve her sent to Dr.Reyes instead. Danielle's powers go further than telepathy as she can use psionic energy to create 3D projections of people's fear or desires, she can create psionic weapons (usually Neural Arrow and a bow to shoot them, not unlike Psylocke's psionic blades), animal empathy, sense Death or death deities like Hela whom her powers are capable of countering to save Wolverine's soul (maybe Thor should have called on Mirage instead of Surtur). Blu Hunt is an actress with partial Native American heritage and one of the few Native American actresses in the Marvel films and Shows. She is best known for her role as Inadu the Hollow in the Originals (vampire Diaries spin off). Much like Danielle Inadu's magic witch powers play out similar to the psionic illusions that we are likely to see from Mirage. Bigggest difference is Mirage is a kind and heroic lady as opposed to the power hungry Inadu who sadistically murdered her own tribe. Any fans may recognise Mirage outside the comics through her X-Men: Evolution Episode.

Henry Zaga

Mulatto Roberto DaCosta vs Caboclo/Mestico Henry Zaga

full name: Henrique Chagas Moniz de Aragão Gonzaga

Age: 26

Height: 6'

Nationality: Brazilian

Ethnicity: Pardo Caboclo/Mestico (Indegenous, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian)

Skills: Painter Fluent in English and Portuguese. Possibly Italian and Spanish

Family: Mother Sonia Gontijo is of Portuguese and Indegenous descent. Father Admar Gonzaga is of Spanish and Italian descent

Trivia: Zaga also lived in Bournemouth, England; Rio de Janeiro; Florianópolis; Boca Raton and Miami.

Role: Roberto DaCosta/SunSpot

Returning to live action, we have Roberto Da Costa.... and in traditional X-Men film fashion he has been recasted. Though this time New Mutants actor for Roberto is actually Brazilian (Adan Canto was Mexican), and he appears to be portraying a teenage Roberto. You may remember Roberto from Days of Future Past as a latino human torch however that was not how his powers started off as. In the comics Roberto DaCosta was a Pardo of Mulatto origin, born to an Afro-Brazilian millionaire Father and a white archeoligist Mother, Roberto was an aspiring Footballer (like many Brazilian lads), after getting into a fight with a racist player, his power manifest. Now you may be thinking he set the bully on fire, well... no. Sunspot power was to absorb solar radiation to transform into a black plasma humanoid with super strength and flight. In fact Roberto's pyrokinesis/fire powers were a very alter addition to his abilities which the films take full advantage of. Henry Zaga is best known for many of his TV series roles such as Josh Diaz in Teen Wolf, Jake in Looking for Alaska, Luka Novak in Trinkets, Brad in 13 Reasons Why and Nick Andros in The Stand. Many of these roles would typically be teen dramas but his roles in Teen Wolf and The Stand (By Stephen King no less) fits the horror/thriller genre that New Mutants are wokring with. By coincident his Teen Wolf character also had absorbtion powers (tho electricity not Solar radiation), and his character being werewolf could have some minor parrallels to the Mutants. While Henry is only a quarter Indegenous Brazilian rather and his character Sunspot is actually Half Afro-Brazilian. He is still fluent in Portuguese and English, it is possible we will see some of his multilingualism.

Charlie Heaton

Fan Art of Charlie Heaton as Samuel Guthrie aka Cannonball

Age: 25

Height: 5'8"

Nationality: British

Ethnicity: English

Skills: Drummer

Family: Dated Akiko Matsuura sire a son with her in 2014

Trivia: Part of Noise Rock Band Comanechi later join Psychedlic band Half Loon.

Role: Sam Guthrie/Cannonball

Meet the Clumsy Southern state lad, Sam Guthrie aka Cannonball. The older brother of mutants Paige Guthrie aka Husk, Melody Guthrie aka Aero and Jay Guthrie aka Icarus (not Richard Madden's character in Eternals). His mutation manifested when he and his fathers friend Kevin got trapped in the mines during a cave-in. Sam powers allowed him to literally rocket his way out. In fact Cannonball was intended to be Colossus' protege in the Deadpool film apparently with the personality of a stereotypical "hick", but the idea was dropped to have Negasonic Teenage Warhead (because her name was funnier) and the fact her name fitted his expolisive powers. Traditionally Sam would only use his power to blast plasma from his waist and generate a protective field to protect himself when he flies into anyone unlucky enough to be in his way. Charlie Heaton is currently best known for his role as Jonothan Byers in Stranger Things (might have heard of it) and what a surprise that it is another series that fits the sci-fi horror genre that New Mutants is. The trailers seem to hint that his time trapped in the mines will have a greater psychological effect in the film than in the comics

Maisie Williams

Fan Art of Maisie Williams as Rahne Sinclaire aka Wolfsbane

Age: 22

Height: 5'1"

Nationality: British

Ethnicity: English

Skills: Musical Theatre, Ballet, Pointe, Tap, Street Freestyle Dance, gymnastics and trampolining

Family: Youngest of 4 siblings. Uses Step Fathers surname.

Trivia: Co-launched social media platform Daisie

Role: Rahne Sinclaire/Wolfsbane

Rahne Sinclaire aka Wolfsbane is a Scottish mutant born to the religious sect of Christianity called Presbyterianism. When her mutation kicked off, her local community assumed she was suffering from Lycanthropy (werewolf infection) and was cursed by the Devil because apparently Christians in Europe are still medieval villagers with no idea what the globally known mutants are. (According to Marvel's track record just look up Nightcrawler's origin). Either way Scottish Scientist Dr.Moira MacTaggert had saved her from the angry mob and had her brought to Professor Charles Xavier. Whilst Rahne has a more happy solution to the start of her story. We can imagine that in this film there will be nightmares of what she did in her wolf form. Oh yeah, her mutation allows her to turn into a Wolf or half wolf if she wants to. So expect some Wolverine/Hulk esque nightmare sequences for her plus a bit of Nightcrawler styled prayers if they are keeper her religious side intact for the film. Judging by the trailers, it doesn't seem like Maisie Williams is attempting a strong Scottish accent as her voice sounds generically English. But theyve kept Wolfsbane British surprisingly (considering British characters like Blade, Psylocke and Toad got Americanised in their recent live action appearences). Maisie herself is very athletic and may do some of her own stunts or mocap for Wolfsbane has much like Tom Holland as Spidey, she has a background in dance and gymnastics perfect on of the more agile characters of this film. Maisie is best known for her role as Ashildr in Doctor Who, Lucy in iBoy and obviously Aria Stark in Game of Thrones.

Anya Taylor-Joy

Illyana Rasputina aka Magik compared to Anya Taylor-Joy

Age: 23

Height: 5'8"

Nationality: British-Argentinian (American born to British and Argentinian Parents)

Ethnicity: English, Afro-Spanish and Scottish

Skills: Ballet, Ukelele, Electric Guitarist. Fluent in English and Spanish

Family: Mother is an English Photographer and Interior designer with Afro-Spanish heritage. Father is a former Argentinian banker of Scottish descent.

Trivia: Eddie Redmayne is her main celeb crush

Role: Illyana Rasputina/Magik

Illyana Rasputina aka Magik the bloved baby sister of Piotr Rasputin aka Colossus. However all children need to grow up, unfortunately for Magik, she grew up in Hell! OK not quite literally more like Limbo, but its full of demons and by the time she returned she was a young woman with magik powers, the ability to summon demons and her main original mutant power teleportation discs which allow her to exit and enter limbo as she pleases. She also has an evil demonic side known as DarkChylde, might see a hint of that. Lets just say she was not the most nicest sister that Piotr remembers as she tricks him into becoming Cytorak's Avatar the Juggernaut (sounds awesome but Colossus didnt enjoy it) and then when she eventually freed her Brother, she reveals she could have freed him from teh start but wanted to punish him for all the years of her life his missed out on in Limbo. WOW worst sister ever... Albeit despite her questionable morality (growing up in Hell would probably do that to you), she is still a frequent ally to the X-Men and is considered a potential candidate to succeed Dr Strange should he retire from the title of Sorceror Supreme. Anya Taylor Joy is best known for thrillers and horrors such as Glass, Split (where she meets a young and crazy Professor X) aswell as The Witch and the titual character Morgan who in no doubt could fit the sadistic or apathetic side of Illyana. While she may not be of Russian or East European background. From what it seems like in the trailer, she is nailing the Russian accent perfectly in the role.

Happy Anderson

Happy Anderson compared to Reverand Craig Sinclaire

Age: 43

Height: 6'4"

Nationality: American

Ethnicity: White (unspecific)

Skills: None

Family: Husband of Meg Griffiths

Trivia: not related to Angry Anderson (apparently)

Role: Reverand Craig Sinclaire

In the comics Reverand Craig Sinclaire is the illegitamate father of Rahne Sonclaire aka Wolfsbane. He supposedly broke his vow of chastity when he concieved her a under false pretense pretended he was her foster father. Abusive and overbearing he lead a mob of villagers to lynch his own daughter who he believed was possessed by the Devil with Lycanthropy. He later join Reverand William Stryker (remember that name) as a member of the purifiers (an anti-mutant hate group). In this version it seem he will be the leader of the purifiers officially taking the role of Stryker whilst also playing the role of Rahne's father. Whilst Happy Anderson is no Scottish or British for that matter we may have to expect a cringey faux accent. Best known for Detective Verne Ratcliffe in Quarry, Deever Tweed in Gotham, Bobby Navarro in Blacklist and Donny Donelly in The Tick. He has also had a few video game roles in Max Payne 3, Red Dead Redemption 2 and Grand Theft Auto 5.

Jon Hamm

Jon Hamm's cut role was Mr.Sinister?

Age: 48

Height: 6'1"

Nationality: American

Ethnicity: German, English, Irish

Skills: American Football, Golf, Baseball Swimmer

Family: Lost his Mother at 10, lost his Father at 20.

Trivia: Starred in a video on the Shelter Me website to encourage dog adoption

Role: Nathaniel Essex/Mr.Sinister?

So one of the best X-Men villains to not appear in Live Action yet was Nathaniel Essex aka Mr.Sinister (could have chosen a better name that wasnt so bait). From the United Kingdom in Victorian Era England, Essex had similar theories to Charles Darwin in Evolution and even theorised mutation much like Charles Xavier (who was his student at Oxford no less). Though he was considered strange at the time, he did attain a form of immortality mostly by cloning and/or genetic modification with little help from a certain En Sabah Nur (Apcalypse). Essex has been hinted at several times before in the X-men films like at the end of credits of Apocaylpse or the fact the Orphange in Deadpool 2 is named after him, in fact in the comics the Weapon plus programme got some of their ideas to experiment on Mutants from his journal. He hires Gambit to re-aquire it, but Gambit destroys it after horrified at what Essex had in there (may have been part of the Gambit film plot that never happened). Not much introduction is needed for Jon Hamm as he has been in multiple roles over his extensive career. However we will note that he was intended to appear as Mr.Sinister for the end of the Credits of New Mutants, having apparently filmed a scene but this maybe cut out depending on what direction marvel will take.

Antonio Banderas

Antonio Banderas as Mystery Villain?

Age: 59

Height: 5'8"

Nationality: Spanish (Expatriate to USA)

Ethnicity: Spanish

Skills: Fluent in English and Spanish. Former Footballer. Possibly fencing and parkour.

Family: Husband to Melanie Griffiths


Role: ??? possibly Fabian Cortez or Riptide?

In the original post credits scene, Jon Hamm was supposedly casted for Mr.Sinister. However the scene was believed to be cut during the reshoots for the New Mutants with Antonio Banderas being an "unnamed villain" for the end credits. Whether this will be the case for the final product is unknown. Banderas is a veteran actor known for multiple roles across Spanish and English language films. He is perhaps best known for Zorro in the film The Mask of Zorror, Greg Cortez in the Spy Kids series, the Voice of Puss in Boots for the Shrek films, Loco Spanish soldier Galgo in Expendables 3 and finally Rassouli in Dolittle. While it is unknown who he was intended to portray, some theories point to his Spanish heritage and the fact he is said to be a villain character. Two come to mind. Riptide (remember the silent guy in First Class?) well he was originally portrayed by Spanish actor Alex Gonzalez and whilst most of the First Class cast died offscreen in between First Class and Days of Future Past. Janos Quested aka Riptide was not confirmed dead. In the comics Riptide is actually one of Mr.Sinister's Maurauders and if Jon Hamm was Mr.Sinister then it could be possible that Antonio Banderas was intended to be a much older Riptide. Alternatively Antonio Banderas could be playing Fabian Cortez a Spanish mutant who was Magneto's second in command for the Acolytes. His main power was to nulify or amplify the powers of mutants near him. However he was also a haughty power hungry snob that did occassionaly act as the starscream to Magento's Megatron.

Spanish Acolyte Mutant Fabian Cortez. Is this Antonio Banderas secret role?

Alex Gonzalez was Riptide. Is Antonio Banderas the older version of Riptide for this film?

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