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World Fighting Game Characters: The Americas Part 3 United States of America

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

USA Characters left to right: Mortal Kombat's Jax, Street Fighter's Guile and Tekken's Paul

They say that the fighting game community (FGC) is one of the most diverse fan communities within the videogame industry. But not only is the community diverse. So are the characters in each game as many intend to represent a country and usually the martial art of said country. So we wanna list how diverse the Characters of fighting games are. To be clear the games that we will include feature characters who debut from these games. So no Injustice or Marvel vs Capcom or Smash Brothers characters. Just characters created for fighting games.

Fighting Games Included are 3 Count Bout, Aggressors of Dark Kombat, ARMS, Art of Fighting, Battle Arena Toshinden, Battle of the Beast Gods/Savage Reign, Breakers, Buriki One, Darkstalkers, Dead or Alive, Dual Blades, Ehrgeiz, Eternal Champions, Fatal Fury, Fight Fever, Fighter's History, Fighter's Impact, Fighting Layer, Fighting EX Layer, Final Fight: Revenge, Guilty Gear, Kakuto Chojin, Kaiser Knuckle/Global Champion, Killer Instinct, King of Fighters, King of Monsters, Knuckle Heads Mace; The Dark Age, Martial Champion, Mortal Kombat, Omen of Sorrow, Power Instinct, Power/Deadly Moves/Athlete, Power Stone, Punch Out, Rage of the Dragons, Samurai Shodown, Saturday Night Slam Masters, Skullgirls, Soul Calibur, Street Fighter, Tekken, Tuff E Nuff, Virtua Fighter, War Gods and World Heroes.

As the United States of America is a heavily over represented country in media, Fighting Games are no exception, we have an entire article dedicated to the characters from USA. We will be doing the same for Main land China and Japan. American characters tend to be way more diverse than many other represented nationalities as well so the character will be group by their ethnic origins. Mixed ethnic American characters will be put under one of the categories usually the lesser represented rather than appear twice on this article but for most part we will acknowledge all of their ethnic backgrounds on their sections.

.No Social, Political or otherwise unnecessary offensive comments please as this article is to share and celebrate culture and diversity


Leon from Battle Arena Toshinden

(no clue to ethnicity. Has brown skin which could be Native American, Mestizo Latina, North African, West Asian, South Asian, Oceanic or mixed Ethnicity)

Cinder from Killer Instinct

(real name Ben Ferris, is most likely White American like his voice actor but can't confirm ethnicity as we haven't seen his human form yet)

Ralf Jones from King of Fighters

(Assumed to be White American but his skinned darkened in later games. So it is unclear whether he is tanned or of an ethnic minority background, possibly from a mixed ethnic background but no clues as to which ethnicities)

Clark Still from King of Fighter

(Assumed to be White American, but his skinned darkened in later games. So it is unclear whether he is tanned or of an ethnic minority background. His blond hair could be dyed or natural but it is likely he is at least partially White American)

C.Viper from Street Fighter

(real name Maya noted be olive skinned indicating she could be mixed raced or from an Ethnic minority background. Her red hair is likely dyed. Her live action actress Moon Bloodgood was of Half Korean half European heritage. But its unconfirmed)

Native Americans

Condor Heads from Breakers

Rick Strowd from Fatal Fury

Chief Hinmatoom Thunder from Killer Instinct

(Specifically of Nez Perce origin)

Fulgore from Killer Instinct

(technically has Black Eagle's mind programmed into him. Eagle is Nez Perce much like his brother Thunder)

Black Eagle from Killer Instinct

(Real name is Tipyelehne he is Nez Perce like his brother Hinmatoom)

Nightwolf from Mortal Kombat

(Possibly originally, Lakota-Sioux origin and he refers to Raiden as "Haokah", Wikipedia states he is Apache. But MK11 has him refer to his Ethnicity as Matoka which is fictional but based off the Lakota. The Great Spirit he worships is based of the Sioux's concept of Wakan Tanka. A term for something sacred or divine)

White Buffalo from Power Instinct

(His specific ethnicity is the fictional Amiyai Tribe)

Galuda from PowerStone

(Strangely his namesake refers to the Garuda, a thunderbird from Hindu culture)

Black Hawk from Samurai Shodown

Michelle Chang from Tekken

(Half Chinese Half Native American)

Julia Chang from Tekken

(Native American adopted by Michelle Chang)

Oceanic Americans

Rob Vincent from Knuckleheads

(From Honolulu, Hawaii. Could be White but could be Indigenous Hawaiian)

Warren from Power Moves

(Most likely of Indigenous Hawaiian Origin)

Super Macho Man from Punch Out

(His ethnicity is not clear, but he is based off Superstar Billy Graham, Hulk Hogan, Rick Flair and Macho Man Randy Savage. Notably Billy Graham claims to be part Cherokee, Hulk Hogan claims some Panamanian heritage which could explain Super Macho Man's skin tone. He also speaks with a Hawaiian surfer dude accent)

Latinx/Hispanic Americans

Wyler from Art of Fighting

(It's heavily implied he is descended from European Aristrocrats, but he lives somewhere around US and Mexican border. His theme has Mexican inspired riffs and sounds to it, So at least White Mexican American)

Rachael from Battle Arena Toshinden

(Same as Tracey and Leon. Has brown skin but no clues to her ethnicity. Though she grew up in New York and looking at the demography statistics Latino Americans make up the most common minority in New York so she is mostly likely Latina)

Tracey from Battle Arena Toshinden

(She is Rachael's Twin Sister so presumably Latina aswell)

Felicia from Darkstalkers

(This is a stretch as were-cats in the Americas are more from Meso-American cultures and most of the character's nationalities in Darkstalkers are based on the origins of their monster species. So an honourary inclusion)

Lisa Hamilton/La Mariposa from Dead or Alive

(Likely half African American half Mexican American. Itagaki claimed she was intended to be Latina and implied Lisa was not her real name. Monica was her original intended name. She is likely Afro-Latina if not mixed raced)

Diego from Dead or Alive

(is stated to be Mexican American from New York City)

Cracker Jack from Fighting Ex Layer

(Despite being loosely based off Michael Jackson, his appearance and theme song is supposed to hint at his Latino American heritage according to TV Tropes)

Thomas "Blast" Chavez from Eternal Champions

Lucia Morgan from Street Fighter

(Is an American likely of Welsh and Puerto Rican descent. Her surname Morgan is Welsh and her accent and use of Spanish slang is based off the Nuyorican Accent., basically Latino New Yorker accent plus she uses Spanish slang like "El Garrette")

Asian Americans

Claire Andrews from Ehrgiez

(She is specifically Japanese American. Other sources states she is British. Possibly part British part Japanese American)

Blue Mary Ryan from Fatal Fury

(She is one quarter Japanese American on her grandfather's side)

Li Xiangfei from Fatal Fury

(She is Chinese American)

Kevin Rian from Fatal Fury

(Bit of a stretch but he is a relative of Blue Mary, possibly sharing the same one quarter Japanese American heritage if he is her Brother or cousin)

Lao from Fatal Fury

(This is ambiguous, his whole family have European/Westernised first names but his first name Lao/Lau is a Cantonese variation of the name Lui both are also surnames not first names.)

Guy from Final Fight: Revenge

(He is Japanese American. Some sources claim he was born in Japan raised in America or Born and Raised in America lived in Japan to train in Bushinryu Ninjutsu, most likely possesses dual nationality of both countries)

Sol BadGuy from Guilty Gear

(His confirmed birth name is Frederick Bulsara. Bulsara indicating he is Asian American of Indian descent)

Dizzy from Guilty Gear

(She is at least partially Asian American through her alleged father Sol who has an Indian Surname of Bulsara indicating he is Indian American so Dizzy is part Indian.)

Black Orchid from Killer Instinct

(Asian American mostly likely Tibetan American going off her little Brother Jago being born and raised in Tibet)

Kim Wu from Killer Instinct

(She is mixed raced Asian American. Specifically half Korean half Chinese)

Benimaru Nikaido from King of Fighters

(Is Japanese but supposedly has "American Heritage" most likely white American)

Alice Garnet Nakata from King of Fighters

(She is stated to be half Japanese American)

Moe Habana from King of Fighters

(Stated to be Japanese American)

Lynn Baker from Rage of the Dragons

(She is Chinese American)

Ken Masters from Street Fighter

(Originally 3/4 Japanese American, most modern sources state partially Japanese on his mums side. Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist states his mum's name is Yuki.)

Marshall Law from Tekken

(Chinese American)

Forest Law from Tekken

(Chinese American like his Dad Marshall)

African Americans

Bobby Nelson from Aggressors of Dark Kombat

Mickey Rogers from Art of Fighting

(Loosely based of Mike Tyson)

Rob Python from Buriki One

(Based off Dennis Rodman)

Zack from Dead or Alive

Duck King from Fatal Fury

Michael Max from Fatal Fury

(modeled after Mike Tyson)

Axel Hawk from Fatal Fury

(Based off George Foreman)

Magic Dunker from Fight Fever

(Based off Magic Johnson)

Joe Fendi from Fighting Layer

Edi.E from Final Fight: Revenge

(He appears to be African American in Final Fight: Revenge but lighter skinned everywhere else. possibly mixed raced between Black and White ethnicities)

Boggy from Kaiser Knuckle

T.J. Combo from Killer Instinct

(real name Tyler-Johnson Garret loosely based off Muhammad Ali)

Heavy D from King of Fighters

Lucky Glauber from King of Fighters

Seth from King of Fighters

(Some artworks of him are Black while others are lighter skinned possibly mixed)

Jackson "Jax" Briggs from Mortal Kombat

Kai from Mortal Kombat

Jacqueline "Jacquie" Briggs from Mortal Kombat

Kid Quick from Punch Out

Mr Sandman from Punch Out

Mike Tyson/Mr.Dream from Punch Out

(Yes Mike Tyson is a punch out character)

Disco Kid from Punch Out

Mr.Jones from Rage of the Dragons

Mike from Street Fighter

(Based off Mike Tyson)

Balrog from Street Fighter

(Also based off Mike Tyson, He is called Mike Bison in Japan)

Bruce Irvin from Tekken

Tiger Jackson from Tekken

Leroy Smith from Tekken

Zazi from Tuff E Nuff

European Americans

Terry Rogers from 3 Count Bout

(Based off Terry Funk)

Springman from ARMS

Max Brass from ARMS

Ribbongirl from ARMS

Jack Turner from Art of Fighting

John Crawley from Art of Fighting

(Based of John Kreese from Karate Kid)

Geese Howard from Art of Fighting

(Half Austrian American on his dad's side, also half brother of German Wolfgang Krauser too)

Rody Brits from Art of Fighting

Lenny Creston from Art of Fighting

Rungo Iron from Battle Arena Toshinden

Rook Castle from Battle Arena Toshinden

Max Eagle from Battle of the Beast Gods

Tina Armstrong from Dead or Alive

Bass Armstrong from Dead or Alive

Brandon from Dual Blades

(from Manhattan specifically)

Xavier Pendragon from Eternal Champions

Larcen Tyler from Eternal Champions

Dawson McShane from Eternal Champions

(Scottish immigrant to USA, so Scottish American)

Terry Bogard from Fatal Fury

Andy Bogard from Fatal Fury

Alfred from Fatal Fury

Rock Howard from Fatal Fury

(He is at least partially German American on his Mums side and a quarter Austrian on his Dad's side)

Grant/Abel Cameron from Fatal Fury

Kain R.Heinlein from Fatal Fury

(Most Likely German American)

Franco Bash from Fatal Fury

(He is of Italian American descent)

Nick Commando from Fight Fever

(Based off Guile and John Crawley)

Ray McDougal from Fighters' History

George Jensent from Fighting Layer

Allen Snider from Fighting Layer

(based off Chuck Norris)

Preston Ajax from Fighting Layer

Doctrine Dark from Fighting EX Layer

(Real name Holga, is believed to be German American)

Cody Travers from Final Fight: Revenge

Mike Hagger from Final Fight: Revenge

(He is Scottish American and is so proud of his Scottish heritage he has a Scottish flag in his gym and Death Battle believes he practices the Scottish Backhold Wrestling alongside his American Pro Wrestling style)

Sodom from Final Fight: Revenge

Poison from Final Fight: Revenge

Horace Belger from Final Fight: Revenge

Rolento F.Schugerg from Final Fight Revenge

(His name is supposed to be Laurent Schuberg apparently. Some sources state he is a German American born to immigrants others state he is like Hugo German born American raised. Either way his surname was supposed to be German)

Chipp Zanuff from Guilty Gear

Johnny Sfondi from Guilty Gear

J.D. Stone from Kakuto Chojin

(Based off Brad Pitt's character in Fight Club)

Roxy from Kakuto Chojin

Barts from Kaiser Knuckle

Jim McCoy from Kaiser Knuckle

Brian Battler from King of Fighters

Mignon Beart from King of Fighters

Bobby from Martial Champion

Rachel from Martial Champion

Johnny Cage from Mortal Kombat

(MKX story mode confirmed he is distantly descended from a Mediterranean warrior cult "selectively bred for the gods" So Mediterranean American)

Sonya Blade from Mortal Kombat

Kurtis Stryker from Mortal Kombat

Kobra from Mortal Kombat

Cassandra "Cassie" Cage from Mortal Kombat

(She inherit some Mediterranean heritage from her Dad including the anti-god busting energy. Bonus point Cassandra being a Greek name)

Erron Black from Mortal Kombat

Keith Wayne from Power Instinct

Chris Wayne from Power Instinct

Larry Light from Power Instinct

Joe from Power Moves

Ranker from Power Moves

Accel from PowerStone

Little Mac from Punchout

(Italian American)

Billy Lewis from Rage of the Dragons

Jimmy Lewis from Rage of the Dragons

Galford D.Weller from Samurai Shodown

Earthquake from Samurai Shodown

Andrew from Samurai Shodown

Draco from Samurai Shodown

Gunloc from Saturday Night Slam Masters

(possibly Guile's Brother in Street Fighter)

Joe from Street Fighter

(Based off Joe Lewis)