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World Fighting Game Characters: The Americas Part 2: North America

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

Dead or Alive's Mexican American Diego vs Canadian Rig

They say that the fighting game community (FGC) is one of the most diverse fan communities within the videogame industry. But not only is the community diverse. So are the characters in each game as many intend to represent a country and usually the martial art of said country. So we wanna list how diverse the Characters of fighting games are. To be clear the games that we will include feature characters who debut from these games. So no Injustice or Marvel vs Capcom or Smash Brothers characters. Just characters created for fighting games.

Fighting Games Included are 3 Count Bout, Aggressors of Dark Kombat, ARMS, Art of Fighting, Battle Arena Toshinden, Battle of the Beast Gods/Savage Reign, Breakers, Buriki One, Darkstalkers, Dead or Alive, Dual Blades, Ehrgeiz, Eternal Champions, Fatal Fury, Fight Fever, Fighter's History, Fighter's Impact, Fighting Layer, Fighting EX Layer, Final Fight: Revenge, Guilty Gear, Kakuto Chojin, Kaiser Knuckle/Global Champion, Killer Instinct, King of Fighters, King of Monsters, Knuckle Heads Mace; The Dark Age, Martial Champion, Mortal Kombat, Omen of Sorrow, Power Instinct, Power/Deadly Moves/Athlete, Power Stone, Punch Out, Rage of the Dragons, Samurai Shodown, Saturday Night Slam Masters, Skullgirls, Soul Calibur, Street Fighter, Tekken, Tuff E Nuff, Virtua Fighter, War Gods and World Heroes.

For this article we will be covering the continent of North America. But we will exclude the United States of America due to the number of characters from the country would mean the USA will have it's own individual article instead. For this article we are covering the character from all North American countries (bar the USA they get their own article). We will potentially acknowledge ethnic minority communities and diaspora communities as well and speculate on others.

No Social, Political or otherwise unnecessary offensive comments please as this article is to share and celebrate culture and diversity.


Leo Bradlay from 3 count bout

Sheen Genus from Aggressors of Dark Kombat

Sasquatch from Darkstalkers

Rig from Dead or Alive

Maxima from King of Fighters

Damian Shade from Power Instinct

Bear Hugger from Punch Out

Rip Saber from Saturday Night Slam Masters

Jumbo Flapjack from Saturday Night Slam Masters

King Leo/King Lion from Savage Reign

(stated to be Canadian on Wikipedia, but American on the SNK Wiki)

Abigail from Street Fighter

(Is officially Canadian but was originally stated to be from the Netherlands before changed to Canadian. It is possible he is descended from Dutch immigrants to Canada if he supposed to be connected to the Netherlands in some way.)

Raven from Tekken

(Nationality is officially Unknown. But on the Tekken 6 site was once stated to be Canadian. So assuming that he is Black Canadian this is an honourary mention)

Master Raven From Tekken

(She is Raven's superior and is also stated to have unknown nationality. But assuming she and Raven both work for the Canadian Government. We can assume she is most likely Black Canadian unless Tekken confirms otherwise)

Wolf Hawkfield from Virtua Fighter

(Is of First Nation Canadian origin)


Misango from ARMS

(Is stated to be Mayan, his namesake comes from the Micanga bracelets which become popular in modern day from Guatemala)

Kotal Kahn from Mortal Kombat

(Technically he is an Osh-Tekk from Outworld but had impersonated Buluc Chabtan the Mayan god of War and was worshiped by Earthrealmers. Add in his entire Mayan motif and weaponry. He gets an honourary mention)

Necalli from Street Fighter

(Stated to be Aztec, based off the Tzitzimitl)

Ancient Ogre from Tekken

Ahau Kin from War Gods


Blues Hablam/Blubber man from 3 count bout

Wyler from Art of Fighting

(It's heavily implied he is descended from European Aristrocrats, but he lives somewhere around US and Mexican border. His theme has Mexican inspired riffs and sounds to it)

Huitzil/Phobos from Darkstalkers

Lisa Hamilton/La Mariposa from Dead or Alive

(Likely half African American half Mexican American. Itagaki claimed she was intended to be Latina and implied Lisa was not her real name. Monica was her original intended name. She is likely Afro-Latina if not mixed raced)

Diego from Dead or Alive

(is stated to be Mexican American from New York City according to several sources)

Tizoc/Griffon Mask from Fatal Fury

Kim Hoon from Fight Fever

(likely Asian Mexican judging by his name being Korean, but is said to be Mexican)

Angel from King of Fighters

Ramon from King of Fighters

King of Dinosaur from King of Fighters

Azteca from Kaiser Knuckle

Masked Muscle from Punch Out

Pepe Rodriguez from Rage of the Dragons

(His sister is Pupa is stated to be Brazilian)

El Stingray from Saturday Night Slam Masters

T.Hawk from Street Fighter

(Of Indigenous Mexican origin)

Juli/Julia from Street Fighter

(Stated to be German, but her backstory in game and in comics claims she is half German on her dads side half Indigenous Mexicana on her mums side)

El Fuerte from Street Fighter

King from Tekken

Armour King from Tekken

El Blaze from Virtua Fighter


Bang-Boo from Battle Arena Toshinden

El Gado from Final Fight Revenge

Dominican Republic

DamnD from Final Fight Revenge

Piston Hurricane from Punch Out

King Rasta Mon from Saturday Night Slam Masters


Spinal from Killer Instinct

(His stage is a ghost ship in the Caribbeans but his theme is completely Swedish suggesting he was once a Swedish Pirate and died in the Caribbeans. The character is a homage to Pirates of the Caribbean which is said to be set in Jamaica during the colonial times, so this is an honourary inclusion)

Bob Charlie from Punch Out

DeeJay from Street Fighter

Dudley from Street Fighter

(He is based off British Jamaican boxer Chris Eubank and about a 1/3rd of the British Black community are from the Caribbeans with Jamaicans being the most common of that community)

Puerto Rico

Lucia Morgan from Street Fighter

(Is American of likely Welsh and Puerto Rican origin. Her surname is Welsh whilst she speaks with a Nuyorican accent, a Puerto Rican New Yorker accent basically and uses Spanish slang from the same community noticeably "Al Garete")


Voodoo from War Gods

(Stated to be Caribbean, likely Haitian if going by Voodoo in the Caribbean originates from Haiti specifically from West Africans transplanted there)

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