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World Fighting Game Characters: The Americas Part 1: South America

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

King of Fighter's Colombia Capoeirista Zarina, Brazilain Boxer Nelson and Brazilian Ninja Bandeiras.

They say that the fighting game community (FGC) is one of the most diverse fan communities within the videogame industry. But not only is the community diverse. So are the characters in each game as many intend to represent a country and usually the martial art of said country. So we wanna list how diverse the Characters of fighting games are. To be clear the games that we will include feature characters who debut from these games. So no Injustice or Marvel vs Capcom or Smash Brothers characters. Just characters created for fighting games.

Fighting Games Included are 3 Count Bout, Aggressors of Dark Kombat, ARMS, Art of Fighting, Battle Arena Toshinden, Battle of the Beast Gods/Savage Reign, Breakers, Buriki One, Darkstalkers, Dead or Alive, Dual Blades, Ehrgeiz, Eternal Champions, Fatal Fury, Fight Fever, Fighter's History, Fighter's Impact, Fighting Layer, Fighting EX Layer, Final Fight: Revenge, Guilty Gear, Kakuto Chojin, Kaiser Knuckle/Global Champion, Killer Instinct, King of Fighters, King of Monsters, Knuckle Heads Mace; The Dark Age, Martial Champion, Mortal Kombat, Omen of Sorrow, Power Instinct, Power/Deadly Moves/Athlete, Power Stone, Punch Out, Rage of the Dragons, Samurai Shodown, Saturday Night Slam Masters, Skullgirls, Soul Calibur, Street Fighter, Tekken, Tuff E Nuff, Virtua Fighter, War Gods and World Heroes.

For this article we will be covering the continent of South America. As we are following the 7 continent model the Americas will not be merged into one article as originally intended due to the article having too many characters to keep count of. North America will have its own article plus an extra for the USA itself due to the number of characters from the USA that outnumber the rest of the Americas. We are mostly covering Nationals or Citizen of South American countries but we will acknowledge their potential ethnic origins and diaspora communities represented in their different games such as character being Asian descended Latinos or Latinos living abroad such as the Latino American community.

No Social, Political or otherwise unnecessary offensive comments please as this article is to share and celebrate culture and diversity.


Atahua from Battle Arena Toshinden

Rosa from Battle of the Beast God


Tau from Battle Arena Toshinden

Fen Barefoot from Battle Arena Toshinden

Rila Estancia from Breakers

Rikuo/Aulbath from Darkstalkers

Wolf Girl Jo from Ehrgeiz

(originally German but stranded in the Amazon Rain Forest, Brazil)

Richard Meyer from Fatal Fury

Bob Wilson from Fatal Fury

Marco Rodriguez/Khushnood Butt from Fatal Fury

(In Japan he was given the name Marco Rodriguez which is realistic for Brazilian, but was changed to the Pakistani name Khushnood Butt in the American release apparently to avoid confusion with real life MMA fighter Ricco Rodriguez, if Khushnood Butt is the canonical name he maybe partially Afro-Asian Brazilian.)

Golrio from Fight Fever

Giovanna from Guilty Gear

(Most likely of Italian Brazilian origin if going by her name Giovanna)

Liza from Kaiser Knuckle

Rena from Kakuto Chojin

(Japanese born Brazilian. Brazil has the largest Japanese diaspora)

Maya Fallegeros from Killer Instinct

(Stated to have Brazilian parents, her home Amazonia is clearly based off the Amazon Rain Forest as well)

Mira Fallegeros from Killer Instinct

(non-identical/Fraternal twin sister of Maya. So they should share the same Brazilian heritage, but she is lighter skinned due the Fallegeros being mixed raced and Mira losing pigmentation due to being bitten by vampires)

Bandeiras Hattori from King of Fighters

(Likely Japanese and Afro-Brazilian judging be surname and appearance)

Nelson from King of Fighters

Beetle Mania from King of Monsters

Claudia Silva from Knuckleheads

Pupa Salgueiro from Rage of the Dragons

(She is stated to be Pepe's sister who is Mexican)

Blanka from Street Fighter

Oro from Street Fighter

(He is Japanese Brazilian)

Sean Matsuda from Street Fighter

(Pardo Brazilian of Japanese and Afro-Brazilian descent)

Laura Matsuda from Street Fighter

(Same as her Brother Sean. She is Pardo Brazilian of Japanese and Afro-Brazilian Descent)

Eddy Gordo from Tekken

Christie Monteiro from Tekken

Katarina Alves from Tekken

Gigas from Tekken

(possibly a Brazilian national too if he is truly Katarina's adoptive father. He taught her Savate which could indicate French-Brazilian but nothing confirmed).

Trinidad and Tobago

Raven Gindar from Eternal Champions

(stated to be taken from her native home to Trinidad. She notably has a bindi on her head suggesting she is of Asian descent. She is most likely Asian-Trinidadian most likely from India)


Crusher Ramirez from Kakuto Chojin


Zarina from King of Fighters

(Officially Colombian but is stated to live in Brazil, also her name Zarina is Iranian but West Asians in Colombia are most likely Levantine Arabs from Lebanon, and Palestine. She could be a descended from a recent Iranian migrant too)


Foxy from King of Fighters

Tam Tam from Samurai Shodown

(Green Hell is apparently based off Venezuela)

Cham Cham from Samurai Shodown

(same as Tam Tam, from Green Hell which is apparently based off Venezuela)


Isla from King of Fighters

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