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World Fighting Game Characters: Europe Part 4 North Europe

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

Swedish characters Chris from King of Fighters, Lars Alexandersson from Tekken and Marie Rose from Dead or Alive

They say that the fighting game community (FGC) is one of the most diverse fan communities within the videogame industry. But not only is the community diverse. So are the characters in each game as many intend to represent a country and usually the martial art of said country. So we wanna list how diverse the Characters of fighting games are. To be clear the games that we will include feature characters who debut from these games. So no Injustice or Marvel vs Capcom or Smash Brothers characters. Just characters created for fighting games.

Fighting Games Included are 3 Count Bout, Aggressors of Dark Kombat, ARMS, Art of Fighting, Battle Arena Toshinden, Battle of the Beast Gods/Savage Reign, Breakers, Buriki One, Darkstalkers, Dead or Alive, Dual Blades, Ehrgeiz, Eternal Champions, Fatal Fury, Fight Fever, Fighter's History, Fighter's Impact, Fighting Layer, Fighting EX Layer, Final Fight: Revenge, Guilty Gear, Kakuto Chojin, Kaiser Knuckle/Global Champion, Killer Instinct, King of Fighters, King of Monsters, Knuckle Heads Mace; The Dark Age, Martial Champion, Mortal Kombat, Omen of Sorrow, Power Instinct, Power/Deadly Moves/Athlete, Power Stone, Punch Out, Rage of the Dragons, Samurai Shodown, Saturday Night Slam Masters, Skullgirls, Soul Calibur, Street Fighter, Tekken, Tuff E Nuff, Virtua Fighter, War Gods and World Heroes.

North Europe in Dark Blue

As Europe is a very heavily represented region in the fighting game franchise. We decided to see which parts of Europe gets the most rep and which countries in each European regions. Also saves space as this article would be too long. So here we use the UN Geoscheme for Europe which divides Europe into for four regions. South, East, West and North Europe. We are on our final part of Europe North Europe. We are covering character from North Europe according to the UN Geoscheme definition which mostly covers all the Nordic countries plus the British Isles and we will also acknowledge ethnic minorities and diaspora communities such as a some characters being British ethnic minorities will count here too.

No Social, Political or otherwise unnecessary offensive comments please as this article is to share and celebrate culture and diversity

United Kingdom


Kisara Westfield from Aggressors of Dark Kombat

Kayin Amoh from Battle Arena Toshinden

David from Battle Arena Toshinden

(Most likely British White, but some artwork gives him tanned skinned indicating he is a Tanned white man or British Asian. Name indicates most likely the former)

Ten Count from Battle Arena Toshinden

(Clearly based off African American Michael Jackson, slightly similar to British Pakistani Sulemon Mirza from Signature who is Michael Jackson style dancer)

Judgement from Battle Arena Toshinden

(Despite being based off an American slashers like Jason Vorhees and Leatherface, he is British. Some artwork shows he has dark skin indicating he could be British Asian or British Black whilst other artwork show him wearing dark skin coloured gloves)

Naru Amoh from Battle Arena Toshinden

Lancelot Lakeknight from Battle Arena Toshinden

Gordon Bowman from Battle of the Beast Gods

Jon Talbain/Gallon from Darkstalkers

Christie from Dead or Alive

Eliot from Dead or Alive

Prince Naseem/Doza from Ehrgiez

(He is appears to be British Asian Based of British Yemeni Boxer Naseem "The Prince" Hamed. Being a Kickboxer instead of a boxer and his physical height being 5'10" instead of 5'4" is coincidentally similar to British Bangladeshi Kickboxing Champion Abdul Ali "LionHeart" Jacko who was active around the same time as Hamed)

Claire Andrews from Ehrgiez

(She is specifically Japanese American. Other sources states she is British. Possibly part British part Japanese American)

Midknight from Eternal Champion

(real name Mitchell Middleton Knight)

Billy Kane from Fatal Fury

White from Fatal Fury

Bonne Jenet from Fatal Fury

Freeman from Fatal Fury

Matlok Jade from Fighter's History

Janis Luciani from Fighting Layer

(Judging by surname is likely British Italian)

Blair Dame from Fighting Layer

(Depending on source is either British or Monegasque. Possibly dual national)

Area from Fighting EX Layer

Axl Low from Guilty Gear

Bridget from Guilty Gear

Venom from Guilty Gear

(Appears to be British Asian, though not clear what specific ethnicity. He is an Assassin, the white hair with blue eye symbol seems to be based off the Nazar and he has a black symbol on his shoulder similar to that of the Assassins' Creed logo.)

Lien Neville from King of Fighters

Lily Kane from King of Fighters

Dr Hyde from Omen of Sorrow

(he is based off Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde who is from London)

Arctorius from Omen of Sorrow

(He appears to be based off the Headless Knight from the Sir Gwain and the Green Knight story. Bonus Arctorius' decimation has him summon the spirits of the Camelot's knights of the round table naming them one by one)

Annie Hamilton from Power Instinct

Falco from Power Instinct

Bristol Weller from Power Instinct

Alice Carrol from Rage of the Dragons

Edward Falcon from Powerstone

(he is from Londo which is basically London)

Jack Winslow from Powerstone

(He is from Manches as in Manchester, despite being based of Jack the Ripper and Springheeled Jack who operated in London not Manchester)

Julia from Powerstone

(her surname Whitepearl is British)

Pride Falcon from Powerstone

(he is Edwards dad)

Narcis Prince from Punchout

Titanic Tim from Saturday Night Slam Masters

Saya from Samurai Shodown

(Real Name is Sasha)

Beowulf from Skullgirls

(Based off the Old English Beowulf character)

Nathaniel William "Rock" Adam from Soul Calibur

Ivy Valentine from Soul Calibur

(She is British, but her father Cervantes makes her half Spanish ethnically)

Arthur from Soul Calibur

Birdie from Street Fighter

(Originally British White but changed to Black in Street Fighter Alpha, Street Fighter V he is still black but slightly lighter skinned. Nothing indicates his ethnicity but is most likely British Black Caribbean either fully black or mixed, but unconfirmed)

Eagle from Street Fighter

Loosely based off British Asian singer Farroukh Bulsara (Freddie Mercury). But Eagle is British English with his flamboyant personality based off the singer.

Cammy White from Street Fighter

(Lives in Cumbria, North England going off her SF2 stage despite having the wrong accent, it is possible that she and Decapre as either twin sisters, or one is the clone of the other whilst one is the genetic template. If they are Twins or Decapre is the genetic template and Cammy is the clone. Cammy could be British Russian)

Dudley from Street Fighter

(Likely of British Caribbean descent as his dandy Englishman personality is heavily based off British Jamaican boxer Chris Eubank)

Steve Fox from Tekken

(He is Nina William's son making him at least half Irish. Coincidentally his Street Fighter X Tekken costume swap has Steve Fox dress up as Street Fighter's Charlie Nash who shares the same name as UK Northern Irish boxer Charlie Nash)

Jack from World Heroes

(He is literally based off Spring Heeled Jack)


Morrigan Aensland from Darkstalkers

(Actually from Makai, but stays long term in Scotland. Usually portrayed by Welsh voice actress Siobhian Flynn with a Scottish accent)

Lilith Aensland from Darkstalkers

(She is a portion of Morrigan's soul)

Dawson McShane from Eternal Champions

(Scottish immigrant to USA, so Scottish American)

Mike Hagger from Final Fight: Revenge

(He is Scottish American and is so proud of his Scottish heritage he has a Scottish flag in his gym and Death Battle believes he practices the Scottish Backhold Wrestling alongside his American Pro Wrestling style)

Captain Kidd from World Heroes

(He is a Scottish Pirate)


Baby Bonnie Hood/Bulleta from Darkstalkers

(Said to be from Northern Europe likely the UK, based off Little Red Riding Hood which is originally French but she takes more inspiration from Welsh Norwegian author Roald Dahl's version of Little Red Riding Hood, so honourary Welsh here)

Lucia Morgan from Street Fighter

(Is an American likely of Welsh and Puerto Rican descent. Her surname Morgan is Welsh and her accent and use of Spanish slang is based off the Nuyorican Accent. So she is an honourary mention going off her potential Welsh American heritage)


Balga from Battle Arena Toshinden

Rungard from Dual Blades

(His name appears to be taken from Runestone and Gard. Rune referring to Runic magic beliefs and Gard being Norweigian for Enclosure, garden as is Rungard meaning Magical Home or Enclosure of Runic Magic)

Vegard from Kakuto Chojin

Gregory Darrel from Knuckleheads

Ragnar Bloodaxe from Mace the Dark Age

(Named after Eric Heraldsson aka Eric Bloodaxe and he is Prince of the fictional Tosgard which is made up Norwegian words Gard meaning yard/place/homestead and Tos meaning Slut or Chick in Norwegian Slang having both positive and negative connotations. So Tosgard technically meanings Slut House.)

Radel from Rage of the Dragons

(stated to be European "possibly from Norway")

Garros from Samurai Shodown

Groh from Soul Calibur

Erick from World Heroes


Marie Rose from Dead or Alive

Spinal from Killer Instinct

(His stage is a ghost ship in the Caribbeans but his theme is completely Swedish suggesting he was once a Swedish Pirate and died in the Caribbeans)

Tusk from Killer Instinct

(His stage Icehaven is set in Sweden, but interestingly his music has Bulgarian chants. In game he is mistaken from Barbarian and Vikings, but his origins is unknown. Possibly originally Bulgarian going by theme song language but resides in Sweden if his stage is any indication of his current home)

Chris from King of Fighters

Gar Gunderson from Mace the Dark Age

(His surname is Swedish)

Kraken from PowerStone

(His stage is Skullhaven located in the North Sea and his name is from the Nordic myth of the Kraken monster that sinks ships)

Lars Alexandersson from Tekken

(He is Swedish Eurasian as he is half Japanese through his father Heihachi)

Vallah from War Gods


NiCO from Dead or Alive


Krizalid from King of Fighters

(He is a clone of K who has DNA from Kyo Kusanagi. It is unknown what K's ethnicity or nationality is but he is brown skinned whilst Japanese Kyo is pale. Krizalid is brown skinned much like K but is unknown why Krizlid and K are brown skinned. He can be counted as Irish Asian if going by the Kyo's DNA being used for both and making them partially Japanese. If Krizalid is brown skinned in Ireland he would most likely pass off as Irish South Asian or if he has visible oriental features Irish Filipino)

Oswald from King of Fighters

Aran Ryan from Punch Out

Elias from Rage of the Dragons

Nina Williams from Tekken

Anna Williams from Tekken


Mordos Kull from Mace: The Dark Age

(His surname Kull suggests he is most likely of Estonian origin)

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