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Wonder Woman 1984 Official Trailer Released

Don't get confused, it's not a movie from 1984 it's actually CALLED Wonder Woman 1984! Gal Gadot is back as Diana Prince in the DCEU's (not so EU but still an EU)'s sequel of the Wonder Woman franchise. This will take Diana back to explore more of her origins in the 1980's (obviously),

Although we don't know much about the plot of the film apart from Wonder Woman's beautifully bright, saturated, cinematically pleasing new costume and a glimpse at the 'Golden Eagle' armour, we do know that the villain will be none other than 'Cheetah'. The super powered feline-like gymnastic female cat..thing..dunno where I'm going with this but you get the picture! If you're a DC fan you know Cheetah is a long time villain of Wonder Woman.

It's unknown how, but we get a few scenes showing the return of Chris Pratt as Steve Trevor, it looks like the tables have turned with Diana educating Steve of the current era as opposed to Steve teaching Diana back during World War 2.

And no trailer is good enough until the sound of firing bullets hits on beat with the soundtrack. DC did that with the Suicide Squad trailer too! Check out the Wonder Woman trailer above and these cool character posters below!

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