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Wonder Woman 1984 Has a Corner Shop Character Cameo

The Amazon Princess hit theatres and HBO Max this Christmas, fans worldwide have tuned in to watch the latest instalment of the Patty Jenkins directed DCEU movie. While it included characters such as 'The Mandalorian's' Pedro Pascal and stud Chris Pine, it had a 'blink and you'll miss it' cameo from a character in our beloved Corner Shop Show!

**********SPOILERS AHEAD**********

In the scene when Steve Trevor is about to take off in the jet, just as Diana uses her new powers of invisibility, we see a group of Airport Security/Police officers waiting at the end of the runway to stop them. One of the officers is none other than...


Michael Salami was one of the first characters in the pilot episode of Corner Shop Show "The Unexpected Inspector". He has since rocketed in his career and starred in BBC's 'Just a Couple' and 'Hollyoaks'.

Reports say that this scene did include some dialogue from Michael Salami and the other officers, but were cut from the final edit of the movie which is the nature in this industry.

But we can safely claim to fame that Salami's character here is the same Steve from Corner Shop, and which means Corner Shop is officially in the DCEU! (LOL)

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