• Vikas Gogana

Will Smith Reportedly Developing Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Spinoff!

Will Smith is reportedly developing a spinoff of the TV Show that made him a star, according to THR!

Not much is known about the spinoff, but Smith himself is developing the show. There have been reports of a reboot in the past, which never materialised, most notably in 2015!

The original show debuted in 1990 on NBC, and aired for six seasons. The show revolved around Smith’s character as he moved from West Philadelphia to Bel Air, Los Angeles in order to live with his wealthy aunt and uncle in very lavish surroundings. The show's theme tune was performed by Smith himself, and the series has remained a smash hit in this new era of streaming, with Netflix acquiring the streaming rights!

Not too much is known about the reboot, but be sure to check in on The CS Network for the latest updates!

In the mean time, check out the Fresh Prince in Ang Lee's Gemini Man, in cinemas everywhere now!

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