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Who Will Play Ms Marvel's Family?

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

With Marvel's Ms Marvel coming to Disney+ we're bound to see the Khan's on-screen too! Here's who we think could play the roles in Kamala Khan's family!

Yusuf Khan

Father to Aamir and Kamala, Husband to Muneeba. Much like most Asian Muslim fathers, he tends to be quite strict and over protective over his children. Dont forget doting in the case of trying to convince Aamir to get a job.

Iqbal Theba

55 year old Pakistani American actor best known for Principle Figgins in Glee, Gobi Nadir (Abed Nadir's Father) in Community and recently Amit in Greenbook (Alongside oscar winner Mahershala Ali).

Faran Tahir

55 year old Pakistani American actor best known for Raza in Ironman (lets hope he aint related to Yusuf in the MCU) and Captain Robau in Star Trek.

Riz Ahmed

35 year old British Pakistani actor best known for multiple roles from British roles like Four Lions, Shifty, Ill Manors to American roles in Venom, Star Wars Rogue One, The Night Of. He is rumoured to be involved in the Ms Marvel project as a writer if he is not playing a family member.

Muneeba Khan

Mother of Aamir and Kamala, Wife of Yusuf. Much like her husband, she tends to be overprotective of Kamala and Aamir, yet dotes on Aamir to get a job and worries about Kamala getting taken advantage of by boys (so every asian muslim mum ever, hands up if you can relate)

Mina Anwar

49 year old British Pakistani actress best known for Gita Chandra (mother of Rani Cahndra) in Sarah Jane Adventures, Miss Marigold in series 2 of The Worst Witch (2017). She is better known for playing hip or chilled out mums (like Gita Chandra to the embaressment of her daughter Rani and husband Haresh). So this type of role will actually be fairly different for her.

Nina Wadia

50 year old British Parsi-Indian actress best known for Zainab Masood in Eastenders, Khadija in Finding Fatimah, Bibi Kharrel (mother of Anwar Kharrel) in Skins, Aunty Noor in Citizen Khan and had a cameo appearence as the merchant in Disneys Aladdin at the very start with Mena Massoud. Her role as a strict doting Pakistani Muslim mother in Eastenders has strong parralels to Muneeba. Zainab Massood even had a storyline of setting up her daughter Shabnam with a lad named Jalil Iqbal, which is almost identical to Kamala meeting Kamran (more on that later, scroll down to Kamran).

Sunetra Sarker

46 year old British Bengali-Indian actress is best known for Khaneez Paracha in Ackley Bridge and Sadia Shar in Informer. Considering her two best known and recent roles have been Pakistani Muslim mums. We can positively say she will be a fan favourite among British audiences to play the role of Muneeba Khan on the upcoming Ms.Marvel film aswell.

Aamir Khan

Brother to Kamala. Son to Yusuf and Muneeba. Husband of Tyesha Hillman. Father of Malik Khan. Aamir Khan may remind a few of us of Muneer "Gandhi" Khan from East is East and West is West, being the overly religious kandura and topi wearing bearded brother. However he has interesting depths such as his protectiveness of Kamala (with or without his forcefield powers, that he recently aquired), his happiness with being a house-husband to his wife and son, his surprisingly kind words to Bruno regarding his crush on Kamala and asserting to Kamran he does not want superpowers yet is more than wiling to fight back using them.

Rishi Nair

: 28 year old British Asian actor. Best known for Sami Maalik in Hollyoaks. His role as Sami Maalik may not feel very similar to Aamir. But Sami does have one strong similarity (Aside from looking pretty cool in a suit), is that they protect their families about all else. Aamir is less morally ambiguous whilst Sami on the other hand is not so much of a clean cut good guy.

Qasim Akhtar

: 28 year old British Asian actor. Best known for Zeedan Nazir in Coronation Street, Chesney Karib in Shamless (UK) and Asif Khan in Mischeif Knight. While Qasim is better suited to playing the bad boy type, his role in Coronation Street gives us character who is not as juvenile or antagonistic as his previous roles. That said, his character Zeedan Nazir tries to stick to his muslim unpbringing such as refusing his girlfriend a physical romance before marriage but also show signs of a protective brother too. Very similar to Aamir.

Jaz Deol

30 year old British Indian actor. best known for Herny Green in Assassin's Creed Syndicate and Rajah in The Boy with The Topknot. He will be appearing in eastedners as part of the new sikh family so keep an eye out on that too. While he is not as well known as other actors, he is quite a tall lad at 6'1" which is very fitting as Aamir tends to tower over most of his family and friends.

Nakia Bahadir

Kamala's best friend at school. She is a Turkish American muslim girl who prefers to wear a hijab in contrast to Kamala who does not. While it is difficult trying to find a young Turkish actress, Nakia can represent Muslims outside of the South Asian community that Kamala grows up in. Interestingly Nakia chooses to wear a hijab against her fathers wishes. Likkle bit of sterotype subversion, but somewhat truth in that some modern muslim choose to be more openly religous whilst many living in muslim countries may not ascribe to wearing a hijab (Turkey and Indonesia, being prime examples).

Mariah Idrissi

27 year old British Pakistani-Moroccan Model and actress. She is familiar face here as she played Shayma in "Corner Shop Zombies On The High Street", she is a regular character in The Halalians and will appear as Teresa in post WW3 dystopian film The Strangers.

She's also recently shown interest in playing the character on her social media. She'd definitely have a strong take on Nakia's live action

Dalia Yegavian

21 year old Armenian Canadian actress best known for Rasha Zuabi in Degrassi. Rasha Zuabi is a Syrian Muslim refeugee to Canada. The characters may lack similar backstories, but Dalia fits the age and similar ethnic background as a West Asian non-arab muslim girl and is young enough to be play a teenager around Kamala's age. She could fit into this role quite well.

Iman Meskini

22 year old Norweigian Tunisian actress best known for Sana Bakkoush in Skam (original Norweigian series). Whilst her character Sana is of Moroccan origin and Iman is half Tunisian. Her role as a strict Hijabi Muslim was certainly recieved well back in Norway. In fact her co-star and onscreen love interest Youssef Acar (played by Cengiz Al) are both of Turkish descent, so she has someone close to her for representing Turkish culture.


Interesting thing about Kamran's introduction into the Ms.Marvel story. Its similar to Shabnam Masood (played by British Iranian Zahra Ahmadi) meeting Jalil Iqbal (played by British Bangladeshi Jan Uddin) in Eastenders. Simply both Kamala and Shabnam remember Kamran/Jalil as being geeks as kids but are smitten upon meeting him again grown up. However both boys seem perfect, they were also arrogant and jerks. Kamran much like Kamala is an Inhuman would can tranform into glowing blue crystal form and charge objects with energy to hit with explosive impact (kind of a mix of Ben 10's Chromastone and X-men's Gambit).

Nabhaan Rizwan

22 year old British Pakistani actor best known for Raza Shar in Informer and will appear alongside Riz Ahmed in Mughal Mowgli. He certaily knows how to pull off a charming and cunning character as seen with Informer. Biggest difference being Raza is well meaning and kind hearted with his intentions, whilst Kamran is more just out for himself and inhumans.

Aqib Khan

25 year old British Pakistani actor best known for Sajid Khan in West is West and Pino in Lies We Tell. Whilst he is mostly known for Sajid Khan in West is West, I have a feeling there is a lot of potential in Aqib to breakout into bigger roles, maybe even as a villain like Kamran. I noted Kamran similarities to one of Jan Uddins previous roles, Aqib Khan has worked alongside Uddin in Lies We Tell and could probably get some advice on playing a villainous character as such.

Avan Jogia

27 year old Indian Canadian actor best known for Beck Oliver in Victorious, Danny Desai in Twisted, Tutankhanem in Tut. Avan Jogia may not have a lot of experience in playing a muslim character, but his role as Danny Desai does have similarities to Kamran, both being dashing and handsome Asian American lads witha bad boy image and unfortunelty a big secret. Both character are portrayed as both attractive and charismatic. But deep down they are not to be messed with.


Kareem aka Laal Khanjeer (Red Dagger in Urdu) is Pakistani excahnge student to the USA. His family are close to Kamala's as he has lived with her grandmother in Badin, Pakistan before coming over to America. With parkour, martial arts and knife fighting skills, its generally rare for marvel to have a badass normal heroes with exceptions of maybe being the best known Hawkeye and Punisher.

Aramis Knight

19 year old Pakistani-Indian American actor best known for M.K. in Into The Badlands, where he train extensively in martial arts. Quite fitting for a teenage Pakistani knife weilding martial arts hero.

Islah Abdur-Rahman

The CS Network's very own, 28 year old British Bangladeshi actor best known for Malik in Corner Shop show. Practices Korean Military Mixed Martial Arts under his Uncle 3rd Dan Master Askir Zakareah Khan. While it is rare to find young muslim south asian actors, one with the martial arts skills to back up the abilities of this badass character is what we all want to see. He has also showed interest in the character over on his Twitter

Sia Alipour

26 year old British Iranian actor and stuntman. He is best known for Omar in Some Girls and played action roles such as BloodSpike in Kickass2, Kens student and a shadowloo merc in Street fighter: Ressurection and will be appearing as part of the stunt team in Wonder Woman 1984. His talent as a martial artist (WTF Taekwondo under Ali's Dojang) and actor would defo make him a popular contender despite his lack of speaking roles (he'd also be better as Prince of Persia consider his heritage too)

Zoe Zimmer

If Kamala Khan is Peter Parker, Zoe Zimmer is basically Flash Thompson. She starts off as a school bully towards Kamala and Nakia, tho develops into a friend and even has storylines learning about Muslim and asian culture, her expressing feminist views and coming out to Nakia about her identity.

Claudia Lee

22 year old american actress best known for Brooke in Kickass 2. Considering Brooke's characterisation in the film, she is essentially very similar to Zoe Zimmer in the first few issue of Ms.Marvel.

Bruno Carrelli

Bruno Carrelli is Kamala's best friend next to Nakia. He is the first person to find out and help Kamala in being Ms.Marvel. On top of it he tends understand Kmala's culture clash as he is raised by his strict Italian Catholic grnadmother "Nona"

Noah Centineo:

23 year old american actor best known for Jesus Adams in the Fosters and Jaden Stark in How To Build A Better Boy. Noah being quite tall and young much like Bruno, he should have the look down. Also he is of Italian American descent (with german, dutch, native american and puerto rican according to different sources).

Vick Carrelli

Bruno's younger brother with a bad habit of getting himself into trouble.

Giovanni Niubo

19 year old american actor best known Tyler Nunez in Skam Austin. He is of Spanish Cuban descent from his mother, while his father is an American. Being younger, shorter and paler than Centineo can allow him definitely fit as the role of his younger brother.

Michaela Miller

Girlfriend of Bruno in the later issues of Ms.Marvel following the Civil War II event. Judging by her middle name being Gutierrrez, she may be of Spanish or Latina origin.

Ana Golja

23 year old Canadian actress/singer best known for Zoe Rivas in Degrassi and Ariana Berlin in Full Out. She is of Albanian, Greek and Spanish descent, but is best known for playing Latina roles.

Tyesha Hillman

Tyesha Hillman is an African American girl who converts to Islam and falls in love with Aamir. She eventually marries and has a son with him which they name Malik.

Aaliyah Muhammad

: African American actress best known for Zoya in Skam Austin. Her role as Zoya in Skam would make her a perfect contender for the character. Both being devout African American Muslims.

Maryam Basir

: African American actress best known for Ayanna in Mooz-lum, Mary in A boy. A Girl. A Dream and Sienna Brody in Chicago P.D. Her role as Ayanna in Mooz-Lum would probably help her relate to the character of Tyesha as both are african american muslims with similar backgrounds.

Alisha Boe

Norweigian-Somali American actress best knwon for Jessica Davis in 13 Reasons Why, Gwen in Teen Wolf. Despite not having played a similar role. Alisha is of half Somali origin through her father and liekly understand what it is like as Black and Muslim teenage girl.

Malik Khan

Malik Khan is only a baby but if there was a way to have a teenage version of him show up (much like how marvel once had an adult version of Kamala show up). I can see one actor playing him.

Sayeed Shahidi

: 15 year old African-Iranian American actor. Considering Malik is of Pakistani and African American origin. This would be appropriate if the series somehow gave us a teenage Malik.

Gabriel Hillman

Tyesha's opinionated athiest brother

Chase G Alexander

Young African American actor best known for Luke Bell in ArchHeroes.

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