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Who We Want For The Mortal Kombat Sequel Films

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

So Mortal Kombat 2021 is here.... well not in the UK at the moment due to Warner Bros forgetting to sort out a release for the film's UK Audience.. But you see with the success of Mortal Kombat 2021, it means that other fighting games like Street Fighter, Tekken, King of Fighters, Virtua Fighter, etc can be adapted into live action again. We already have hope that Joey Ansah can still make Street Fighter: World Warrior happen. But as of now, we want to fan cast which characters could appear in the Mortal Kombat sequels and who would play them. As the 2021 films included characters from Mortal Kombat 1 (like Sonya Blade) to Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance (Like Nitara). We will be fan casting characters from Mortal Kombat 1, Mortal Kombat 2, Moral Kombat 3, Mortal Kombat 4, Mortal Kombat: Special Forces and Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance. Lets go.

Kuai Liang: Jonathan Patrick Foo

One of the biggest characters in the Mortal Kombat universe is Sub-Zero. As we know Indonesian-Chinese actor Joe Taslim will be playing Bi-Han, we would need Kuai-Liang his younger brother. Bi-Han is known to become Noob Saibot, whilst Kuai-Liang who goes by Tundra will take up the Sub-Zero mantle. For the role of Kuai-Liang we felt British actor Jon Foo would be appropriate. He is skilled in many martial arts mostly Wushu, though his Singaporean-Chinese father was a karateka and his English-Irish mother was a Judoka. He also is well experienced in doing action roles from Ryu in Street Fighter: Legacy, Jin Kazama in the Tekken film, Detective Lee in the Rush Hour TV Show and the Wushu fighter in To-Yum-Goong. Age wise he is also a year younger than Joe Taslim which is fitting as Kuai-Laing is the younger brother of Bi-Han even if Joe and Jon are almost the same age.

Johnny Cage: Alain Moussi

Next up is Johnny Cage who was infamous excluded from the original cast. Many people initially believed that Lewis Tan's Cole Young would turn out to be a Eurasian re-imagination of Johnny Cage or a replacement. But it seems to be Cole is entirely original and not even remotely based off Cage. So the idea of the Hollywood superstar appearing in the sequel is still a possibility especially if the studio are looking to do an expanded universe, in which Cage can possibly carry his own film with many of the American Mortal Kombat character being more involved. For the role of Johnny Cage we felt French-Canadian actor Alain Moussi would be the perfect shout, not only was Johnny Cage based off Van Damme, but Alain portrayed Van Damme's character in the kickboxer remake and can easily fit the shoes of Johnny Cage. Alain Moussi is best known for his role as Charlie Nash in Street Fighter: Resurrection, Kurt Sloane in there Kickboxer remake series and Jake in the martial art Sci-Fi film Jiu Jutsu. He also has stunt doubled for the like of Henry Cavill in Immortals, Hugh Jackman's Wolverine in X-Men: Apocalypse, was the Batman for Titans season 1 and Jai Courteny's Boomerang in Suicide Squad.

Baraka: Cecep Arif Rahman

Another absent but iconic character was Baraka the tarkartan. Known for his bone blades that grew out of his arms like Pata swords. Baraka generally existed to be the slasher type of character like Vega is in Street Fighter. However he was not included as part of the film despite being the perfect choice for a villainous henchman type. It's likely he will be reserved for a sequel where they will introduce the characters as part of Shao-Kahn's minions or he will be more involved in a storyline regarding Mileena and a possible outworld civil war if they decide to explore that route. One of Baraka's notable fighting styles is Silat, an Indonesian martial art that hasn't had much representation in Fighting Games. But the style is increasingly growing popular since the success of the Raid franchise. So why not bring in an actor from that very series. We felt Indonesian Silat actor Cecep Arif Rahman would be brilliant. His role in the Raid 2 as a the karambit wielding assassin definitely fits the feeling of a bloodthirsty slasher type fighter and he has made appearances in John Wick 3 as a shinobi and finally appeared in the Indonesian Superhero film Gundala as Swara.

Jade: Ayesha Hussain

Moving to our first Edenian in this article. We have Jade. The Brown skinned Beauty of the Edenian ladies. Known for her skills with her bo staff and wears shades of green to match her name. She is Kitana's closest friend in Edenia and generally has most of her storylines centred on helping her. Though Mortal Kombat 11 reveals she is also the consort of Kotal Kahn which puts her in a dilemma position in whether to support her friend or her lover when Kitana and Kotal disagree on certain terms. For the role of Jade we felt British Asian martial artist Ayesha Hussain would be the perfect choice. Being of Qatari, Pakistani and Indian origins she matches Jade ethnically ambiguous appearance and going of Mortal Kombat 11, Ayesha speaks with an English accent matching Jade's new accent (albeit Jade speaks like a royal, Ayesha has a more realistic English accent). Ayesha has been training with the UK Stunt register and is slowly working her way on to films. If German Chinese stunt man Max Huang can go from stunts to playing Kung Lao, then we can definitely see the same happening for Ayesha Hussain as Jade for the Mortal Kombat series.

Kitana: Natasha Liu Bordizzo

Jade's best friend and arguably the leading lady of Mortal Kombat next to Sonya is Kitana the princess of Edenia and the future Khanum of Outworld. She is also the main love interest for Lui Kang who appears in the Mortal Kombat film being play ed by Chinese actor Ludi Lin. For the role of Kitana is was originally believed she would be portrayed by Australian-Thai actress Mel Jarnson, though it turns out this is not the case as Mel is confirmed to be the vampire Nitara instead. As many of the Mortal Kombat cast and crew as Aussies. We felt to look closer to their home and found Chinese/Italian Australian actress Natasha Liu Bordizzo. She is a fan favourite among many actresses to take up the role of Kitana. She has acting credits in roles like Snow Vase in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny, Feng Yan in the Greatest Showman, Bree in Hotel Mumbai and Helena Wu in the Society to name a few of her roles. She is also a practitioner of Taekwondo and Kenpo which means she won't have any problem adjusting to the fight scenes for Mortal Kombat.

Smoke: Sebastian Stan

Tomas Vbrada aka Smoke or Enenra. Depending on the timeline. A Czech member of the Lin Kuei who also happens to be the best friend of Kuai-Liang. Since we know that Bi-Han is in the first film. We can expect more Lin Kuei members to show up and while the saying is "there's no smoke without fire". In the case of Mortal Kombat, there's no Smoke without Sub-Zero... well usually. Assuming we will get a Lin Kuei centric story in a future Mortal Kombat film. We can definitely see Smoke making his debut. For the role of Smoke we felt Romanian American actor Sebastian Stan could potentially bring him to life. Whilst Romanian and Czech aren't exactly the same thing. We can hope Sebastian can learn a decent accent or some Czech if necessary. A little side note before immigrating to the US, Stan actually lived in Austria (which borders Czech Republic) for four years too. So maybe he can portray Smoke as having a lot of knowledge of Central/Eastern European languages and cultures. His role as the Winter Solider for the MCU has shown he can definitely fit the build, the skills and the complexity that would likely fit Smoke. But finally there is also the fact that both Bucky and Smoke get cybernetic enhancements and are brainwashed into being mindless assassins just hammers in the similarities further.

Shao-Kahn: Dave Bautista

While he is mentioned in the film and we see a statue of him. Shah-Kahn does not actually appear in the new Mortal Kombat. Rather that seem to be saving him for a sequel which in fact makes sense since in the games he first appeared in Mortal Kombat 2. So who do we think should play the towering conqueror? Well why not Filipino/Greek American actor, wrestler and martial artist Dave Bautista? Dave has shown he can definitely entertain the audience from his roles as Drax the Destroyer in the MCU, he played Victor in the buddy cop comedy Stuber alongside his new best friend Kumail Nanjiani and he played the Muay Thai fighter Tong-Po opposite Alain Moussi in the Kickboxer reboot. He would definitely fit the role of Shao-Kahn from boisterous roles to intimidating villains and the fact he stand between 6'4" to 6'6" would definitely fit the intimidation factor that Shao-Kahn carries with him.

Cyrax: Eskindir Tesfay

Expanding on the Lin Kuei further we have Cyrax. The African member of the Lin Kuei, specifically from Botswana. Much like how Smoke and Sub-Zero are best friends. He is usually seen side by side with his friend Sektor. However their friendship turns sour on their opposing views regarding the Lin Kuei's cyberisation. For the role of Cyrax, we would be interested in seeing Eritrean born German actor and martial artist Eskindir Tesfay bring the role to life. While Eritrea and Botswana are a bit far apart from each other. We can imagine Eskindir can at least do a decent African accent if necessary to the character. Eskindir portrayed the Berseker Jedi in the Darth Maul fan film, which honestly the blue colour scheme, the mask, the baritone and aggressive tone made him feel a like Star Wars version of Sub-Zero. He also worked with Max Huang in No Way Out. Considering Max Huang is playing Kung Lao, he should definitely convince WB to bring on Eskindir as Cyrax.

Ermac: Mark Dacascos

Now onto the red ninja man. Well that's kinda how he started off. Ermac is a essentially a collection of souls placed into a vessel that follows Shao-Kahn's command. He also has some nightmarish and creative use of his telekinesis especially when doing his fatalities. It is also believed that the soul of King Jerrod (father of Kitana) also resides in Ermac which could make for an interesting story arc that the games never really took time to explore. For the role of Ermac, we would go for Asian American actor Mark Dacascos. While he portrayed Kung Lao in the Mortal Kombat Legacy Web Series. We reckon his experience in martial arts and his role as the Filipino American Inhuman Giyera from Marvel's Agents of Shield definitely fits Ermac. Both Giyera and Ermac work for others rather than themselves, possess incredible martial arts ability to hold their own without powers but also both possess telekinesis. Though in Giyera's case its limited to inorganic objects. But it would be bad ass to see Marc Dacascos play the role and if Mortal Kombat denied to write Ermac as a resurrected and brainwashed King Jerrod then it would give Mark Dacascos the opportunity to portray two different characters in one.

Nightwolf: Blair Redford

Almost every fighting game needs at least one Native American right? Well Mortal Kombat's own bad ass Native is the Latoka warrior Night Wolf. He is selected by the great spirit to be it's champion in a similar way to how Raiden selects Liu Kang. While Nightwolf is not in the Mortal Kombat film, we can definitely see him in the sequels when they expand MK world of elder gods and other deities. While we could easily say David Midthunder should play Nightwolf since he was the Face Model for the MK11 Nightwolf. We'd assume Nightwolf in the films would be younger much like his first appearance in the games. So we would put forward Blair Redford. Blair is best known to X-Men fans as John Proudstar aka Thunderbird from the X-Men TV Series the Gifted. Blair even gets to throw some hands in the series in a way we can expect Nightwolf to do so.

Rain: Priyom Haider

The first Male Edenian, (Unless they make Ermac King Jerrod) in the series. Rain is the illegitimate son of the Edenian god Argus and an Edenian woman. However to hide his existence. Argus faked Rain's death as a stillborn leading to Rain's mother to die of grief. Rain himself grew up an orphan but due to his half god heritage he developed an extreme god complex with plenty of narcissistic qualities. He also despises his father and half brothers Taven and Dagon for being abandoned, not that Taven and Dagon knew about him initially. Rain was actually kept away from the Mortal Kombat film because the crew felt his story would be better explored with Raiden in a sequel film. Which may be the right call. Interesting Rain has many West Asian and South Asian qualities to his most recent design such as his Arabian Nights looking outfit in MKX and the fact he is more South Asian looking in MK11 and even wields a Katar (a weapon used in Indian martial arts like Gatka/Shastra Vidya). For the role of Rain we felt that Bangladeshi American actor Priyom Haider should be considered. Priyom has shown that he is interested in both martial arts and acting. He even did his own Mortal Kombat short film where he pay Liu Kang. But we reckon he would make a decent Rain, with his ripped build and experience in Jeet Kune Do, Karate and Taekwondo. He can definitely bring the character to life.

Sektor: Peter Jang

Sector the son of the Lin Kuei grandmaster who decided it would be a brilliant idea to turn all of their triads into cyborgs. Whilst there were a few outspoken member who were against this (Cyrax, Smoke, Kuai-Liang). Sektor himself embraced his fathers vision and was intended to become the grandmaster of this cyber Lin Kuei until Sub-Zero pretty much foiled him. For the role of Sector we reckon Asian American actor Peter Jang could be a dark horse to cast. Many of his fans would mostly recognise him for playing Street Fighter's Ryu in Super Power Beat Down and in the Power Rangers Legacy Wars: Street Fighter Showdown. He also played Scorpion in Super Power Beat Down and Nerd vs Scorpion. While he hasn't had many notable roles outside of his web series. We reckon there's some potential for him to portray a villain like Sektor.

Sindel: Ming Na Wen

The Queen of Edenia, former wife of King Jerrod, Wife of Shah-Kahn and mother to Princess Kitana. Oh boy did this character a get a huge overhaul. So in the classic series Sindel was a loving wife and mother to Jerrod and Kitana, a just queen to all of Edenia. However when Shao-Kahn invaded. He killed Jerrod, forced Sindel to be his bride and adopted Kitana as his own daughter. To prevent Shoa-Kahn from invading any more realms, she sacrificed her life to create a spell that prevented SHoa-Kahn invading anymore realms unless he engage in the elder gods tournament of Mortal Kombat. However as off MK11, Sindel is retconned to have falsely manipulated the facts. She in fact killed Jerrod so she can marry the more powerful Shao-Kahn. Her death was implied to be an assassination by Shang Tsung or Quan Chi. But either way to play the Edenian matriarch with the sonic screech of death. We felt Chinese American actress Ming-Na Wen would be perfect. She is best known for having played Chun-Li in the 1994 Street Fighter film and she also played Agent Melinda May in Marvel's Agent of Shield so it would be bad ass to have her on board for this role too. She also plays Fennec Shand in the Star Wars Series Mandalorian, Star Wars: Bad Batch and The Book of Boba Fett.

Kurtis Stryker: David Paetkau

The Cop character Kurtis Stryker, he will most likely be introduced in a film that centres more on Jax and Sonya likely going up against Kano and the Black Dragons. So of course his main archetype is using standard SWAT police weapons (well standard in American media anyways). This includes many handguns, tasers, batons, riot shields and occasionally things like shotguns and root grenades. For the role of this we can look to David Paetkau basing this on his role as Sam Braddock in the series Flashpoint in which he portrays a SWAT team officer. He also has had roles as Hunter in Just Deal, Nick in LAX, Back Mckaye in Whilster, Dale in Alien vs Predator, Dan Turpin/Trevor Campbell in Smallville and he made another Superman related appearance in Man of Steel as a Northcom Threat Analyst

Fujin: Shogen

As we have Tadanobu Asano as Raiden, there are many other gods in the Mortal Kombat universe. We mentioned Rain is the son of Argus and was left out of the Mortal Kombat film for a potential Raiden or Edenia centric sequel. Well if we get a film centred on Raiden and the Gods. Then we need Fujin the Shinto god of wind. We can definitely see this role brought to life with Shogen. Many fighting game fans may know Shogen for his role as young Goken in Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist. While he mostly stayed true to Japanese projects since then, it would be cool to see him stand side by side with Asano especially considering their similar age and height. Shogen also has many martial arts skills from Karate and Judo which was helpful in his Street Fighter role and would be more than useful if he were to play Fujin.

Quan Chi: Tom Wu

Next up, the evil sorcerer Quan Chi, the real mastermind behind the death of Hasashi household. Quad Chi essentially manipulated the events that would lead to Hanzo and Bi-Han's respective deaths so he can reanimate them as his own revenant warriors Scorpion and Noob. While the film doesn't give us a hint that Quan Chi was involved, many other version outright have him impersonate Bi-Han to sway Hanzo to his side and murder Bi-Han in a misguided revenge plot. For the role of Quan Chi, we would like to see British Chinese actor Tom Wu play the role. He has many roles especially martial arts centric ones ranging from British projects like Huang in the kids show Spirit Warriors, Lord George in The Gentleman, Daniel Tsui in Strangers and he's had American projects roles like Fong in the Scorpion King 2, Genghis Carnage in KickAss 2, Hundred Eyes in Marco Polo (Where he fights Chin Han, Shang Tsung's actor) and finally he also had a role in the Bollywood superhero film Ra.One as Akaashi.

Sareena: Katrina Law

Sareena is a demon, one of Quan Chi minion debuting in the Sub-Zero mythology series alongside her fellow demonesses Kia and Jataaka. So it's likely when Quan Chi is introduced we will get the three girls as his amazon birdgade. She is known to have turned against Quan Chi due to the influence of Kuai-Laing the second Sub-Zero though in MKX revised timeline she claims it was Bi-Han the older Sub-Zero that freed her from Quan Chi's influence. Which doesn't really line up since Bi-Han is still Noob during these events. But whatever, we can imagine that she will at least have a relationship with one of the Sub-Zero brother in some way, either that or she marries Kabal because that's randomly his ending in MK11.... Not sure if the MK writers even know their characters or the history of their characters. For Sareena, we would like to see Katrina Law take on the character. She has experience in Marital arts like Taekwondo and possibly Karate too. These skills were likely useful in her acting roles such as Nyssa Al-Ghul in the CW arrow verse or DC's CWverse if that's what they are called now. Her other roles include Kate Wyman in The Rookie: CTU, Lana in the Resistane, Mira in Spartacus, Rebecca Lee in Training Day, Stephanie Bailey in Sacred Lies, Karen Beach in the Oath and Quan Liu in Hawaii Five-O.

Shinnok: Hal Yamanouchi

Shinnok the god of death and destruction in the Mortal Kombat world, the so of Kronika and brother of Centrion. Interestingly while his mum, Kronika seems to be a gender flipped incarnation of Chronos the Greek God of Time and Centrion seems to borrow element of Ceres the Roman Goddes of Fertility and Amaterasu the Shinto Goddess of the Sun/Light. Shinnok's influences are not clear. But his name borrows from Shin (Japanese for Spirit/God) and Nox (Latin for Night) essentially the God of Dark or Night. But he doesn't seem to be hugely based on anything unlike Raiden and Fujin who are more clearly based on Raijin and Fujin form Shinto Myths. But we can see his name is similar to Shinigami the Shinto God of Death and notably Nox the Roman goddess of the Night. Shinnok pretty much exists to be bad, the eternal antagonist. If we could see any actor bring him to life, it would be great to see veteran Italian-Japanese actor Haruka "Hal" Yamanouchi bring him to life. Many fans would at least be firmiliar with Yamanouchi from his role as Ichiro Yashida in the Wolverine Japan film or Senzo in the Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist series.

Jarek: Alex Meraz

Jarek a member of the Black Dragon. There's really not a lot to him except that he uses similar moves to Kano since he was trained by him and has a brutish temper. We can imagine he will be expanded on in the films as part off Kano's Black Dragon crew especially if there's a film centred around the black dragon activities down the line. It would be a great way to streamline the different stories and faction in the MK universe. We reckon that actor and martial artist Alex Meraz could be a good fit. He is known for his martial arts ability in Capoeira and Karate which would be useful if he was a Mortal Kombat character. His acting credits includes the bad tempered werewolf Paul in Twilight, Zack Gomes in Never Back Down 2, Gomes - Seal Team A in Suicide Squad and Javier in Animal Kingdom.

Kai: Marrese Crump

Kai is an African American Shaolin Monk that trained alongside Liu Kang and Kung Lao at the White Lotus Society. So he has a typically very nimble fighting style much like his brethren at the Shoalin temple. There is not a lot to him though he does have a cameo in MK11 as one of the people that texts Cassie. So it's likely he is well acquainted with he Shaolin still most likely being friends with Kung Jin. We would love to see this character brought to life in some way and have his own story arc alongside the Shaolin characters and who better than Marrese Crump to do that. Crump was in fact the cultural advisor and personal martial arts trainer for Chadwick Boseman on the Black Panther films in which Marrese researched actual African Martial Arts to make T'Challa's style feel more authentically African instead of a copy of popular Far East Asian Styles. Being the only American Protegee of Thai martial arts director Panna Rittikrai, his experience in multiple style and travels form mulitple countries is something he could bring to the role. His acting credits so far include No.2 in Warrior King 2 where he fight Tony Jaa, Marrese in the Bollywood MMA film Sultan with the like of Salman Khan and Forbes in the Sci-Fi martial arts film Jiu Jutsu with the Alain Moussi, Frank Grillo and Nicolas Cage.

Tanya: Shaina West

Tanya another beauty form Edenia and much like Jade she is dark skinned beauty with melanin magic. As Kitana represents the Far East of Asian, Jade represents the West and Southern parts Asia. Tanya represents the African looking Edenians. Though unlike Jade and Kitana, Tanya is a deceitful backstabber and should not be trifled with. In the MKX game, she teams up with fellow Edenians Rain and Mileena to overthrow Kotal Kahn with the hopes of restoring a Edenian superiority base Outworld society. However she does develop a romantic attraction to Mileena and possibly Rain. This kind of dynamic could make for an interesting villain love triangle for Tanya choosing whether she will go with Rain's plan to backstab Mileena the moment she becomes Khanum or will she stay loyal to her lover. Without a doubt if we casted Tanya there's only one woman for the role. British Ghanaian actress and martial art warriors Shaina West aka the Samurider. Shaina West may be new the film industry but the fact her film debut is in Marvel's Black Widow speaks levels on her ability as a actress and fighter. She is also very good friends with Ayesha Hussain who we want for Jade and in the games Jade and Tanya did have a rivalry of sorts that mirrored that of Kitana and Mileena.

Tremor: Marko Zaror

There were many rumours over the identity of Cole Young, an original character created for the film due to the Studio Executives meddling with the film. Some fans wondered if he is a reimagined Johnny Cage? Kuai-Liang? a relative of Scorpion? Well we had our own theory he was the human form of Tremor. Yeah that turned out to have been completely wrong. But it means the Black Dragon member could still show up alongside the likes of Kano and Kabal who are in the 2021 film. One star out thing about Tremor, especially in MKX, is that despite being one of the MK Ninja men. He is tall like he towers over the other earthrealmers yet he still move like a ninja. So to fit the role of this character, we felt Palestinian/Italian Chilean martial arts actor Marko Zaror could fit the role. He stands at 6'2" and is incredible nimble despite his size. Also he stunt doubled for Dwayne Johnson once. So the Rock's Stunt Double for Tremor? I see it working. In his native Latin American film industry he played roles like Zami in Kiltro, Marco Guiterrez aka Mirageman in Mirageman, Zaror in Machete Kills, Zolo in the Dusk Till Dawn TV Series and Pardo in the Redeemer. He has done work in English language projects like Raul Dolores in Undisputed 3, Rastignac in Savage Dogs (Both roles had him fight English martial arts actor Scott Adkins), He was Shaft in Marvel's Defenders and Ajakutty in Alita Battle Angel. Finally he did make his Bollywood debut as Marcus in Sultan starring Marrese Crump and Salman Khan.

Bo Rai Cho: Benedict Wong

Bo Rai Cho is basically what you get when your Fat Fighter and Drunken Boxer do a fusion dance and this is the result. Despite the a ridiculous name coming from the Spanish word Borracho (meaning Drunk), Bo Rai Cho has a relatively serious personality as a he tends to have a mentor quality to him especially where Liu Kang and Kung Lao is involved. To play this character, we would be more than happy to see British Chinese actor Benedict Wong take up the role. He already fits the stocky build and at least has some decent action experience from his roles as the Mystic warrior Wong in Marvel films, the Mongol invader Kublai Khan in Marco Polo and Master Lin in Deadly Class. Before the US type cast him in mostly oriental warrior roles, he's actually had a few tv roles in the UK too like Frankie Li in Supply and Demand, DC David Chu in The Bill, Terry Cheung in TLC, Pete Cheng in State of Play, Errol in 15 Stories High, li in Spirit Warriors and Vincent in Top Boy to name a few.

Frost: Peyton List

Frost a female cryomancer that Kuai-Laing takes in to train as his protege. However things don't go as well as people would hope for with Frost as she does not embody the mini-me or sidekick aspect that many would associate with Mortal Kombat X and its new Kombat kids. She is bad tempered disobedient and ultimately full of herself. Believing Kuai-Laing was holding her back and that she is greater than what she actually is. She goes as far as to attack Scorpion when Sub-Zero tries to mend fences with him and then volunteers to Cyberise herself as part of the Cyber Lin Kuei when Kronika offers her the opportunity. We can see this role somewhat being similar to Peyton List's character Tory Nichols in Cobra Kai. An unhinged and violent young lady with pretty impressive martial arts ability. So whilst many would remember Peyton List for her sweet girl role as Holly Hills in Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Cobra Kai pretty much solidifies her ability to play a psychotic bad ass. Also Tory Nichols attitude towards Samantha Russo can be seen as similar to Frost view of Cassie Cage after losing a fight to her in the Mortal Kombat comics.

Hsu Hao: Amarsaikhan Baljinnyam

A rare example of a Mongolian character in a fighting game. Here we have Hsu Hao, no ones favourite to be completely honest. In fact he is so badly disliked even by the creators that he's probably had a death scene of some kind in every game he is in. Mortal Kombat 11 has him as a cameo in Erron Black's intro as a severed head. Damn no love for Hsu Hao. While he role as a Red Dragon member can tie into the stories of the Black Dragon and Special Forces. The Red Dragon were notably involved with the death of Suchin, Kenshi's lover and Takeda's mother. So maybe the films can work with the character as a villain even if he still gets a Fatality ending. For the role of Hsu Hao, we feel Mongolian actor Amarksaikhan Baljinnyam would be the man for the role. He is best known to western audiences for Ariq Boke in Marco Polo. He has also done a few action films like Mongolian film Trapped Abroad 2, Mongolian film The Mongolian Connection starring Kaiwi Lyman (From USA) and Sanjar Madi (Khan from the Russian superhero film Guardians). He will also appear in Theif of the Mind: untold story as Gansukh. So hopefully we can get him on board for Hsu Hao especially considering the Mortal Kombat casting paid enough attention to the East Asian character's ethnicities to cast actors from the same backgrounds.

Kenshi Takahashi: Mark Musashi

Kenshi : Mark Musashied Dragon and their killing of Suchin. Kenshi the half Japanese half European blind Samurai with psyche powers. Probably one of Mortal Kombat's coolest characters and yet some underused. The character was played flawlessly by Dan Southworth in Mortal Kombat Legacy using his sword skills much like his role as Devil May Cry's Vergil. So is there anyone who can succeed him? well we reckon Japanese American martial arts actor Mark Musashi is more than capable. While he has mostly done acting roles in Japan like Pisu in Shibuya 15, Kodama in Garo and Duke Seiya Anthony Watari IV in Kyutei Hani: The Live. He has earned himself a sizeable reputation after portray Kazuya Michima in the Street Fighter X Tekken: Devil Within short film alongside Ruben Langdon and Dan Southworth no less. So chances are he could have some skills in sword fighting much like his co-star Dan Southworth and he actually played a minor role in Mortal Kombat: Legacy as one of gangsters that fights Lui Kang.

Li Mei: Lucy Liu

Li Mei is a outworld villager from Sun-Do who, alongside her people< are enslaved by Quan Chi and Shang Tsung to build a temple for the Soulnado. While she does attempt to fight back and win her people's freedom. She ends up having her soul taken and placed into one of Onaga's warriors. Bo Rai Cho was able to free and ave her soul as well as train her to fight alongside the hero characters. In the rebooted timeline, Li Mei appears as an outworld refugee to Earthrealm due to the constant civil wars between Mileena and Kotal. For the role of Li Mei, we would go with Chinese American actress Lucy Liu. She is already a fan favourite to appear as a Mortal Kombat character and we can definitely see her as Li Mei. Her credits include Amy Li in Pearl, Alex in Charlie's Angels, Ling Woo in Ally McBeal, O-ren Ishi in Kill Bill, Madame Blossom in Man with the Ironfists, Dr Joan Watso in Elementary, Simone Grove in Why Women Kill and of course she will be Kalypso in Shazam: Fury of the Gods and that's only her live roles. Her voice roles include Mei in Mulan 2, Adult Jade in Jackie Chan Adventures, Raquel Smashenburn in Game Over, Maggie Lee in Maya and Miguel, Madame Wu in the Simpson and of course Viper in Kung-Fu Panda.

Mavado: Frank Grillo

Finally we have the leader of the Red Dragons, the boss of Hsu Hao. Mavado. A ruthless fighter and crime boss who was originally intended to be matador inspire hick maybe why his name sounds like the Spanish word "Malvado" meaning Evil Man. There's not much to him in lore aside from the Red Dragon being rival with the Black Dragons So we can imagine this character interacting with characters like Hsu Hao, Kano, Kabal and of course the Special Forces like Jax, Sonya, Stryker and Kenshi. We reckon that Italian American actor Frank Grillo would be a great choice for the role. We have seen him in many action roles like Cross Bones in the Marvel films, Harrigan in Jiu Just, MMA coach Alvey Kulina in Kingdom, Roy Pulver in Boss Level, Big Daddy in Wolf Warrior 2, Leo Barnes in The Purge Election Year, Mark in Beyond Skyline, Abe in Point Blank (Alongside Anthony Mackei who play Falcon in the Marvel films) and he as the Lawyer Nick Savrin in Prison Break Season 1.

Since the characters of Goro and Reptile were CGI in the film, we will assume the same for characters like Kintaro, Chameleon, Khameleon, Motaro and Sheeva. But what do you think? Should Mortal Kombat consider these actors? And when do you think Mortal Kombat 2021 will be widely available to the UK Audiences?

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