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Ubisoft's Watchdogs: Legion Explores a Futuristic London

This is London City the best city in the world

All the Mandem should be anticipating the upcoming Watchdogs game. Watchdog Legion will be set to release on all consoles by the 24th of November. Being the third instalment of the Watchdog franchise it will allow the players to explore London the best city in the world. In fact most of Inner London will be explorable in the game.

From what we can see below it seems the main places we can visit include City of London, Camden, Islington and Hackney, Tower Hamlets West, Westminster, Lambeth, Southwark and Nine Elms. It is unknown how more maybe available at launch but we are excited to go exploring our ends in this open world game. (Best believe Imma check out Camden and point out where Woolworths used to be)

Watchdog Legion London Map


The game takes place in a near future where Cryptocurrencies are worth more than the Pound, development of automatic and A.I impact the UK economy giving way to unemployment and organised crime. The London branch of DedSec are framed for an attack on the houses of parliament by a group called the Zero Day. Since the fall out of the attack. DedSec hackers are forced into hiding whilst London becomes heavily policed by a military contractor called Albion with the help of tech company Blume. London become a Surveillance State against DedSec.


This is an action adventure game much like the previous Watchdog games. With a third person perspective and one world. London is the concrete jungle for you inner city animal. Players can navigate through London on foot (using Parkour a Ubisoft signature mechanic at this point), driving a variety of vehicles (GTA style) or fast travel through the Tube like a real Londoner. Players can complete missions in three different approach depending on their prefer character types and strategies. These include Enforcers who prefer to use hand to hand combat and weapons to get through their missions. Infiltrators prefer to go for the stealth based strategies avoiding conflict and making the least noise. Hackers are unsurprisingly the ones who have the best toys doing all the work for them. Drones, Spider bots and highjack cars are your play things to get mission completed.

Unlike previous games in the series, This game features the ability to recruit characters from around the city for the hacker group DedSec. These characters form a roster that have unique abilities to chose for missions and exploring the city, and to switch to another at any time. In fact any characters in the roster that are not in use maintain a routine in their life per their background and lifestyle, until made the active character. So you might see a few NPC mandem at the shisha bar. Each character that can be recruited is assigned to one of three classes, each of which has a unique set of skills and tools - enforcer, infiltrator, and hacker - along with unique background and skills that impact gameplay when controlling them. Examples include a spy that is proficient in lethal combat and infiltration, a builder who makes use of a wrench and a nail gun as weapons, a drone expert that can do more damage with drone weapons, and an "adrenaline junkie" who deals more damage but at the possible risk of dying at any random moment. Each character can be customised with different clothing options, including a mask used when infiltrating restricted areas, and wield a variety of different weapons purchased or taken from enemies.

Before such characters will join DedSec, players must first complete a mission for them pertaining to a situation they are caught up in and need resolving. An example of such a mission would be helping someone working as a vigilante in shutting down a criminal operation they seek to disrupt. Along with completing a mission, the character's standing with DedSec also affects whether they ally themselves to the group, or refuse to help even if their recruitment mission is completed. Any character that wants to role with DedSec can actually be killed off in missions and never reappear again in the game. So don't be a paigon out here. They have you back, you have theirs.

Are you excited for Watchdogs? We know that we are. Which ends you from? will you explore your city in the game? let us know @TheCSnetwork

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