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Turning Red Filmmakers Lindsey Collins & Domee Shi Promoted to Leadership Roles by Pixar

Lindsey Collins, producer of the film "Turning Red" has been promoted by Pixar Animated Studios as the Senior Vice President of Development. This means she will lead the development group for Pixar's streaming and features where current and upcoming filmmakers can share their original story ideas and get them kickstarted into production as movies.

Regarding the promotion, Collins had this to say: “As I reflect on my 25 years at Pixar, the pride and gratitude I have is surpassed only by the excitement I feel stepping into this new role,” Collins said in a statement. “Pixar has always been a place that seeks to delight and surprise audiences and I am thrilled to be able to expand on that legacy and help shape what comes next, surrounded by some of the most diverse, unique and inspiring filmmakers and voices working today.”

Domee Shi who directed the film "Turning Red" has been named Vice President of Creative alongside other directors Andrew Stanton, Peter Sohn and Dan Scanlon. Her role will have her guiding the Studio's filmmakers on their own productions as part of the Pixar Braintrust.

Domee Shi started out at Pixar as an intern and worked her way up in the company becoming the story artist for Inside Out. She would later work on films such as “The Good Dinosaur,” “Incredibles 2” and “Toy Story 4.” Her 2018 short, “Bao,” won the Academy Award for best animated short. With “Turning Red,” Shi is the first woman ever to be a solo director on a Pixar feature. According to Disney, the movie was the No. 1 film premiere on Disney Plus in the streamer’s history.

This is definitely huge news, hiring people of ethnic backgrounds in producing roles will mean more authentic movies in the future!

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