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Tracy Beaker is Back in 'My Mum Tracy Beaker'

I can make my world come true. All my dreams will see me through. Yeah many of us has heard these Lyrics in Stormzy's new song Superheroes. However 90s and early 2000s UK kids would know that Stormzy got the inspiration from Keisha White's song "Someday" which was the theme song for a kids TV Show "The Story of Tracy Beaker." The show is an adaptation of the Jacqueline Wilson book of the same name. However the iconic character Tracy Beaker (Portrayed by Dani Harmer) was able to carry the show which lead to a TV Film Tracy Beaker: The Movie of Me spin offs shows Tracy Beaker Returns, The Dumping Ground and now we have My Mum Tracy Beaker which came out this year in February.

The Story of Tracy Beaker revolved around her life in the care home which the kids called the Dumping Ground (because its where they get dumped), she generally talks big about her movie star mum Carly Beaker (Ruth Gemmell), bonds with Writer Cam Lawson (Lisa Coleman) who becomes her foster/adoptive mum as well as her rivalry with care kid Justine Littlewood (Montana Thompson) and friendship with kids such as Peter Ingham (Joe Starrs).

In the middle of the Tracy Beaker franchise, we can the TV Film, Tracy Beaker: A Movie of Me which finally introduces us to her mum Carly Beaker and answers the question as to why no one knows this movie star mum.

Tracy Beaker Returns has the titular character return to the care home as a care worker to make up the money she borrowed off Cam to publish her own books. This leads to Tracy sometimes getting involved in the troubles of the new care kids with her colleagues Gina Conway (Kay Purcell) and returning head care worker Mike Milligan (Connor Byrne) from the very first series.

The Dumping Ground follows the same care home after Tracy Beaker moves on from her job there and pretty much the series carries on as its own thing.

But as of now we have My Mum Tracy Beaker and it seem Dani Harmer returns to the role yet again but now she is a mum!!! Her daughter Jess Beaker (Emma Magie Davies) will be a key part to her story. Its like we've grown up with the character at this point. Not only that a few firmiliar faces are returning to such as Lisa Coleman, Ruth Gemmell and Montana Thompson will reappear as Cam, Carly and Justine respectively. Not only that but Peter Ingham (Now Portrayed by Jim English) reconnects with Tracy in this series. So it will be exciting for the old school tracy beaker fans to check this show out.

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