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THE BOYS: Amazon’s best show yet?

Updated: Aug 21, 2019


If you haven't watched Amazon Prime Video's "The Boys" head over to another one of our blog posts - You have been warned!

Amazon Prime’s “The Boys” was released last month on the Prime Video service, quickly becoming a smash-hit. Fans were excited to see a twist on familiar superhero tropes, and it is now one of Amazon’s most raved about original show, as well as one of its best reviewed, with Season 2 being commissioned before the first season was even released! Last week, Amazon Prime Video reported that the Seth Rogen-produced project had become one of Amazon’s most binged series of 2019, after just 2 weeks of being released, Screenrant reports.

From its fresh take on superheroes, to the gore that can only be matched by Netflix’s "The Punisher", it provided something new, exciting and intriguing. Not to mention an array of outstanding performances – with Jack Quaid’s Hughie, Karl Urban’s Billy Butcher and Antony Starr’s Homelander, being immediate standouts for many.

There were many outstanding features in The Boys’ first season. The VFX used were brilliant and convincing, from something as simple as Homelander’s heat vision, to The Deep’s fish-like body. The VFX team did an amazing, often overlooked, job.

As soon as the show was released, it was trending on Twitter and had amassed a huge following pretty much immediately. Both devoted fans of the cult comic series, and new fans alike. The scene of Robin being run through in the pilot set the tone immediately, and it only got better from there.

Of all of the characters’ arcs throughout the season, Homelander’s was quite simply, the best. He started as a Superman-esque character, and ended being arguably, one of the best TV supervillains of all time. The character’s backstory of being a lab rat was tragic, and it made him all the more relatable, somehow. His yearning to find out the truth, and the final reveal of the season featuring Homelander and Billy Butcher, was intense – leaving viewers begging for Season 2 to come quickly. Season 2 is set to be a completely different show to the first season, and fans of the series cannot wait for it to be released.

A number of people had one criticism of the show, however. The show successfully managed to avoid the tropes that we see too often in this genre – that is until episode 4, when we were introduced to the terrorism plot line. Once again, brown people were stereotyped as terrorists. The only brown people in the entirety of the first season.

It is a shame – it feels like we have come such a long way in terms of Asian representation in film and TV, with shows like The Night Of giving us truthful portrayals beyond the common tropes. Hopefully, Amazon do not make this same oversight in Season 2, and The Boys gives us our first brown superhero, and continues to be a groundbreaking take on the superhero genre – wouldn’t that be something truly special?

Written by Vikas Gogana

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