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Jurnee Diana Smollett-Bell as the 'Black Canary'

When you mention the ladies of the DC Universe, The Black Canary is one that springs to mind.

When the castings were announced, what surprised everyone was the choice to change the ethnicity of the heroine Black Canary who is originally caucasian.

Warner Bros. has casted the talented Jurnee Diana Smollett-Bell in the role.

Bold moves like this may upset some avid comicbook fans but it does open doors for many other ethnic actors and actresses out there who have dreams to play roles that can be adapted to their ethnicity. Personally, we couldn't be more happier!

Previous adaptions of The Black Canary include Smallville's Alaina Huffman and most recent The CW's Catie Lotz & Katie Cassidy from Arrow

However as The CW is known for pushing representation they made the bold move first by casting Juliana Harkavy to take on the mantle who is a mix of Russian, Hungarian, Dominican, African and Chinese ... I mean, damn son!

We think Jurnee looks bad ass as the Black Canary, the newest teaser is very much a teaser to her kick ass moves. Wonder if Oliver Queen will show up as a cameo?

Watch the much anticipated teaser trailer to "Birds of Prey (and the fantabulous emancipation of one Harley Quinn)" and let us know what you think in the comments below!

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