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'Street Fighter Legacy' Cast - Where are they now?

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

The sequel to an accurate portrayal of our beloved Capcom characters as opposed to previous instalments *cough cough* has sadly been cancelled, confirmed by Joey Ansah himself.

But let's take a look back at the cast and see what has become of them and where they are now.

Joey Ansah

SF4 Akuma compared to Joey Ansah as Akuma

British Ghanaian-English actor and martial artist. Joey Ansah is the reason that Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist was made in the first place. Growing up between the UK and Ghana, Ansah had trained in martial arts ranging from Taekwondo, Ninjutsu (at 15 he become the youngest ninja in the UK) and some Capoeira, Karate, Kung-fu, Kali and Kalaripayattu along his journey. Ansah's big break before Street Fighter was playing the Moroccan Assassin Desh Bouksani in Bourne Ultimatum against Matt Damon as Jason Bourne. While he directed, wrote and choreographed the Street Fighter series. He also played the main antagonist Akuma with a killer workout routine to boot. He was considered to be a potential actor for Marvel's Blade when fans thought about the possiblity of Blade being portrayed as British Black like he is in the original source material.

(Left to Right) Joey Ansah as Jafar's Guard with Marwan Kenzari as Jafar

Since then he has gone on to appear in small roles as a "fighter in sniper's den" in the bollywood film Knock Out, a "policeman" in British Sci-Fi Attack the Block, "Aladin" in Snow white and the Huntsman, "DCI Victor Jones" in Green Street 3. "Atal" in Born of War, "Argat' in Beowulf, "Jafar's Henchman" in Aladdin and a "henchman" in Mission Impossible Fallout. He is currently starring in 2 episodes of Netflix The Stranger as Stuart Hope. Hope to see Joey Ansah be able to bring his vision for Street Fighter to life, but it is put on hold for now. Lets hope he can get recognition for his acting and action talents as well as his impressive determination to choreography and directing. Here's a lil Joey Ansah Sampler before his Street Fighter years.

Christian Howard

SF4 Ken Masters compared to Christian Howard as Ken Masters

British actor and martial artist, Christian Howard and Joey Ansah had been housemates during the time they watch Legend of Chun-Li. Together they launched the begining of Street Fighter in live action. Howard himself was also an complished artist in which he used such skills for story boarding and drawing out the set up of the Dojo. Being a huge fan of the games, he was the perfect contender for Ken Masters. Being trained in Kung-Fu and later on Karate, Capoeira, Kali and Kalaripayattu, Howard had slowly increased his experience in action genre since playing Ken Masters in Street Fighter. Becoming fan favourite for Marvels IronFist.

Christian Howard as Orson Randall

While he did not get that role. He had worked on a Bollywood film aswell notably Force in which he even did the choreography for John Abraham and worked with Indian Kalari warrior Vidyut Jamwal. Howard even stated in an interview with Kung-Fu Kingdom his desire to do a buddy cop film with Vidyut Jamwal, a la a UK and India team up much like Rush Hour was for the USA and China. He has had smaller roles since then like "Wedge" in Green Street 3, "Finvarrah/Radier" in Warrioress and "Dario" in Thirst of the Ancients. He is currently working on an ambitous upcoming project called Immortal 65 which he will portrayed Marvel's Orson Randall (one of the previous IronFists), this is however a fan project and not associated with the MCU. Here's a little clip of Christian Howard action reel. Have high hopes for the upcoming Immortal 65.

Jon Foo

SF4 Ryu compared to Jon Foo as Ryu

British Chinese-Irish actor and martial artist. Jon Foo was brought onto the 3 minute fan film street fighter legacy to play Ryu. He and Ansah had both done stunt double work as league of assassin's members in Batman Begins and it was natural for the two work together again. Jon Foo is an accomplished acrobat and wushu martial artist. Having done several action roles in Thai film Tom Yum Goong, in which he fights Muay Thai actor Tony Jaa as a Wushu Sword warrior. one of three warriors to during the temple fight. He would also have a minor appearence as "Unisol 2" in Universal Soldier: Regeneration. His biggest role prior to Ryu was ironically the lead role of the 2010 Tekken film where he plays Jin Kazama. While the film was not a success, it was natural for Jon Foo to show off his talent and reunited with Lateef Crowder (they worked together in Tom Yung Goong and Tekken).

Jon Foo (right) as Lee with Justin Hires (left)as Carter

Jon Foo was unable to return to the role of Ryu for Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist due to scheduling issues as he would go onto to play Manit the lead role of Bangkok Revenge, followed by Mercy in Extraction and Yang in Vikingdom. His most notable role to date outside of the two video game leads have been the Rush Hour TV series in which he portrays a rebooted version of Jackie Chan's Inspector Lee with Justin Hires as his co-star playing Chris Tucker's Detective James Carter. While the series was a fresh new take on the characters, it ultimately didn't perform to everyone expectations. Jon Foo latest role will be Dagar in Awakened Dreams. Here's a lil rundown on some of Jon Foo Leading roles from Jin Kazama, Ryu, Manit and Inspector Lee.

Mike Moh

Mike Moh as Ryu in Street Fighter Resurrection

Korean American martial artist, teacher and actor. Mike Moh was brought in to Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist to replace Jon Foo as Ryu and then later return to the role in Street Fighter: Resurrection. While he owns his own Dojang (korean for a martial arts training centre) to teach Taekwondo, he also now has expereince in Wushu, Kali, Wing Chun Kyokushin, Hapkido and Jeet Kune Do. Before he joined as the main world warrior. He was Danny Cho in Kamen Rider, Mike in The Johnnies and made several background appearences in Supah Ninjas as mostly ninja, henchmen and other fighters.

Mike Moh as Bruce Lee compared to the Original

Since his time as Ryu in Street Fighter. He has found roles in Empire as Steve Cho. He appeared in the MCU as Triton in ABC Inhumans, but his best known role to date would be the legendary Bruce Lee in in Once upon a time.... in Hollywood. Although Tarentino completely ruined Bruce Lee's image in that movie. This role got him enough notice for fans to want to see him play Shang Chi for the MCU despite having already played Triton. We can only hope to see Mike Moh to continue what he is doing as he seems to be on a role. Maybe even show up for Christian Howard's Immortal 65 as a character.

Akira Koieyama

Goken Sensei Games vs Akira Koieyama live

To play the elderly badass Goken Sensei. Joey Ansah wanted an actor who was physically tall and but skilled in action. Japanese actor Akira Koeiyama was brought onto play Goken and got to show off his talents and range as an actor. Before his time in Street Fighter. He had made appearences in Japanese projects like Yamato Takeru as Oousu, B Gai Waak as Ryuchi Takigawa. He had also made appearences in Foster as Japanese Man, Rush as Takahara and 47 Ronin as Kira's Spy.

Akira Koieyama as Maitake in Sense8

After Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist. Goken does not return for Street Fighter: Resurrection. However Akira has been busy appearing in the UK projects the Scorpia Effect as Akira, Strike Back as Akiyama and Redcon-1 as LIEUT Simon Lau as well as a few international projects like UK Japanese Samurai Marathon as Shunnosuke Karasawa,. UK-US series Good Omens as a Japanese Shipmate and Netflix series Sense8 in which he appears as Maitake. While many of these roles have been minor we all hope to see more of the Great Koeiyama soon.


Shogen as Goken

With Akira Koieyama casted as Goken. What was also needed was a younger actor to represent Goken when he was training uner Gotetsu during the 1950s. This is where Shogen came in. Initially a model and actor. the Okiniwan Islander Shogen got to show off show of his Karate and Judo skills from his childhood for this role. He made his acting debut in Bloody Snake Under The Sun as the lead role; Sanshin player (Musician) called Ryo Yonaha. Shogen's first taste of action included a short film called Seven Samurai where his character fights with Japanese legend Sonny Chiba and a TV Drama with Ken Watanabe. One of his other regular roles was Kurodo in the TV series Zero: Black Blood.

Shogen as Death Note's Raye Penber

Since his role as Goken he has gone on to play the lead role in a romantic drama Stay in which he plays a recovering unemployed drug addict who falls for a free spirited woman but she cannot remain in his life forever. He also makes several appearences in the TV Mini Series Transit Girls and appears as Raye Penbar in the Live Action mini Series Death Note based off the Anime. Many fans noted Shogen having a strong resembalance to Young Goken in Street Fighter Alpha Generations. It seem appropriate that he is now in another live action show as an anime character.

Togo Igawa

Togo Igawa as Gotetsu Sensei

When creating the Street Fighter Assassin's Fist series. Joey Ansah and co required someone who could easily translate between English and Japanese. This is where the Legend Togo Igawa comes in. Currently living in the UK, the Japanese actor was called upon to be the cultural advisor, translator for the script and alos portrayed two character. Gotetsu the small but powerful Ansatsuken master who trains Goken and Goki, but also Goma a random crazy fisherman who is believed to be the twin brother of Gotetsu and likely the father of Sayaka. Playing the two really allowed Togo to show off his range and have fun with it too.

Togo Igawa as Lau Hoi Ho in The Host

Togo has had a long and extensive career before and after his involvement in Street Fighter. His credits before hand ranged from roles like General Hasegawa in The Last Samurai, Tanaka in Memoirs of the Geisha, Dr Tanizaki in Torchwood, Mr Nagata in Primeval, Ting Wang in Johnny English Reborn, Tengu Lord in 47 Ronin and a few voice roles such as Professor Mshimo in Robotboy and Hiro in Thomas the Tank Engine. Since Street Fighter he has made appearences in Marco Polo as Chulun, Thunderbird are Go as Toshi Murakami, Star Wars Last Jedi as Resistance Bridge Officer, Giri/Haji as Hotaka and The Host as Lau Hoi Ho.

Gaku Space

Gaku Space as Goki

Akira Koieyama and Shogen bring us the old and young Gokens. With Joey Ansah portraying the inhuman Akuma, we needed someone who can embody the young human Goki as he evolves through out the series. This is where Gaku Space really shines in his career. Before then Gaku has had small roles in such as a Gurella Guard in Tropic Thunder, Robin's Date in How I Met Your Mother in episode "Say Cheese" and the Japanese pyrokinetic Mutant Sunfire in video game X-Men Destiny.

Gaku Space as Junzo Muto

While he was initially seeking a baseball career back in Tokyo Japan. He left for Los Angeles to persue an acting career and martial arts notably Filipino Kali, Japanese Kenjutsu and Boxing. Since his work as Goki in Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist. Gaku is now best known for voicing Blizzard's Overwatch character: the popular Japanese Cyborg ninja Genji Shimada. He is set to be reprising the voice role of Genji Shimada for the upcoming Overwatch 2. He is also working with his Street Fighter Co-Star Christian Howard in Howard's latest project Immortal 65. Gaku will star as the Antagonist Hand Ninja Junzo Muto.


Hyunri as Sayaka

Hyunri Lee or sometimes known as just Hyunri is a Japanese born Korean actress. While she lived in the Oxford, UK as a teenager most of her acting credits in her early career have been in Japanese projects. Her early roles consists of roles like Shimada Akiko in Furita ie wo kau, Miho in Yoru No Tochu, Yu Saigo in Yae no Sakura, Harada in Judge and Erika Sakamoto in Flare. In fact Street Fighter Assassin's Fist would be her first British project and the first project she gets to show off her English. She plays the solo female role of Sayaka. A character not from the games but from the Anime film Street Fighter Generations which Assassin's Fist take heavy influence from. She plays into the love triangle between herself, Goki and his older brother Goken.

Hyunri as Minjon

Since her role in Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist. Hyunri had continued her acting role in Japanese projects sticking to her home. In 2014, She works in her first leading role as Minjon in The Voice of Water where she plays a Japanese Korean woman living in Tokyo. The her performance had lead to her official invitation to the 65th Berlin International Film Festival. This film received numerous awards including the Rising Star Award in the 29th Takasaki Film Festival. One of her other best known roles now is Saeko Harada in Mistresses: Onnatachi no Himitsu based on BBC's TV series that ran between 2008 and 2010. Hyunri also hosts her own radio show for one of the largest radio stations in Tokyo where she shines her DJ and interviewing skills.

Mark Killeen

Mark Killeen as Mr.Master (Centre) with his on screen son Christian Howard as Ken (Left) and Akira Koeiyama as Goken Sensei (Background)

Initially casted to play Ken Masters' father Mr.Masters was British actor Kyle Pryor. However due to scheduling conflict with Home and Away had left Kyle stuck in Australia. The team needed another actor to cover for Mr.Masters. This is where British actor and former amateur boxer Mark Killeen came in. Initially mostly doing smaller roles. Mark's resume constisted of Terry in Rise of the Footsoldier, a "German Officer" in the Episode Let's Kill Hitler of Doctor Who, an "Airport Cop" in the Dark Knight Rises, "Greek Commander" in 300: Rise of an Empire. His best known role would be Mero in Game of Thrones episode Second Sons in which he appears alongside fellow British actor Emilia Clarke and Ed Skrein. Since appearing in Street Fighter. He has gone on to play DC Roger in Freak of Nature, Antonious in Risen, Abe in the Devil you known (short film) and the colead in a Romantic film A Very British Christmas as Andrew opposite Rachel Shenton as Jessica.

Hal Yamanouchi

Haruhiko Yamanouchi as Senzo

Veteran Italian Japanese actor Haruhiko "Hal" Yamanouchi joins the crew as Senzo. Senzo appears to be loosely based off a few different characters. Retsu from Street Fighter I, The groundkeeper from Street Fighter Alpha Anime and Fuuka's Grandfather from Street Fighter Alpha Generations. While this is a minor role compared to his previous. Many of Hal's previous roles have been in either Italian or Japanese projects. However one year before Street Fighter, he appaers in The Wolverine film in which he portrays the elderly Ichiro Yashida, another original character loosely based off Shingen Yashida and some aspects of Ogun. Since these roles he has gone onto continue his acting career between English, Italian and Japanese projects. He is also knowledgable in Chinese and Filipino languages. Many of his recent credits include Il Bosco, Zoolander 2, The Confessions, Squadra Mobile, Earth, White Flowers, Yuki and Black Bishop.

Yoshinori Ono

Yoshinori Ono checking out Ryu and Ken

The great Ono-San makes his cameo in Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist as the fight club host where he tries to convince Ryu and Ken to join his illegal Street Fighter. For most people it may seem like a random character just thrown in. But for true fans this is Capcom's closest equivalent to a Stan Lee cameo. Yoshinori Ono is the head producer and face of the Capcom company that owns Street Fighter and is known for his presence online and charismatic troll personality.

Alain Moussi

Alain Moussi as Charlie Nash

Gabonese born French Canadian martial arts actor and stuntman joins Street Fighter cast in 2016 as Charlie Nash in Street Fighter Resurrection. Capcom requested Ansah and co do a promotional mini series for the upcoming Street Fighter V which saw the ressurection of the legendary Charlie Nash. Many of his early roles consisted of action roles like Celtic Gladiator in Pompeii, Bruiser Werewolf in Being Human and stunt doubled for Henry Cavill in Immortals, Sebastien Roberts in Being Human, Jai Courtney in Suicide Squad, Josh Helman and Hugh Jackman in the X-Men films. Since Street Fighter he now is the lead role of Kurt Sloane in the Kickboxer reboot, he was the man behind the mask of Batman in season 1 Titans before Iain Glenn was casted in the following Season 2 and will appear in the upcoming film Jiu Jitsu alongside Nicolas Cage, Marie Avgeropoulos, Frank Grillo and Tony Jaa. On the Stunt side of things he appears in many superhero projects like DC's Supergirl, Titans, Arrow, Shazam as well as the Amazon series the Boys.

Natascha Hopkins

Natascha Hopkins as Laura Matsuda

German-American Actress and stunt woman Natascha Hopkins drops into Street Fighter Resurrection as the first female character from the games to appear in Ansah's Legacy series. Playing the Bolt blasting Brazilian Bonita Laura Matsuda gave us the first live action portrayal of a Street Fighter V newcomer. Here she gets to show off her acting and Brazillian Jujutsu skills against Christian Howard and Katrina Durden. Natascha previous roles have mostly been in Jenny Kincaid in Episode Witness to Murder in CSI: Miami, Natasha in episode Bend it like Baxter in That's So Raven, a Stunt dancer in episode What the Hey in Suite LIfe of Zack and Cody and Keisha in Straight Outta Compton. She will be appearing in the up and coming film Real Talk as Amy and has been doing several stunt work doubling for Ruth Negga in Preacher, Zoe Kravitz in Mad Max: Fury Road, Halle Berry in Extant and Kerry Washington in Scandal

Katrina Durden

Katrina Duren as Decapre

British actress and martial artist Katrina Durden gives us our second female character from the games to be introduced into the series. Using a Russian accent and some scar make up to bring Decapre to life. Katrina really shines through. That should be expected for someone born to a family involved in the creative arts. From the age of 13 she trained in martial arts, dance and theatre and has studied drama at Sylvia Young, Moscow Theatre, Lyric Theatre and St Charles College to name a few. On top of this she is fluent in Russian and Spanish too with knowledge in weaponry and equestrianism essentially an English Knight and British bombshell. Before her appearence in Street fighter, she was one of many martial arts extra in KickAss 2 as Red Fang. Since then she appeared alongisde Scott Adkins, Mad Mikkelsen and Benedict Cumberbatch as the Blonde Zealot in Dr Strange and she will appear in the upocming film I Am Vengeance: Retaliation as Jen Quiad. alongside Vinnie Jones. It was likely that Ansah had intended to have Katrina portray fan favourite Cammy White since Decapre is essential her identical twin or clone.

Silvio Simac

Silvio Simac as M.Bison

Finally joining the cast is the Croatian born British Italian/Croatian actor and martial artist Silvio Simac as the big bad M.Bison. Fitting the look of the character ifrom the games. Street Fighter Ressurection essential teases the fans with the final scene giving fans the most live action accurate look of M.Bison since Raul Julia's performance in 1994. Simac was a Taekwondo world champion before entering the world of acting. His earlier roles included Davic a Russian prison fighter in Undisputed where he fought against Scott Adkins' Uri Boyka. He appeared as another fighting game character in Dead or Alive as the Italian mercenary Leon with the Italian accent and all. Making him a fan favourite among a disappointing film and lack luster cast with little to known martial art experience. He appears as Mighty Joe in Transporter 3 with Jason Statham and as Uri Romanov with Keanu Reeves and Tiger Chen. Since his breif stint as M.Bison, Simac has gone on to work on several projects, with Keanu Reeves again in John Wick Chapter 3 as "the Muscle", he will appear in Ali Jacko's Jack Stall Dead as Derek/Vlad and is slated to appear in the action packed Dutch films Out of Vengeance with Dutch Kurdish actor Salar Zarza and Belgian Moroccan Mohamed "Michel" Qissi as costars.

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