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The Resident Evil Reboot Add Three New Actors

The Resident Evil Reboot Cast Updated

It was recently announced that a Resident Evil reboot film is in the works and this time no Mila Jovovich stealing the spotlight as Alice. So far we've covered the initial 6 actors that they cast. But we have news on three more actors who have joined and a clear idea of who they will play.

Donal Logue compared to Chief Irons

First of we have Canadian born American actor Donal Logue. Many of us would recognise I'm as Quin from the original Blade films and also corrupt cop Harvey Bullock in the DC TV Series Gotham. Considering his previous role in Gotham it would make 100% sense that he is likely portraying Chief Brian Irons from Resident Evil 2, a corrupt police chief of the Raccoon City Police Department who is being paid off by Umbrella. He certainly fits the age, demeanour and has the experience.

Lily Gao compared to Ada Wong

Next up is Chinese American actress Lily Gao. Its a no brainer. She is Ada Wong. I mean it would be strange if she was not Ada considering how much she resembles the character more than anyone else I the first 3 Resident Evil games. Now this is not concrete as we have British Nigerian/Norwegian Hannah John-Kamen as Japanese/French American Jill Valentine and British/Canadian Indian Avan Jogia as White American Leon Scott Kennedy. So it is possible she could be playing another character like Annette Birkin or Rebecca Chambers. But we would bet that this time around they have casted a Chinese actress for a Chinese character.

Chad Rook compared to Richard Aiken

Finally we move on to Canadian actor Chad Rook. He has had several TV roles as Clyde Mardon in Flash and Hatch in the 100. We would take a shot and say he is likely playing Richard Aiken. One of the S.T.A.R.S members that gets killed during the mansion incident from the first game. Chad certainly fits the look and age for the character with his blond hair and being in his late 30s. It makes sense.

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