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The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope

British Videogames developer Supermassive game are back at it with their typical Horror Survival choice based games. The company started off with this genre through Until Dawn featuring 8 playable characters and have begun a new chapter called "The Dark Pictures Anthology". In August 2019 they released the first installment of the Dark Pictures Anthology with Man of Medan. Now they are set to release their second installment of the series called "Little Hope" this year in Autumn.

Much like Supermassive's previous games, Little Hope will feature a third person gaming perspective with 5 playable characters and multiple choices leading to a branching story depending on the players choices. The characters are all portrayed by actors in motion capture with their voice, visage and likeness adapted to their characters.

Pip Torrens as the Currator

Looking at the cast we have English actor Pip Torrens returning from the previous game as The Currator a man who interacts with the player and comments on your progression. Torrens ins best known for his roles such as Netherfield Bulter in Pride and Prejudice, Victor in Dorian Gray, Heathcoat Parker in St.Trinian's 2, Ian Gilmor in Iron Lady, Colonel Kaplan in Star Wars Force Awakens, Colonel Hathi in Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle, Roscastle in Dr.Who and Philip Crane in Black Mirror.

The game will be set in a fictional ghost town in New England where a group of 5 are stranded after a bus crash. Unfortunately the ghost town has a spooking history of witch craft that will haunt the 5 characters who need to work to survive.

Among the cast are English actor Will Poulter as Andrew, Canadian actress Ellen David as Angela, English actor Scott Haining as Daniel, David Smith as Carver and Sky Burkett as Mary. Nothing much is known about the characters to this point.

Will Poulter is the most well known of the cast from his roles in Narnia, Mazerunner, BlackMirror Bandersnatch, and Detriot. Many of his roles tend to be realists or pessimists with a habit of being right all the time or acting as such.

Ellen David is a French Canadian actress most likely will be portraying an older character, possibly a teacher to the students, trapped in the ghost town with them. David has a long list of credits spanning 60 different films and TV Shows.

Yorkshire actor Scott Haining is known for minor British Television roles such as a one off appearence as Bernard in My Parents are Aliens, Darren Arnott in Doctors, Private Lee in Enemy Lines, though his best known role is likely Nate Gurney in Waterloo Road.

Nothing much is known about David Smith and Sky Burkett. It seems this is Sky's only credit to her name as far. Whilst David Smith has mostly worked in minor roles in North English projects like Waterloo Road, Coronation Street, Hollyoaks and Emmerdale.

Sky Burkett as Mary

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