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Street Fighter: Enter the Dragon Fan Film by Rogue Origin Films is Out Now on Youtube

So we covered Rogue Origin Films a few time. Most notably when former Street Fighter actor Christian Howard (who played Ken Masters) appeared on the channel as Fatal Fury's Terry Bogard opposite the main director Josh Marie as Rock Howard in Fatal Fury: Mark of the Wolves. We also covered their CowBoy Bebop fan film too. Well now they have made their first Street Fighter Fan Film. Interestingly Christian Howard cameos around 40 seconds in as the director or is it Ken Masters using his money to be the producer and director for Fei-Long's latest film?

The film notably stars Chinese American martial arts actor Brandon Soo Hoo who is known for playing the young StormShadow in the original G.I.Joe films, he was also Prince Zuko in his own short film and now here he plays the Bruce Lee Clone Fei-Long, we even get to see Fei-Long's focus attack, Tenshin, Shienkyaku and a variation of his Gekirinken super move. Joining him is Lincoln Blake as the Shadowlaw boxing brute Balrog with a few dash straights, KKB manuevers and even the Dirty Bull Super move. Finally to top it off Vietnamese American actress Gemma Nguyen as Chun-Li and its not her first time as the Chun-Li either as she portrayed the character in Power Rangers Legacy Wars: Street Fighter Showdown. So its a pleasure to see her and her buns.... her hair buns. Not the other buns. Gemma is well known for her Gameology series in which she hosts and tries to perform the moves of our favourite video game characters so that's worth a watch and further more she is one of our influences for a potential Vietnamese character if Street Fighter 6 decide to introduce one.

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