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Sony's 4th of June PS5 Event is Postponed

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

Sony and Playstation has recently announced a Playstation 5 event scheduled for June the 4th but unfortunately have decide to postpone the event.

The update regarding the temporary cancellation was announced on twitter on the Playstation official twitter page which you can read below.

The cancellation of the event came after Sony had released a statement on their official twitter in which the multinational company expressed solidarity with Black Lives Matter and the fight against racism in the US. The original tweet from Sony is embedded below.

Sony is not the only major games company expressing solidarity with the black lives matter movement EA, Riot Games, Microsoft and Naughty Dog all have shown the same support for the movement in the last 24 hours.

It is currently unclear whether other events scheduled for this week, including Guerrilla Collective, the PC Gaming Show, and others will go ahead as planned. However, this cancellation has confirmed that Sony, at the very least, will be rescheduling the PS5 event intended for this Thursday, June 4.

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