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Scott Adkin's Art of Action Talks to Joey Ansah on Bourne, Green Street 3 and Street Fighter

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

Scott Adkins and Joey Ansah on Art of Action

Scott Adkins is back at it again with his YouTube series Art of Action. We covered the possibility of Adkins teaming up with Vidyut Jamwal for a UK-Bollywood martial arts film. Well now Adkins is interviewing some home grown talent. British martial artist, actor, stuntman, director, choreographer and writer Joey Ansah. Ansah has been involved in plenty of projects with his role as Desh Bouksani in Bourne Ultimatum being his big break, his and Scott's shared experience collaborating in Green Street 3 and finally his work on Street Fighter. Check out art of action episode 26 right here.

So on the topic of Street Fighter. We know Joey Ansah's was responsible for Street Fighter: Legecy, Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist and Street Fighter: Resurrection. However the future of the Street Fighter series seemed to be over when it was announced that Street Fighter: World Warrior was cancelled. But it may not be the end. Joey Ansah intended to make the World Warrior series featuring the SF2 classics like Chun-Li, M.Bison, Guile, Cammy, Etc. However Ansah has revealed that he actually had David Ayer as the showrunner for the series, so what went wrong?

To quote Ansah: "To cut a Long story short the studio didn't shop it in time before the license ran out and the rights (to street fighter) went back to Capcom"

So the live action rights to Street Fighter are back at Capcom, the video game developers that won't he street fighter Franchise as a whole. But Joey Ansah is optimistic.

According to Ansah, he has "a 100 page treatment" for the show he wants to make regarding the Street Fighter World Warrior series. If it doesn't get made, he intends to release it as a book or graphic novel one day. But as we know Capcom has been undergoing some major changes recently. Yoshinori Ono has stepped down from the Fighting Game division at Capcom and with the changing of Capcom staff and reshuffling of the team, all we need is for someone at Capcom to give Joey Ansah the rights and support to make the live action World Warrior series a reality. Maybe there is hope at the end of this tunnel. We may finally get to see Street Fighter: World Warrior in all its glory with the cast returning Mike Moh as Ryu, Christian Howard as Ken Masters, Joey Ansah as Akuma, Silvio Simac as M.Bison, Alain Moussi as Charlie Nash, Katrina Durden as Cammy White (since she was Decapre) and who knows maybe we will finally see Scott Adkins as Guile just how Joey Ansah intended. Lets make it happen. Capcom let Joey Ansah make Street Fighter: World Warrior!!!

Fan Art of Scott Adkins as Guile

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