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Rumour Marvel Developing X-Men Film Under The Title "The Mutants"

So has anyone been keeping up with WandaVision lately? No? then don't read this article for Spoilers unless you don't care about Spoilers. But anyhow we all know that Evan Peters made his appearance in the series as "Pietro Maximoff" seemingly his version of Quicksilver somehow ended up in the MCU. Or so we thought. Spoilers it turns out that this "Pietro" is actually.... (Drum Roll Please).... Ralph Bohner... Wait who?

Well Agnes who is revealed to be Agatha Harkness (like we didn't guess that already), kept banging on about "her husband Ralph" through out the series. Well it seems she was actually brainwashing a random man named Ralph Bohner whilst staying at his house to pretend to be Wanda's neighbour and also brainwashing Ralph as her own fake Quicksilver to try and get Wanda Maximoff aka ScarletWitch to explain her magical powers. So.... Yeah it does't look like we will be getting the Fox X-Men appearing into the MCU anytime soon. But rumours have it that Disney is planning on making X-Men films and the working title is believed to be "The Mutants"

Whilst Stan Lee (R.I.P) initially planned to call the X-Men "The Merry Mutants". The publishers at the time felt readers wouldn't know what a Mutant was. So he named the team X-Men after the eXtra Gene (X-Gene) they carry that provide them their powers and abilities. However Marvel seem to want to distance the Mutants from the X-Men name for the time being and might be looking to find a way to integrate them into the MCU. Well we'd propose the X-Men Evolution Theory. What we mean by this is that in the X-Men: Evolution cartoons, Mutants have been living among humans for millennia but in secret and in plain sight (unlike the comics, films and other cartoons where they are pubic knowledge). The idea is that most of the worlds mutant population are at a small and manageable number and are mostly affiliated with a group in secret (just like how Wakanda, Pym Tech and the Masters of the Mystic Arts have existed under the radar).

X-Men: Evolution Theory in the MCU

So what will these many faction be? Well the obvious one is Professor Charles Xavier aka Professor X and his X-Men in Westchester, New York at the Xavier School for Gifted Learning, with the younger students being the New Mutants.

We can imagine Ashkenazi Mutant Max Eisenhardt aka Magneto will already have his micro-island nation Genosha with his team of Acolytes finding Mutant refugees to take in for a peaceful life away from humanity.

Scottish scientist Moira MacTaggert will likely be working on Muir Island with many British Isles based mutants like Irish Sean Cassidy aka Banshee, Welsh Megan Gwynn aka Pixie, Scottish Rahne Sinclair aka Wolfsbane, English Elizabeth Braddock aka Psylocke along with her brother Brian Braddock aka Captain Britain and his Excalibur team.

British evil scientist Nathaniel Essex aka Mr Sinister will likely be working with his Marauders in secret to revive the Egyptian En Sabah Nur aka Apocalypse. As well as his order to massacre the Morlocks, Mutants who are unable to pass for humans so they live in the sewers with Callisto aka White Knight as their acting leader.

Raven Darkholme aka Mystique maybe running around with her own Brotherhood of Mutants as usual but maybe have them work as mercenaries or for government which they did at one point in the comic books as the "Freedom Force".

Emma Frost aka White Queen will likely run her own school in Massachusets called the Hellions much like the Generation X film, with them secretly funded by Sebastian Shaw aka Black King of the Hellfire Clubs' Inner Circle.

Forge could have his own Mutant Military Corps called X-Factor (no not the talent show) much like the comics and the classic cartoons.

Theres also the Canadian Mutant team Alpha Flight who James "Logan" Howlett aka Wolverine was apart of before he joined the X-Men. In fact it was this team he was associated with when he fought the Incredible Hulk and the Wendigo.

Speaking of Canada, Weapon Plus would likely exist with Deadpool being one of their many experiments and this would likely tie into Deadpool and the X-Force.

Finally we known there's gonna be some time travel and dimensional shenanigans with the Loki series and Dr Strange Multiverse of Madness, so we won't be surprised if we get the Exiles too.

Any of the remaining Mutants not associated with any of these groups are likely just hiding in plain sight or just on "the Index". The Index being a list mentioned in Agents of Shield as a secret collection of information on enhanced individuals. One notably unexplained example was Chan Ho Yin aka Scorch a Pyrokinetic human whose powers are natural, but we are never given an answer to his powers, was he a Mutant? an Inhuman? a Mutate like Donnie Gill, Spiderman and Hulk? Well we can assume any mutant who rejected to join the groups mentioned above likely ended up on Shield's Index as a secretly documented enhanced individual forced to keep their power a secret and not use them in public..

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