• Amir-Hamza

Rouge Origin Films Release Immortal 65 Trailer Starring Christian Howard as Ironfist

Have you been following the YouTube channel Rogue Origin films? well go and subscribe. From doing Fatal Fury to Cowboy Bebop to Street Fighter and now Marvel's Ironfist. Director Josh Mabie and his Rogue Origin crew are banging out fan films by the dozen. Now they've released the trailer for their upcoming Ironfist fan film Immortal 65 based upon the Orson Randall version of Ironfist. Check it out.

The short film will be releasing August the 13th 2021 and we know it will star Street Fighter actor Christian Howard as Orson Randall the Ironfist before Danny Rand. But unlike Finn Jones, Christian Howard actually knows Kung Fu (in fact Chinese martial arts were his first). Joining him will be his Street Fighter Co-Star Gaku Space as Junzo Muto, a Hand ninja from the marvel comics and Lee Chesley (aka B-Girl Miss Lee) will also be in the cast as one of the Crane Sisters.

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