• Amir-Hamza

Rogue Origin's Immortal 65 Does IronFist Justice

Shang-Chi has proven that Martial Arts superheroes can rock and that more ethnic minority leads would be perfect for the future of the superhero genre. Even more so casting an actor like Simu Liu who already has a martial arts background and can perform most of his stunts shows that action actors can play successful leads in Marvel projects. However marvel's other martial arts character Danny Rand aka the protector of Kun-Liun, the sworn enemy of the hand and the Immortal Ironfist (haven't heard that in a long time), was not so successful in the Netflix Series Ironfist. While it was already known that Finn Jones had no martial arts, stage combat or previous action orientated roles to speak of, it was recently revealed that Jones was not co-operative with the choreographers of the series making it quite clear as to why the fight scenes were so bad (along with the poor direction the plot went).

Well YouTube Channel Rogue Origin Films have recently released another short film. Finally they have released the much anticipated Immortal 65 directed by Josh Mabie starring Street Fighter star Christian Howard as Orson Randall the Iron Fist before Danny Rand. The film depicts him fighting the Crane Daughters (played by Lee Chesley, Pei Pei Alena Yuan and Chizuyo Maruyama) before being attacked by Junzo Muto (played by Street Fighter's Gaku Space) and his Hand Ninjas. The short get to show case the cast amazing martial arts talent along with the visual effects for the iconic Iron Fist as well as Junzo Muto's own mystical powers that seem to include energy absorption countering Orson Randall usage of chi. Check it out.

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