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Rogue Origin Films Releases Fan Film CowBoy Bebop: Midnight Rambler

Based in Los Angeles, California is a recently launched YouTube Channel Rogue Origin Films which specialises in high-octane Martial Arts content. You may remember them for a certain Fatal Fury fan film we've mention before.

Well director and choreographer Josh Mabie is back at it again with the channel's first anime inspired fan film Cowboy Bebop: Midnight Rambler. Lets check it out.

The short film focuses on life aboard the Bebop before the events of the anime series. Much like the semi-anthological nature of Cowboy Bebop, this short is a one-off that follows Spike as he tracks down a criminal with a hefty bounty that has stolen a batch of Red Eye from the Red Dragon Syndicate. Spike recognizes the bounty as one of his old training partners and decides this one is better handled alone. Fans of the series will recognize many iconic homages to different parts of the series and is a loveletter to the world that Watanabe created.

The short film stars Justice Van Cho as Spike Spiegal and Kristofer Gordon as Jet Black and is directed by Josh Mabie (The Hunger Games: A Message from District 13, Avatar the Last Airbender: Agni Kai) with Fight Choreography from Alfred Hsing (Ip Man 3, The Mouse Guard, Seal Team) and D.Y. Sao (The Fifth Hour of Night, Tokyo Ghoul).

When Van Cho was asked what it was like to bring Spike Spiegal to life: “He’s one of the most iconic characters in anime, so I did as much research as I could to portray him as accurately as possible.“

“As one of my favorite shows of all time, it was an honor to be able to bring these characters to life and was thrilling to build upon the world that Watanabe created.” Says Mabie.

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