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Riz Ahmed's 'The Long Goodbye' Short Film Shocks the Internet

'Four Lions', 'Star Wars' & 'Venom' actor dropped a short film about falling out of love with a country you no longer recognise, to accompany his new album 'The Long Goodbye'.

The 11-minute short film, directed by Aneil Karia (Topboy), follows the life of a British South Asian family as they prepare for a wedding, when suddenly a racist gang breaks into their home, drags them into the street and executes them. The family pleads for help as white neighbours look on in concern, but do not intervene and the Police let the racists carry on.

Through a combination of rap and spoken word at the end of the film, Ahmed describes the brutal reality for people of coluor living in a xenophobic post-Brexit Britain. A very artistic way of hitting a nerve!

"So many of us feel like we're being dumped by the place we call home, a home that we built. This album takes you on the journey of this breakup; through the stages of denial, anger, acceptance, and finally self-love to counter the hate."

-Riz Ahmed

The Long Journey immediately began to go viral and left viewers feeling nervous, awoken & lost in thought. This is definitely one for the ages.

The short film also features a couple familiar faces, such as 'Aladdin', 'Marvel's Eternals' & 'Corner Shop: Thank You, Come Again's actress Nikkita Chadha

and 'Murdered By My Father', 'Black Mirror' & 'Hounslow Girls' talented Actress & Writer Ambreen Razia

You can watch this epic short film below and download Riz Ahmed's new album on all streaming platforms

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