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Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City Releases It's First Trailer

People may have been scratching there heads about the new resident evil reboot film. Whether its the casting choices, the characters present, the characters absent (like seriously Where's Barry). But it seems that looking at the latest trailer, Resident Evil: Welcome To Raccoon City is mostly mixing a bit of Resident 1 and Resident 2. Whilst many fans believe the second and third game being merged into single film makes sense (due to both happening at the same time). This film looks to be having the events of the first game and second game leading up to each other directly. Now without further ado, lets check out the trailer.

  • As we see the quick flashes of clips, we get what looks like Claire and Leon gearing up to go, a look a the iconic zombie turning his head and of course the release date 24th of November 2021. Following this is Leon and Claire preparing to run from the Licker as the title screen pops up for the films name.

  • The trailer starts of with British Brazilian Kaya Scodelario's Claire Redfield driving into Raccoon City on her motorbike, but unlike the RE2 games. She appears to arrive early enough to visit her brother Chris Redfield (Played by the Canadian Robbie Amell) before the outbreak starts in Spencer Mansion

  • This versions of Claire appears to be a conspiracy theorist to correctly believes that Umbrella is an evil organisation despite her brother Chris doubting her. Through this we see through a recording of Ben Bertolucci (Portrayed by Canadian actor Josh Cruddas).

  • In the game Ben Bertolucci is a free lance journalist who starts to investigate Umbrella's shady dealing and the mysterious deaths in the Arklay Mountians only to be arrested any Chief Irons (under Umbrela's pay roll of course). Here he appears to be the one to inform Claire of the situation whilst in the games he typically meets Leon or Claire during the outbreak.

Josh Cruddas as Ben Bertolucci and compared to the different version from the games
  • As Ben voices his fears over the recording we get the glimpses of Irish American Neal McDonough as Dr William Birkin, British Nigerian/Norweigian Hannah John Kamen as Jill Valentine (who is traditionally Japanese/French American)

  • British Tom Hopper as Albert Wesker without his sunglasses? and we see what appears to be Marina Mazepa as Lisa Trevor going shhhh

  • The trailer also gives us a brief shot of Canadian Anglo-Indian actor Alan Jogia as Leon Scott Kennedy along with recreation of the truck crash outside Raccoon City Police Department.

  • American Actor Donal Logue appears as Chief Irons just before he gets attacked by a Zombie Dog in the Police Department Car Park. It is yet to be determined if he is under umbrella payroll in this version.

is that Marina Mazepa as Lisa Trevor?

  • As the music kicks in playing a dark variation of What's up by 4 non blondes or better known as the "HEY YAY YAY YEAH YEAH I SAID HEY.... WHAT'S GOING ON!"

  • We see Leon and Claire gearing up with he iconic bulletproof vest from the lockers in the game.

  • The S.T.A.R.S Team appears to feature Wesker, Jill, Chris and possibly Richard Aiken (Chad Rook) heading to Spencer Mansion in a helicopter presumably driven by Brad Vickers (Nathan Dales)

  • We then get multiple cuts of William Birkin experiementing on what is likely Lisa Trevor and possibly her mother as well as a quick shot of Sherry Birkin (Holly De Barros). We even see a file named "Project Lisa Trevor"

  • We see the trailer lead to the STARS team investigating the Mansion and unsurprisingly Wesker informs the team to split up... I wonder why

  • Jill and Wesker seem to go off together instead of having Barry Burton around. Jill warns Wesker of the incoming helicopter which famously crashes through the police station. Here it seems to be the helicopter piloted by Brad Vickers might be meeting it's end crashing through the Mansion instead. In the Games, Brad actually returns to rescue the STARS team from the mansion and actually dies at the hands of Nemesis during the outbreak.

  • We see the iconic head turning zombie (played by Matthew MacCallum) as Chris and Richard look on in shock

  • As the trailer cuts to multiple clips of zombies fighting with the protagonists, we get a quick glimpse of what we believe is William Birkin mutated into a Golgotha Tyant from the G-Virus and finally Leon and Claire running from the Licker as Leon screams: "RUN".

Is that the Golgotha Tyrant?

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