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Resident Evil Film Reboot Who's Who

Jill Valentine and Claire Redfield

It's official. The Zombie Survival Horror video game franchise is being rebooted and this time around there's no Alice in sight. No Milla Jovovich to steal the spotlight from the game characters. No, this time we might be getting a Resident Evil film series that focuses on the popular characters from the games and portraying them accurately rather than sidelining them in favour of an original character. Video Game films and TV series have been on the rise since Street Fighter: Legacy started off the trend and with Sonic the Hedgehog and Detective Pikachu being big hits. Its no surprise we are getting more video game movies. So lets take a look at the cast announced so far for the Resident Evil film and how they compare to their game counterparts. Hopefully this film will live up to the fans expectations this time around.

Robbie Amell

Robbie Amell cast as Chris Redfield

Age: 32

Height: 6'

Nationality: Canadian

Ethnicity: English, Scottish, German, Irish, French, Welsh and Dutch

Skills: Fitness, Callisthenics, Parkour, Muay Thai, Breakdancing

Family: Cousin of Arrow actor Stephen Amell. Husband of actress Italia Ricci,

Trivia: His Surname Amell originates from the French Hamel

Role: Chris Redfield

The leading man of Resident Evil, Chris Redfield will be taking a more prominent role portrayed by Canadian actor Robbie Amell. Chris was an American former soldier that works for the S.T.A.R.S unit in the first resident evil games. He would go on to be a playable protagonist of future games from Resident Evil: Revelations, Resident Evil 5, Resident Evil 6, Resident Evil 7 and will be appearing in the upcoming game Resident Evil 8. He is a serious no nonsensical soldier who devotes his life to fighting bio terrorism and gains some serious muscle mass before the 5th game with enough strength to punch a boulder into submission. So naturally a muscular 6' tall Robbie Amell would embody the role perfectly well. Amell is best known for his roles as Max in Life with Derek, Fred in the Scooby Doo films, Stephen Jameson in the Tomorrow People and Ronnie Raymond aka Firestorm/Deathstorm in CW The Flash alongside his cousin Stephen Amell who plays the Green Arrow. He matches Chris Redfield to a tee and will likely get more screen time than Wentworth Miller did previously. Amell's interest in May Thai and Parkour will likely serve him well in the role and due to his competitive side with his cousin, he will not disappoint in Chris' fisticuff style.

Notice the end of this video is technically Chris Redfield (Wentworth Miller as Captain Cold) getting knocked out by Chris Redfield (Robbie Amell as Firestorm).

Hannah John-Kamen

Hannah John-Kamen cast as Jill Valentine

Age: 31

Height: 5'6"

Nationality: British

Ethnicity: Nigerian, Norwegian

Skills: Ballet, Cabaret, Jazz, Salsa and Tap Dancing, Pianist

Family: Father is a Forensic Psychologist. Mother is a former Fashion model

Trivia: Has Blueish eyes

Role: Jill Valentine

Interesting change for leading lady Jill Valentine. Being the main female of Resident Evil 1, Resident Evil 3, Resident Evil Revelations and making her latest playable appearance in Resident Evil 5. Jill has been a legendary female lead in the video game genre. Known for being the master of lockpicking and Nemesis favourite prey, Jill had proven her mettle as one the franchises best leads and one of the few heroic characters will infected with powers as seen in Resident Evil 5. Little side trivia is that Jill is half French half Japanese something that flies over the heads of many fans, her previous actress Sienna Guillory was a quarter asian (tho she was part Turkish not Japanese) this time around it seems they have competely missed the opportunity to cast a Eurasian actress in favour of half Nigerian half Norweigian Hannah John-Kamen. Hannah is best known for her Yalena "Dutch" Yareen in Killjoys, Ornela in Game of Thrones, Ava Starr aka Ghost in the MCU film Atman and The Wasp, was the titular character of Netflix series the Stranger and had made two separate appearances in Black Mirror as Selma in Fifteen Million Merits and Sonja in Play Test. Her experience in a variety of roles will likely play to her advantage and assuming her dance experience helped with the action scenes for Ava Starr, she will likely adapt well for Jill's martial arts ability for the films. While it maybe strange an Asian character has been cast as African (not the first time Hollywood does this). Hannah John-Kamen coincidently has the blueish eyes much like Jill Valentine does so in the games despite both the actress and character being mixed.

Tom Hopper

Tom Hopper cast as Albert Wesker

Age: 35

Height: 6'4"

Nationality: British

Ethnicity: English

Skills: Rugby, Golf, Martial Arts (Unspecified)

Family: Married to actress Laura Higgins

Trivia: Wore a muscle suit for Luther Hargreeves despite already building it naturally

Role: Albert Wesker

The Big Bad of the resident evil franchise and it's most charismatic and bad ass villain. Appearing as the leader of the S.T.A.R.S unit for Resident Evil, he was revealed to be a double agent working for umbrella corps and in the prequel Resident Evil Zero elaborates his involvement in the outbreak. Being a the perfect chess master as well as a certified bad ass. Wesker would continue to make appearances or cameos as a the villain in from Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3 being mentioned and being a playable villain in Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 5. Albert is one of the few Resident Evil villains who didn't turn into a giant mess of spiky bones, muscle and tentacles, instead he develop incredible levels of super human speed, strength, healing and some deadly red eyes making him Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine's toughest recurring villain. British actor Tom Hopper will bring this character to life, standing at a towering 6'4" (even taller than Wesker's game height of 6' -6'3") he will be a huge presence among the cast. Tom Hopper is best known for roles like Sir Percival in Merlin, Billy Bones in Black Sails, Dickon Tarly in Game of Thrones, William Hadrell in Terminator Dark Fate and Luther Hargreeves in Umbreller Academy. What a coincidence that he goes from Umbrella Academy to an agent and evil biologist working for Umbrella corporations. His experience for the role of Luther Hargreeves will have similarities to Wesker all except personality. Luther being a big hearted hero that'll protect anyone and is loyal to his father figure, Wesker would throw the whole world into a global saturated pandemic to force evolve humankind and even murdered his mentor/father figure Oswell Spencer when he found out his origins.

Avan Jogia

Avan Jogia cast as Leon S.Kennedy

Age: 28

Height: 5'10"

Nationality: British Canadian (dual nationality)

Ethnicity: half Gujurati Indian half English, German and Welsh

Skills: Guitarist, Pianist, Accordionist, Singer, Knows some French and Gujurati. Football.

Family: Brother Ketan Jogia is a music producer.

Trivia: Has Dyslexia

Role: Leon Scott Kennedy

The Long haired pretty boy of resident evil. The Slim ladies man to Chris Redfield hunky muscleman. Leon Scott Kennedy first debuted in the Resident Evil games second instalment Resident Evil 2, he would be the protagonist of Resident Evil 4 and reappear in Resident Evil 6. Known for being a witty and cool headed in even the most dire situations Leon is definitely an ally to have in your ranks. It seems that Leon much like Jill is also getting a change now portrayed by Avan Jogia who is of half Indian origin. This is also unexpected as it seems though Avan Jogia is best known for his pretty boy looks and long hair. His roles include pretty boy Beck Oliver in Victorious, the young King Tutankhamen in Tut, Bad boy Dany Desai in Twisted, Roman Mercer in Ghost Wars and pacifist hippie Berkely in Zombie Land: Double Tap. Interestingly his role in Zombie Land will not be the best comparison to Leon despite the zombie genre. Its more likely his other roles like Danny Desai and Roman Mercer may play better into this role as a more serious action orientated character. He will be the first South Asian male actor and technically character in the Resident Evil franchise as a whole though its not likely it will be referenced much like other mixed characters in the franchise (Eursians Jill Valentine and Jessica Sherawat for example). Avan Jogia at least fits the build and demeanour of Leon though whilst Leon in recent years has been more of a Blond-Brunet guy, Avan will likely be a more Dark and Handsome with his dashing hair as usual. Its unknown if Avan has any decent action experience for the role of Leon (aside from his roles Danny Desai) but Avan Jogia could be more adaptable than we think.

Kaya Scoderlario

Kaya Scodelario cast as Claire Redfield

Age: 28

Height: 5'6"

Nationality: British Brazilian

Ethnicity: English, Italian, Portuguese

Skills: fluent in Portuguese knows some Italian

Family: Married to actor Benjamin Walker. Skins Co-Star Daniel Kayuula is God Father to her son

Trivia: has Dyslexia

Role: Claire Redfield

The younger sister of Chris Redfield, she made her debut in Resident Evil 2 forming an alliance with Leon while searching for her Brother and befriending future protagonist Sherry Birkin. Claire was trained by her brother to be tough and handle herself with her fists or with guns. Either way it worked out for her to survive the Raccoon City outbreak. She has been playable in Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles and Darkside Chronicles, Resident Evil Revelations 2 and was playable in Mercenary Mode for Resident Evil 5. Being as tough as she is, actress Kaya Scodelario will likely do well for the character of Claire. Some of her earliest roles included Tasha in British Gang film Shank, Iffy Stonem in Skins, Teresa in the Maze Runner franchise and Kat Baker in Spinning Out. She is no stranger to survival or action roles as Shank and Mazerunner hd her portray characters in a fight scene and survival scenes. So its very likely Kaya will have no problem embodying the role of Claire. Her co-star Dylan O'Brien has had his fair share of martial arts training specifically Jujutsu so she does have him to call on for physical prep on the role.

Neal McDonough

Neal McDonough cast as William Birkin

Age: 54

Height: 6'

Nationality: American

Ethnicity: Irish

Skills: N/A

Family: Married to Model Ruve Robertson

Trivia: Is devout Catholic, refused to do kiss or sex scenes because of it.

Role: William Birkin

Husband of Annette and Father of Sherry Birkin. Alongside his friend and colleague Albert Wesker, William Birkin was a scientist at Umbrella who under the command of Oswell Spencer, attempted assassination of James Marcus (another scientist) to steal his research. However when Marcus tried to exact revenge it lead to the outbreak with Wesker deciding to use the opportunity to collect data. Marcus tried to take his Golgatha virus sample. Only to get attacked by the HUNK unit, leading him to infect himself with the virus. He spends most of the second game in his mutate "G" form pursuing Claire Redfield and his daughter Sherry Birkin. Despite his mutations, Claire had to put him down tho not before he implanted a G-Embryo into his daughter Sherry. luckily his daughter was cured via vaccine of his and his Wife Annette's doing, this lead to Sherry developing superhuman abilities most notably a healing factor. We can imagine that Neal McDonough will excel at this role due to his long list of credits ranging from Lt.Hawk in Star Trek: First Contact, Lynn D. (Buck) Compton in Band of Brothers, David McNorris in Boomtown, Stephen Connor in Medical Investigation, Jack Freed in Traveller, M.Bison in Street Fighter: legend of Chun-Li (We'd rather forget that one tbh) and Major Bennington in Sonic the Hedgehog. But that's not including his long list of super hero related roles like Damian Dark in CW Arrowverse (a magic villain with a redeemable love for his daughter interesting), Dum Dum Dugan in the MCU franchise, he voiced firebrand in the Ironman cartoons, Dr Bruce Banner in The Incredible Hulk cartoons, Green Arrow in several DC Animated films, voiced Barry Allen and Damian Wayne in Injustice and finally Deadshot in Batman: Assault on Arkham. So yeah we can expect his experience to pay off for William Birkin.

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