Resident Evil 8: VIllage Provides Us With New Details, Gameplay and Characters

Resident Evil fans are excited for many reasons. The upcoming live action Resident Evil 2021 reboot film, the upcoming CG film Resident Evil Infinite Darkness with Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield as the leads and also Resident Evil 8: VIllage. The RE8 game has released new information on what will be in the game and a new demo called Maiden set within the events of the game. Lets take a look at the 3rd trailer.

From what it looks like Ethan and Mia Winters have relocated somewhere in Eastern Europe following the events of Resident EvIl 7. Chris Redfield along with Blue Umbrella corps (who helped rescue the couple) break into the house and seemingly kills Mia and kidnaps their new born daughter Rosemary Winters. Some fans have speculated that Chris Redfield may have been infected by Albert Wesker back in Resident Evil 5 and was slowly losing control since then. RE6 Chris gets temporary amnesia, RE7 he is working with Blue Umbrella and has a specialised gun named after Albert himself (irony? or Wesker's vanity is creeping through Chris) and here in RE8 Chris no longer wearing his signature military Green and Greys. Now he is in all black with a large coat just like Wesker. But that's just a theory. A GAME THEORY

After looking at the Maiden demo and reading some information on the game. What we have found is that Ethan Winters is in fact the protagonist in the game though Maiden revolves around an unnamed Maiden.... trying to escape the castle. Ethan seems to retain some minor enhancements from the Mould infection in the previous game such as enhance resilience, healing and strength as seen this time around he can block enemies and kick them off him to counter attack. The RE4 merchant will not be appearing in this game as fans have thought but there will be a similar character in the form of "The Duke" a ridiculously giant and obese man who is happy to sell weapons to Ethan and will be in strange situations when Ethan encounters him. The main villain appears to be Lady Alcina Dimitrescu an alarmingly tall countess of the castle with vampiric power, lady deathstrike claws and towering height of 7 feet tall. She appears to be in league with a mysterious Mother Miranda and has a brother called Heisenberg (Breaking Bad? Breaking Evil anyone?). Aside from her, there will be zombie revenants, werewolves and her three daughters pursuing Ethan one of which is Daniela who appears to be able to shapeshifter into a swarm of flesh eating flies and is very very thirsty for you. Finally there's a man in a hat and glasses with apparent telekinesis, possibly Heisenberg.

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