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Ramy Youssef Wins Golden Globe, Proudly Says "Allahu Akbar" (God is Great)

Taking home Best Actor in Comedy Series for Hulu's 'Ramy', he made all Muslims proud as he walked past fellow nominees Paul Rudd & Ben Platt, taking the stage to humbly thank God in both Arabic & English.

Why is this small detail such a big deal? The phrase “Allahu akbar” is a regular one for Muslims all over the world. Said in their daily prayers, when Mohamed Salah scores a goal, at weddings and funerals. It’s as common as “Thank God” and as complex as “Aloha.” Youssef proudly using the phrase in such a casual way in his fancy suit standing next to Witherspoon and Aniston & translating it at the same time whilst the Media negatively portrays the phrase “Allahu akbar” as a threatening war cry. What a way to highlight your identity on one of the biggest stages in Hollywood!

"It’s a really specific story about one Egyptian family in North Jersey," Youssef told reporters backstage. "Sometimes, in this specific industry, networks feel like they need to sell something like toothpaste. So getting something like this shows you can really relate to people with something that feels really granular. Symbolically, I hope this allows people to make more stories."

He also jokingly added: "My mom, also, by the way, was rooting for Michael Douglas,"

Youssef's win also marks Hulu's first Golden Globe for a comedy actor in a television series!

Ramy, which premiered on the streaming service last spring, follows a Muslim-American millennial living with his family in New Jersey where his Egyptian immigrant parents grew up.. You can watch the trailer below!

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