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OUR TOP 10 YOUTUBE SERIES (in no favouritism order whatsoever!)

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

Once Upon a Web Series, The CS Network started off from the "Corner Shop Show." As we are coming to the series finale with "Corner Shop: Thank You, Come Again" we've decided to dedicate this post to recommend some other series you can binge watch to soften the heart ache of our departure!

#1 Diary of a Badman

Humza Arshad as Badman

Channel: Humza Productions

Director: Humza Arshad

As you guys may have heard, the Corner Shop Show is in the same universe as the Badman franchise, as confirmed by one of our previous articles. Humza Arshad started on YouTube with "Chronicles of Tuttoo" and his latest projects have included Coconut, Badman and Bubblegum. However his talent really shines through with his series Diary of a Badman. The series can be described as a comedy centred on the video dairy on Humza's character being a wannabe badman whose life somewhat embodies the stereotypes surrounding a young working class Asian Muslim lad with a very bad habit of being dimwitted, disrespectful and always running into trouble. However each episode ends with a proverb of sorts., usually an Islamic one for Humza's character and the audience to reflect on.

#2 Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist

Christian Howard as Ken and Mike Moh as Ryu

Channel: Machinima (Now removed but available on Blu-Ray and DVD)

Director: Joey Ansah

Many Street Fighter fans and FGC members will remember this series to heart. As street fighter has had two previous live action renditions. Both were not considered to be faithful or good renditions of the game series. This is where Street Fighter Assassin's Fist shines. British martial art actor Joey Ansah created this series to finally prove how videogame adaptations can be successful. The series focuses on the origin of street fighter Villain Akuma/Goki and his brother Goken training under Gotetsu in the 1960s whilst also portraying a parallel story set in the 1980s with Ryu and Ken training under the present day older Goken. This series perfectly encaptures both the martial arts technique and fantasy elements of the game characters through the actors mostly through practical effects and the actors own martial arts ability. Bringing it into the live action world so beautifully that videogame fans began to see videogame adaptions to be a true possibility for other series.

#3 Nightwing series

Noel Schefflin as Red Hood. Danny Shepherd as Nightwing. Bob Lee Dysinger as Deathstroke.

Channel: Ismahawk

Director: Danny Shepherd

While its no surprise that there is abundance of DC super hero TV series with Arrowverse, Titanverse and Gotham. It would be hard to beleive that Iranian-American YouTuber/actor and martial artist Danny Shepherd could create a Webseries centred on Nightwing and become a fan favourite to actually reprise the role in some other format like when Titans was announced. The series focuses on Dick Grayson over a 5 episode format in which includes fan favourite characters like Barbara Gordon, Bruce Wayne, Jason Todd, Joker and Slade Wilson. Before Brendon Thwaites takes up the mantle in Titans S2. Danny did it before him with a smaller budget and we here at CS Network would like to applaud him on his hard work. He has since done other super hero shorts like one minute match ups and reprised his role as Quicksilver in "Heroes with Issues" and "Nightwing vs Daredevil" in DEATH BATTLE.

#4 Flat 3

Ally Xue, Perlina Lau and JJ Fong

Channel: Flat3 Productions

Directors: Roseanne Liang

Directed by Chinese-New Zealander director Roseanne Liang. "Flat 3" is an interesting comedy centred around three 'Chinese - New Zealander' girls with different personalities but are the bestest of friends. Starring Ally Xue as the sweet well mannered middle girl Lee, J.J Fong as the ambitious yet somewhat promiscuous aspiring actress Jessica and finally Perlina Lau as the sardonic and occasionally rude Perlina. The series covers a lot of topic regarding stereotype both in New Zealander cultures and media whilst acknowledging other community outside of the Chinese such as other Asians and Oceanic communities living in Auckland. If you enjoy Corner Shop show, then Flat 3 is definitely up your street and you may see plenty of familiar faces from any of the Power Rangers series that was filmed in New Zealand too.

#5 Smokeys Barbers

Humza Arshad, Adot, David Vujanic and Jazzie Zonzolo all in one shot.

Channel: Makers TV

Directors: Jazzie Zonzolo

If you loved Diary of a Badman, then you'll love Smokey's Barbers. Also part of the Corner Shop Show and Badman extended YouTube universe, This short and hilarious comedy series reunites Humza Arshad and Jazzie Zonzolo and teams them up with David Vujanic and Adot. Adot plays a hilariously strong accented Nigerian immigrant who owns the Smokeys Barber. Jazzie plays a barber shop employee and David plays a Polish migrant worker with apparently a surplus of side jobs and no love for his barber skills. Humza joins them as Jazzie's unemployed friend. They get into all kinds of antics including an accidental murder in one episode, a visit from Jazzie's questionable family members in several others and plenty of guest appearances including Waterloo Road and Scream Queens actor Lucien Laviscount (just to name one but not too many).

#6 Mortal Kombat Legacy

Channel: Beyond the Lot

Director: Warner Bros

With the release of Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist. Its probably no surprise that Warner Bros and Neatherealm studios decided to make their own web series on one of Street Fighter's biggest rivals, the Mortal Kombat franchise. Before James Wans Mortal Kombat movie, fans were treated to a two Season web series starring a diverse cast of martial art stars such as African American Michael Jai White, Americans Matt Mullins, Eric Jacobus, Asian Americans Michelle Lee, Mark Dacascos, Brian Tee, Dan Southworth Asian Canadians Samantha Jo, Peter Shinkoda and the late British Asian Darren Shahlavi (R.I.P). Whilst its second season was not as impressive as the first. It is certainly worth a watch in the build up to the upcoming reboot movie by Wan.

#7 Classified Freaks

Channel: Classified Freaks

Director: Shuhel Ahmed

Classified Freaks is a short lived YouTube series directed by Shuhel Ahmed. While he may have put the series on hiatus after its second episode. The series appears to focus on random individuals with super powers ranging from super speed, to pyrokenisis (fire) to telepathy (psychic) and more being hunted by a mysterious government organisation. This story had the potential to be a British comedy equivalent to American series such as Heroes and the Gifted. Despite being it being a YouTube series with no budget, Shuhel and the team have a unique opportunity to showcase some of their visual effect talents.

#8 Assist Me

Matt Simmons as Marvels Dr.Doom. Max Christandersen as Himself. Spif Zaya as Jill Valentine and Mike Young as Albert Wesker from Capcom's Resident Evil

Channel: Maximilian Dood

Director: Maximilian Christandersen

Ever played a Marvel vs Capcom game? Well this series is a literal tutorial of Marvel vs Capcom 3 mixed in with comedy/parody portrayal of several Marvel and Capcom characters most notably Matt Simmons as a lazy selfish freeloader version of Dr. Doom and Mike Young as Resident Evil's Albert Wesker. Max portrays a version of his own self trying to teach his audience how to effectively play a character of the game whilst said character usually invades his home for some sitcom hilarious antics, much to his annoyance. This series is full of many geeky inside jokes only Marvel or Capcom or Videogame fans would understand but is worth a watch for anyone down for light heart sitcom.

#9 GameShop

Channel: IGN Start

Director: Andrew Secunda

Starring Coltun Dunn as Derrick, Jordan Morris as Terry, Brea Grant as Chloe, Barak Hardley as Igor and Andrew Secunda as Sebastian. This comedy web series plays a similar structure to Smokeys Barbers and Corner Shop Show in that it features employees working at a video game shop with hilarious interactions and events involving new customers. You may recognise Brea Grant from the popular 'Heroes' series. If you're into your geek comedy - this is the series for you!

#10 Cobra Kai

Channel: Cobra Kai

Directors: Various (Produced by Ralph Macchio and William Zabka)

Ralph Macchio and William Zabka returns to the Karate Kid franchise in web series Cobra Kai. Where the two actors most Iconic roles as Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence respectively, reignite their rivalry in through their new dojos. 'Cobra Kai' features our nostalgic returning characters as well as new faces to carry the franchise.

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