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Nora Fatehi Becomes First African Arab Female Singer to Exceed 1 Billion Views on YouTube

Anyone who is a Bollywood fan may have heard of Nora Fatehi. A Moroccan Canadian singer, dancer and actress who almost exclusively works in the Indian film industry from Hindi, Malayalam, Telugu and Tamil films. She has even stated she is "Indian at heart". However she is still a proud Moroc girl and it is highlighted in some of her musical performances most notably Dilbar.

The Original Hindi language version star Fatehi with John Abraham in a very Meghrabi/North African inspired Arabic setting. The song has recently exceed 1 billion views making Nora Fatehi the first Female Artist of North African Arab/Maghrebi Arab origin to reach that number. However she was not done with just one. Nora Fatehi teamed up with the Moroccan hip hop trio Fnaire to create the Moroccan Arabic remix of Dilbar, whilst retaining the Hindi chorus and some French thrown in for good measure. Unlike the original version that used Hindi lyrics with an Arabic setting, this Arabic remix features a mostly Indian/Desi setting with Arabic or Dariza (a name given to the Moroccan Arabic dialect) lyrics. Check it out down here.

Looking at this maybe we should cover what creatives of South Asian and Arabic origins can come up with when they come together. Who knows what we find.

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