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New Series 'Test My Slanguage' Announced on The CS Network

Pitting two influencers / creatives of different ethnic backgrounds to test their knowledge on slang in their Mother tongue!

The series was announced a lot earlier than planned, to share some positive energy and laughs amongst the Covid-19 chaos. Whilst everyone is self-isolating at home this is something to bring some light hearted fun to your screens starting this Sunday at 6pm!

The idea came about from how diverse the cast of Corner Shop were, and how diverse the CS Network group are.

The older we get, how much of our roots are we forgetting?

How well do the younger generation know their mother tongue?

Can we inspire them to want to learn?

Test My Slanguage will definitely spark the fire in your ethnic bones! We can expect a lot of banter, words we've never heard before & will feature a lot of new and familiar faces in the entertainment industry!

Watch the trailer below!

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