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New Mutants Release New Stills to Reveal Villains and Powers.

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

Despite set on going set backs, Fox's final X-men film New Mutants has released new stills from the films showcasing the powers of Dr.Cecilia Reyes, Mirage and Magik taking on Demon Bear along with the creepy villains and the dimension of Limbo. Lets try to cover what we can find out or interpret from these images.

Alice Braga as Dr Cecilia Reyes using her Force-fields to trap the New Mutants

From what we can see here, it looks like Dr Cecilia Reyes (Portrayed by Alice Braga) is using her comic book counter parts signature Force fields to trap the New Mutant teens to possibly restrain them or maybe they are forced to be in the facility.

Beware the Smiley Men

Looks like a tattooed Slender man with a snake mouth and piranha teeth. So what is that thing? Well no one knows, but form what we can find out. The "Smileymen" (yes there's more than one) will run around terrorising the New Mutants through out the facility. What are they based on? Initially the first trailer of the New Mutants showed a normal man in a Smiley Faced mask which led to fans to believe that the Anti-Mutant villain team called the Right will show up. In the comics the right are one of Cameron Hodges team of Mutant hunters (basically the purifiers but with a new name). One thing that was noticeable about them is their habit of having smiley faces on their masks and helmets. Much like the ones here.

Smiley Masks from the first trailer

(Above)Here we have a still from the first New Mutants trailer of what possibly maybe a member of the Right wearing the Smiley Face Mask to hide their face. With no confirmation of Cameron Hodge being in the films. It is likely Reverance Sinclair (Wolfsbane's Father) will take the role as the Leader of the Right.

The Anti-Mutant team the Right with their creepy smiley faces on their armour

(Above) The Right from the comics also use the creepy Smiley faces on their helmets but seem to be using Ironman like armours. This may not be the case for the film. But one theory we are going by is that the Right will invade the facility with the intention of killing the Mutants but may possibly be possessed by Demon Bear or the demons of Limbo. Thus they will be transformed into the horrifying eyeless piranha toothed Smiley Men we see in the photos. Speaking of Demon Bear.

Demon Bear terrorising Danielle Moonstar

It is confirmed that the main villain is Demon Bear who was notorious for terrorising the New Mutants during the DemonBear Saga. He has a particular interest in Danielle Moonstar aka Mirage (portrayed by Blu Hunt) as he allegedly devoured her parents and wants to devour her and her friends next. Yikes monster under the bed kinda story much? The character of Danielle gives us one of the few Native American Superheroes to appear in live action alongside Booboo Stewart as James Proudstar aka Warpath from X-Men: Days of Future Past and Blair Redford as John Proudstar aka Thunderbird in the Fox series Gifted.

Magik vs Demon Bear using her Soul Sword

Here we have Demon Bear seemingly fighting with Illyana Rasputina aka Magik. Magik seems to be wielding the same Soul Sword she uses in the comics and is likely going to have a part in understanding the demons and their world.

Demon Bear vs Magik and Lockheed in Limbo

This final photo of Demon Bear appears to be taking place in Limbo the demon realm. What noticeable in that not only Magik is fighting Demon Bear, she is not alone. many sharp eyed fans have spotted above Demon Bear's right eye is the dragon Lockheed from the X-Men comics. In the comics Lockheed is the X-Men's pet dragon that was notably owned by Kitty Pryde aka Shadowcat (Portrayed by Ellen Page in X-Men 3 and X-Men Days of Future Past). Here its seems to be Illyana's pet and likely native to the Limbo dimension.

Anya Taylor Joy as Illyana Rasputina aka Magik

Here we have Illyana Rasputina aka Magik (portrayed by Anya Taylor Joy), opening a gateway to hell. well... a portal to Limbo. She has the soul sword in hand and will likely meet her dragon Lockheed there. In the X-Men comic Magik had started off has Colossus's baby sister that the X-men all adored. One day however she was trapped in Limbo and by the time she was able to return to earth she was a teenager/young adult with a now darker personality and powers to match. She now can use dark magic, control lesser demons and open portals. It is noted in the New Mutants trailer that Magik seems to be remorseless for a multiple of murders she committed indicating that she play a part in the demons invading the facility.

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