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New Character Ideas for King of Fighters 15

As we know there was news about Sega working on Virtua Fighter 6 for next generations games. We did an article on new ideas they could explore for this next instalment. Well SNK is also at it with their new trailers for King of Fighters 15. So of course we want to have our say in what new characters they could introduce and what new nationalities, martial arts and character types they could introduce. technically KOF is a crossover game of SNK's fighting games (mostly Fatal Fury, Art of Fighting and Samurai Showdown) but we will mention ideas that could reference unused characters that could easily be put into KOF15. Let check out the trailer first.

So lets take a look at what ideas we could have introduced to KOF15.

Kenyan Karate Kickboxer

Hailing form SNK's Fighter's History series is Zazie Muhaba. A Kenyan Karate Kickboxer who also spends his free time as a Nature Preserve activist. He is vocal about the protection of wildlife and is the chairman of the African Nature Protection Society. Since KOF doesn't have a lot of African character (Kukri is North African), they should definitely consider adding one. Whilst Kenya is probably the second most represented African country in a fighting game, KOF does not have one yet and Zazie would be a welcome addition. His move set would not be hard as they'd just have to repurpose his style from Fighter's History. Maybe add some influences from Kenyan American martial artist Khalil Maasi.

Giant Indian Kushti Wrestler

Another character from another SNK game, Abubo Rao from Rage of the Dragons is a gigantic Indian wrestler. Most likely of Punjabi origin. KOF is not alien to any giant or oversized grappler types so Abubo Rao would be a great fit if they want a character who can represent a South Asian country and is also a grappler. He would definitely remind a load of Street Fighter fans of the likes of Hugo, Abigail and Darun Mister. Since KOF and Street Fighter have been long term rivals, the addition of Abubo Rao could be the type of character SNK fans want to fit the build of a giant wrestler type and be considered for a dream match up for any future Capcom vs SNK games. He would also represent the wrestling styles of India like Kushti, Pelhwani, Malakhra, etc.

Irish Exorcist Boxer

If we can have Abubo Rao as a potential character. Then why not Elias Patrick, an Irish exorcist who also happens to be a boxer and bodybuilder. Ireland may already have two representative in KOF by Oswald and Krizalid. But they are still a rarity in Fighting Games outside of them and Tekken's Williams sisters. Elias Patrick could easily be reimagined with his same exorcist and boxing motif but add in some fighting Irish Conor McGregor flair in there to his grapples and kicks just for the fans.

Pakistani Sqay Swords Woman

Art of Fighting had a female swords woman name Sinclair. Despite the Irish name, Sinclair was stated to be "Middle Eastern" and according to TV Tropes, her sword style is based on the martial art called Sqay. Since Sqay is from Kashmir and the "Greater Middle East" would extend to Pakistan (at least in most definitions). Sinclaire could be added into the New KOF game as a Pakistani Sqay fighter. They could even use British Asian martial artist Ayesha Hussain who we mention on one of our articles on Women in Martial Arts as a real life reference. Ayesha Hussain being a British Asian martial artist of specifically Qatari, Pakistani and Indian origins. She is skilled in knife throwing, sword fighting and whips which could all be implemented into Sinclair's new style and whilst sqay typically uses a Sword and shield combo. Her sword can be based off the South Asian Urumi a sword whip not unlike that of Ivy Valentine of Soul Calibur. Not only would this reintroduce a new country and nationality to KOF, it could be added to Samurai Showdown and be used as a rival to Soul Calibur characters or to the new Pakistani character Namco's Tekken intends to add in their next game.

Dutch Wrestler

The Dutch are known to be large people in fact they are typically one fo the countries to have the highest average height in the world. With an average height of nearly 5'8" (men and women) or almost 6' if just averaging the men and 5'6" for the average dutch woman. So where are we going with this? well SNK had a massive 2 metres tall wrestler from the Neatherlands called Patrick Van Heyting. Theres no Dutch characters in KOF and as we are aware no Buriki One representative for the KOF games so SNK could tie in another fighting game of there's to the King of Fighters franchise with Patrick Van Heyting. Maybe even update the character by basing him off the character played by Dutch bodybuilder Olivier Richters who will be appearing in the upcoming MCU film Black Widow, as well as made appearances as Jaws in the James Bond films and will be in the British TV series Gangs of London as a to be announced character.

Portuguese Samurai Warrior Nun

Ok, this may sound random af. But hear us out. KOF is incredibly popular among the Latin American fighting game community due to the franchise having a large number and variety of Latin American fighters with diverse ethnic appearances and fighting styles. So naturally they could extend their fan base to countries with shared languages. Portuguese is spoken in Brazil and in Portugal (though there re differences), but adding in a Portuguese character could tie the two countries fans together. OK so why a Samurai? well Portugal does have traditional stick fighting style called Jogo De Pau, but the Portuguese was also the first Europeans to trade with the Japanese, in fact the Portuguese word for Thank You is Obrigado which is connected to the Japanese word for Thank You which is Arigato. Soul Calibur introduced Setsuka a half Portuguese half Japanese fighter who is descended from a Portuguese trader and Japanese Samurai. So the idea is not original but could be implimented into KOF15 or Samurai Showdown which is pretty much Soul Calibur rival game as they are about ancient sword fighters. On top of that they can take inspiration from Ava Silva (Portrayed by Portuguese-Brazillian actress Alba Baptista) from the Netflix series Warrior Nun.

Samoan Limalama MMA

Oceania is one of the least represented regions in fighting games. So naturally it makes sense to try and incorporate fresh and new ideas in fighting games based on the people from that region. Notably you may have seen Hobbs vs Shaw? Where a large group of Samoan men stood together to fight the villains. Well they have some fierce warrior women too. Not that the films highlighted any. Notable Samoan warrioresses include Kailin Curran, Genah Fabian, Lia Mata'Afa, Raquel Pa'Aluhi who are all Mixed Martial Artist. Also they could have Malu (traditional Samoan tattoos for women) since many MMA fighters get tattoos maybe even have her be a female tattooist like Tyla Vaeau (as female traditional tattooist are rare in Samoan culture) While we don't have any word on what her fighting style could be. Samoa does have Limalama a self defence style that could be the basis of her martial art.

Iranian Nearu warrior

West Asia doesn't typically get a lot of love, but in the gaming industry there has been a boom of Arab characters as of late. KOF is not a stranger to this with North African Assassin Kukri and Saudi Vigilante Nadj. But they could also still had the possibility of an Iranian character. Iran is somewhat overlooked in favour of the Arabs but some Iranian nationals have created their own style. Nearu. Nearu is an Iranian martial founded by Amir Lofti Azad in the 1990s when he traveled east wards through Pakistan, Indian, Nepal and Tibet likely picking up aspects of Tibetan Kung Fu and South Asian marital arts along the way. Nearu has a strict philosophy of love, peace and understanding. It focuses a lot on the power of breathing as the our first breath is the our first gift of life and upon death we release our last breath. While this does sound all a bit Avatar the Air Bender influenced, it would be a perfect way to incorporate an Iranian character in a fighting game. Nearu is also popular among the Iranian diaspora in the UAE, UK, USA, Sweden, Canada, Denmark and Finland so the character can be based off Iranians from those countries. Hell the UK has had a fair share of British Iranian martial artists to influence this character like the late Darren Shahlavi (the actor who played Twister in Ip-Man 2 R.I.P) or Sia Alipour (our choice for the Prince of Persia).

Filipino Dumog wrestler/Sikaran Kickboxer

Remember Dave Bautista? Yes the Filipino American wrestler. How do we not have a fighting game character based off him yet? either way a 6'5" tall Filipino wrestler based off Bautista would be perfect, whilst Bautista has mostly Wrestling, BJJ, Muay Thai and some Wushu training. A Filipino fighter based off him will use Dumog techniques (filipino wrestling) and maybe add some techniques to match Dave Bautista's other styles like Sikaran (Filipino Kickboxing) to have some Muay Thai inspired elements. I mean seriously Dave Bautista played Tong-Po in the Kickboxer remake and you can't tell us with a straight face that he doesn't immediately remind you of Tekken's Fahkumram! A Massive Dench AF South East Asian man with tattoos, wraps and kickboxing skills. Yeah A filipino version of that would be bad ass and it would also appeal to Filipino diaspora, many of which can be found in Latin Americas due to Filipinos being the first Asains to immigrate to the Latin Americas since the 16th century. As we mentioned before KOF has a large Latino fan base.

Arab Latino Fighter

So KOF leaps and bounds way past other Fighting Games in terms of its Latin American representation. Whilst most Fighting Games have the obligatory Black Brazilian Capoeirista, the Mexican Luchador or Brazilian Jujutsu fighter. KOF is a bit more diverse and creative with their Latin Americans like Afro-Japanese Brazilian Ninjas, Afro-Brazilian Boxers, West Asian Colombian Capoerista, white and mestizo Mexican wrestlers. So you can see the appeal? But why an Arab Latino? Well the Latin Americas also has a significant Arab Christian community such as Lebanese Mexicans or in the case of this inspiration Palestinian Chileans. Yes you heard that right. Do you know about the Martial Arts actor Marko Zaror, no? he was the main villain Dolor in Undisputed 3, Shaft in Marvel's Defenders, Ajakutty in Alita: Battle Angel and Zaror in Machete Kills. He started off in Latin American martial art films like Chinango, Kiltro and Redeemer. But also appeared in the Bollywood martial arts film Sultan as the final opponent of Salman Khan's character. Marko Zaror was born and raised in Chile to Palestinian and Italian Christian parents and is skilled in Taekwondo, Judo, Aikido, Shotokan Karate and even showed off some Wing Chun in Undisputed 3. So SNK can easily make an Arab Latino based off him.

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