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Netflix To Adapt Assassin's Creed Series

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

Altair of the original Syrian Assassins based off the real life ones

French videogame developer are best known for their various franchises from Prince of Persia, Watchdogs, Far Cry and Assassin's Creed. It seems to be the case that Netflix is looking to develop not one but two Assassin's Creed series for streaming.

Joining the likes of Witcher and Resident Evil, Assassin's Creed becomes another one of Netflix's Videogame turned TV series.

Fan Art of Anime Altair Ibn La'Ahad

It is currently unknown if the Live Action Assassin's Creed TV Series will tie to Michael Fassbender failed Assassin's Creed movie or will it be independent of the film entirely. Same with the other Netflix series will be connected by Ali Shankar is attached to one of the projects most likely the Assassin's Creed Anime if going by his experience in directing the Castlevania Anime that was also on Netflix. What is also exciting is that Adi Shankar is also attached to direct another Netflix Videogame adaptation into an Anime most notably Capcom's Devil May Cry.

Adi Shankar attach to Assassin's Creed and Devil May Cry

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