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Who Will Be Ms Marvel?

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

Marvel recently announced at the D23 Expo, that a Ms Marvel TV show will be coming to our screens! (You can read about it here)

We've been contemplating who could possibly be cast in the role and come up with a few actresses below who, as of yet, some aren't household names... but that could all change depending on who is cast as Marvel's first brown superhero!

Take a look below, and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

1. Safiyya Ingar

Safiyya Ingar, a British Muslim actor based in London, certainly looks the part, and has been campaigning for the role on Twitter for a number of years, even receiving praise from creator of Ms Marvel, G Willow Wilson.

Safiyya definitely has the acting chops for the role as well - from her 5 episode turn in the critically-acclaimed Summer of Rockets, starring Keeley Hawes and Timothy Spall, to the fact that she has recently completed principal photography on her debut feature film, Faith, as the lead, Samira.

She isn't yet known on a large scale, but landing the part of Kamala Khan could change all of that.. It would be great to see Ms Marvel do for someone what Spider Man did for Tom Holland.

2. Salena Qureshi

Salena Qureshi is a 23 year old Pakistani American actress, best known for her roles in Netflix's The Society, and CBS' Madam Secretary.

Salena could well be a great choice, given the fact that she is not yet a household name, but brings with her enough experience to carry the show.

She is a Pakistani American, just like Kamala, and that may well work in her favour. She's also made appearances in HBO's Girls and NBC's The Brave and Ms Marvel may well be the next step for this young actress!

3. Geraldine Viswanathan

Geraldine Viswanathan is an Australian actress of Malaysian Tamil descent, known for her roles in Blockers (2018) and TBS' Miracle Workers, co-starring with Steve Buscemi and Daniel Radcliffe.

She gained recognition for her role in Blockers, for which she was named the film's breakout star! She has also recently starred in Hala, a feature film which screened in competition at Sundance Film Festival 2019, and was recently acquired by Apple. She also starred in Bad Education, alongside Hugh Jackman, Allison Janney and Ray Romano, which is set to have it's World Premiere at Toronto International Film Festival 2019!

Viswanathan could very well be in with a shot at the role, given her status as a rising star.

4. Rhianne Barreto

Rhianne Barreto is a British actress of mixed heritage, who recently starred in Amazon Prime's Hanna, alongside Esme Creed-Miles and Joel Kinnaman, and recently led the cast of HBO's hit, Share by Pippa Bianco.

She gained a lot of recognition recently for her role as Mandy in Share when it premiered at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival to critical acclaim, even earning herself a US Dramatic Special Jury Award for Achievement in Acting... in other words, she crushed it.

She is a rising star, and Ms Marvel could very much be the next project on her radar.

5, Manpreet Bambra

Manpreet Bambra is a British actress of Punjabi descent, who has most recently starred as series regular Jade in Netflix Original Free Rein.

In the past, she has appeared in CBBC shows So Awkward and Wizards & Aliens, as well as 2 episodes of our very own. The Corner Shop Show!

She is making her mark on the acting industry, and Ms Marvel could definitely be on the cards, but we're going to have to wait and see!

6. Rukku Nahar

Rukku Nahar is a British-Punjabi actress, perhaps best known for her roles as Asha Kaur in Hollyoaks, and Habiba Ahmed in Eastenders.

As well as these shows, she has also made appearances in Casualty, The Corner Shop Show, and her lead role in CBBC's Wolfblood.

She trained at the Identity School of Acting, the training ground where John Boyega and Letitia Wright began their careers before superstardom.

7. Zoha Rahman

Zoha Rahman recently starred in Spider-Man Far From Home as Peter Parker's Pakistani Muslim friend from High School.

It's very early in her Film career but she's already in the MCU, maybe storylines could change? Could Marvel make her Kamala Khan instead?

Recently, the famous @BossLogic reimagined her as Ms Marvel in a graphical art piece that looked pretty cool! And we all know @bosslogic for predicting castings through his artwork!

8. Ambreen Razia

Now here's an award winning talent that's super rare! British-Pakistani Actress & Writer Ambreen Razia is well known for her mark in theatre and for writing, producing and starring in her one-woman-show "Diary of a Hounslow Girl" which she later got commissioned to pilot on to BBC Three. She's starred in a bunch of films such as 'Murdered By My Father', 'Ilford Lane', 'Finding Fatimah', 'Killed By My Debt' and even Netflix's 'Black Mirror'. Her talent and reputation has allowed her to tour the UK as well as speak at multiple events such as the Edinburgh festival about her success. She also co-starred with Corner Shop's Mistah Islah in a short film funded by the NHS in which she was praised highly for her performance when it premiered in Manchester Museum.

With an array of credits under her belt, her skills as a writer and a creator and being of Pakistani heritage she might just be the Super-Hero that Marvel deserves!

8. Sophia Taylor Ali

Sophia is an American Pakistani actress best known for her romantic comedy series on MTV called 'Faking It', 'Grey's Anatomy' on ABC and 2018's 'Truth or Dare' Horror Movie.

Her credits are impressive and she's clearly talented. Definitely has the potential to play Ms Marvel!


We can't wait to hear who Marvel will decide to cast in this potentially iconic role! If you have any thoughts on who should play Ms Marvel, comment below and we'll add them to this post!

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