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Mortal Kombat Reboot - Who's Who?

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

We all remember the 1995 version of the movie written by Kevin Droney & directed by Paul W. S. Anderson but Malaysian-Australian 'Conjuring', 'Aquaman' and 'Furious 7' Director James Wan has taken on the iconic Video Game franchise to reboot onto the big screen & we've got the scoop on who to expect when there's a 'Flawless Victory'...too much? Never mind...let's get started!

Lewis Tan

Lewis Tan rumoured to play Kung Lao?

Age: 32

Height: 6'2"

Nationality: American (British Born)

Ethnicity: Singoporean Chinese and British English

Martial Arts/athletic ability: Muay Thai, Boxing, Taekwondo, drunken boxing, gymastics.

Family: Mother is a former English Fashion model, Father is a martial arts stuntman Philip Tan. Older Brother of hunger games actor Sam Tam

Trivia: Had a near death experience whilst snowboarding once

Role: TBA (Kung Lao rumoured)

British born Asian American actor Lewis Tan has been casted in an unknown role for the upcoming movie. Many fans are speculating he is to be portraying Kung Lao. The razor hat flinging best friend of Lui Kang. Tan has a very impressive resume of action roles ranging from Zhou Cheng the Drunken Boxer in Marvel's IronFist (quite the scene stealer for an underwhelming first season), Shatterstar in Deadpool, a SWAT team member in Kurbaan (Bollywood film), Chinese Triad Chen in Rush Hour (TV series) and Gaius Chau in Into The Badlands. Lil side note he was casted as Kung Jin (Kung Lao's younger cousin) in the unreleased web series Mortal Kombat X Generations. So it wouldn't be hard to beleive him playing the older cousin Lao. Here is a little showreel demo of Tan's abilities:

Jessica McNamee

Jessica McNamee on the premier of the Meg will play Sonya Blade in Mortal Kombat

Age: 33

Height: 5'5"

Nationality: Australian

Ethnicity: White/European

Martial Arts/Athletic ability: Dance, tennis

Family: Younger Sister of actress Penny McNamee. Aunty of actress Teagan Croft.

Trivia: Was a contestant on Dancing with the stars

Role: Sonya Blade

Australian actress Jessica McNamee will appear in the upcoming film as American Soldier Sonya Blade. While she certainly fits the look, some have doubts about her ability to perform the martial arts choreography as she is apparently not a martial artist. However has expereince in Dance (and dance choreography requires the same kinds of skills for Fight choreography) and practiced Tennis for a role so I can imagine she has a mean baton swing. She has starred in roles such as Lisa Duffy in Australian Soap Home and Away, Mia in Australian Horror film the Loved Ones, an American Police Woman Theresa Kelly in the American version of Sirens, Jenna in the American Thriller The Neighbour (so she got the american accent down hopefully). Her roles in Battle of the Sexes has her portray tennis player Margeret Court in which she probably has to train for the role. Her last role was Lori in Meg in which she stars alongside Jason Statham. So I can imagine her calling him to train her in martial arts for preperation on this role as he has extensive experience in Karate, Wing Chun Kung Fu and Brazillian JuJutsu as part of his kickboxing/Mixed Martial arts style.

Ludi Lin

Ludin Lin as Lance of Black Mirror compared to his upcoming role as Lui Kang in Mortal Kombat

Age: 31

Height: 5'10"

Nationality: Chinese-Canadian (Chinese born naturalised Canadian)

Ethnicity: Han Chinese

Martial Arts/Athletic ability: Muay Thai, Jujutsu, Olympic Wrestling, Scuba Diving and Snow boarder

Family: Mother was a theatrical stage performer

Trivia: Attended Boarding school in Australia since 9

Role: Lui Kang

Chinese-Canadian actor Ludi Lin was unsurprisingly a popular choice among fans to be in a modern day martial arts or action film. He has a pretty interesting life going from his influence in the art came from watching his mother perform adn despite her discouragement, he became an actor. But living as an exchange in Australia and going to uni in Canada certainly shaped him into solid young man with an eclectic variety of life experience such as training in Thailand and Japan. Its no surprise that this wondering warrior of an actor plays the shaolin Lui Kang. His extensive resume includes roles such as Zack Taylor/Black Ranger in Power Rangers, Murk in Aquaman and Lance in Black Mirror. The last role definitely showed how well he fits as a videogame character (even if Lance is an expy of Ryu, Lui Kang, Akira , etc). These roles prove his talents as a martial artist and his scenes with Pom Klementieff probably won him a surplus off female fans. Also fluent in Cantonese and Mandarin is additional bonus for this role too.

Hiroyuki Sanada

Hiroyuki Sanada will portray Shirai Ryu Shinobi Hanzo Hasashi/Scorpion

Age: 58

Height: 5'6"

Nationality: Japanese

Ethnicity: Yin Japanese

Martial Arts/Athletic ability: Shorinji Kempo. Kyokushin Kaikan Karate, Kendo

Family: Lost his father at 11, former husband to Satomi Tezuka (sired two children with)

Trivia: Performed in UK stage thearte for King Lear, recived an Honorary MBE.

Role: Hanzo Hasashi/Scorpion

Japanese actor Hiroyuki Sanada may be familiar face to many ranging from fans of super hero films, martial arts and theatre. He trained as a protege of the legendary Sonny Chiba in Japans Action Club. He became well acquainted with Jacki Chan and Michelle Yeoh. He is fluent in Japanese, English and Mandarin which wil serve well for Hanzo's backstory and interactions with English and Chinese characters in the series. His repertoire includes his roles as sword wielding samurais or Japanese Yakuzas like Ujio in Last Samurai Kenji in Rush Hour 3, Shingen Yashida in the Wolverine, Oishi in 47 Ronin, and Akihiko in Avengers Endgame. Ironically Mortal Kombat will be one of the few times he is playing a Shinobi. Heres a little taste of his action experience:

Josh Lawson

Josh Lawson casted as Black Dragon leader Kano

Age: 38

Height: 6'2"

Nationality: Australian

Ethnicity: White/European

Martial Arts/Athletic ability: Dance

Family: Younger brother of Neighbours actor Ben Lawson and older brother Jordan Lawson Brass player of Brisbane based band, The Gallant.

Trivia: Was Awarded Mike Walsh Fellowship

Role: Kano

Australian actor Josh Lawson is best known for his comedy roles such as Doug Guggenheim, Kench Allenby in Anchorman 2 and Trip Huggins in the Campaign. Some of us Soap Opera fans may recognise him as Felix Walters in Australian Soap Home and Away. While he lacks a martial arts background, he has confirmed he takes up dance as a hobby which may help him in this role as stated before dance and fight choreography requires similar skills and muscle activation. Physically he fits Kano being tall, dark, rugged, athletically built (albeit slim). He is actually the first ever Australian actor to play the Awesome Aussie Black Dragon badman. It is a point of trivia that Kano was originally Japanese-American before being retconned as Australian (likely White Australian). Yet in live action he is portrayed by British actor and boxer Trevor Goodard (who pretended to be an Aussie) and Late British Asian martial arts actor Darren Shahlavi (R.I.P). Lets hope Josh adds some realistic Australian slang and dialogue to this character for all the Australian fans who can rejoice in an accurately Australian Kano.

Tadanobu Asano

Tadanobu Asano as Norse Diety Hogun in the MCU films. Now he will play Shinto Deity Raiden in the Mortal Kombat Film. Meta Casting.

Age: 45

Height: 5'11"

Nationality: Japanese Ethnicity: Japanese quarter Norweigian-Dutch-Native American

Martial arts/Athletic ability: Kendo, Muay Tha, Boxing (Possibly)

Family: Son of Yukihisa Sato artist and acting agency bussiness owner of Anore.Inc. Younger Brother of Kujun Sato a musician. Maternal Grandson of Wilard Overing, an American of Norweigian, Dutch and Native decent. Ex-husband of J-Pop singer Chara (Miwa Watabiki)

Trivia: Singer for Japanese Band Mach 1.67.

Role: Raiden

Japanese actor Tadanobu Asano casted as the Thunder God Raiden maybe some of the most meta casting yet for this role. Asano is best known for roles such as Temujin (Genghis Khan) in Mongol, Norse god Hogun in the MCU franchise, Lord Kira in 47 Ronin, Samurai Hyozo Tashiro in Gohatto, Hattori Gennosuke in Zatoichi. With such an extensive resume it is fair to assume he has martial arts experience in Kendo due to his many performances as a samurai or swordsman. What makes his casting most meta is how Asano stated his desire to be in Thor was to represnt his Nordic heritage by playing a Nordic diety. Now he has gone from a Nordic warrior Deity to a Japanese Thunder Diety. It is also fair to believe much like fellow thunder god co-star Chris Hemsworth. He trained in Muay Thai and Boxing.

Joe Taslim

Joe Taslim as Sergeant Jaka in the Raid. Will play the darker colder older Subzero Bi-Han, excited to see him as Noob for a sequel.

Age: 38

Height: 5'10"

Nationality: Indonesian

Ethnicity: Han Chinese

Martial arts/Athletic ability: Judo, Pencak Silat, Wushu, Taekwondo, Shotokan Karate

Family: Husband of Julie Taslim (sired 3 children)

Trivia: Was Judo Olympian for Indonesia, won gold and silver medals.

Role: Bi-Han/Subzero I (possibly Noob)

Excited to see Joe Taslim featured as one of the most popular Mortal Kombat characters. Taslim is best known for many roles in Indonesia and USA such as the no nonsense heroic Sergeant Jaka in The Raid, the quiet henchman Jah in Fast and Furious 6, Manas/Anderson Le in Star Trek Beyond and Li Yong in the Warrior TV series. While he was known for being a Judo Olympic medalist, he has since changed careers to be successful actor using all his martial arts talent which is has a great variaty of experience in. He is also of Chinese decent so can likely speak some mandarin or cantonese which will make sense for the Chinese Lin Kuei assassin Bi-Han. His heroic role as Jaka and Villainous roles as Jah and Manas will prove to suit the complex Cold Dark assassin Bi-Han. Here is the reason why I am most excited for Joe Taslim being in this film:

Mehcad Brooks

Mehcad Brooks in his Calvin Klein days, kinda young compared to the Carl Weathers looking Jax

Age: 38

Height: 6'2"

Nationality: American

Ethnicity: Black

Martial arts/Athletic ability: martial arts (Unspecified), Basketball, American Football.

Family: Son of Writer Alberta Phillips and former American Footballer Billy Brooks, Stepson of Lawyer Gary Bledsoe, Nephew of Dancer and choreographer Jason Ansara Brooks

Trivia: Plays acoustic guitar

Role: Jax Briggs

Many comic book fans can be pleased to see another superhero actor appearing in this film too. With Mehcad Brooks as Officer Jax Briggs. Brooks comes from a very atheltic family consisting of dancer for an uncle and retired athlete father. He himself has also practiced american football, basketball and stated to have been doing martial arts since he was a child and into his adulthood. These skills certainly helped him in his best known role as Jimmy Olsen/Guardian (Composite character) in Arrowverse series Supergirl. Its no surprise he is the choice for Jax. For anyone who doubts Mehcad Brooks can live up to Michael Jai Whites abilities (White was the previous Jax actor), then watch this:

Chin Han

Chin Han in Marco Polo as Emperor Ji Sidao. Seems fitting for the Mortal Kombat film as Shang Tsung

Age: 49

Height: 5'9"

Nationality: Singoporean

Ethnicity: Chinese

Martial arts/Athletic ability: Mantis Style Kung-fu

Family: No Info (mysterious he is)

Trivia: Named one of Asia's 25 greatest actors of all time by CNNGo

Role: Shang Tsung

Joining the villains side of the cast is Singoporean Chinese actor Chin Han. He will be portraying the villainous Shang Tsung and he certainly has the mettle to perform this role. His roles include Soldier Xuan in 3 Needles, Sun Feng in Contagion, Commander JIang in Independance Day Resurgence. He also has appeared in superhero media such as the corrupt Chinese Bussiness man Lau in the Dark Knight, Frank Chen in Arrow and Councliman Yen in Captain America: the Winter Soldier. However his best role that matches Shang Tsung would be Chinese Emperor Jia Sidao in Marco Polo. This role has Chin Han learn Mantis Style kung fu and displace this skill with finesse and fluidity, aswell as an air of arrongance perfect for the villainous manipulator. Just check it out:

Sisi Stringer

Newcomer Sisi Stringer as Mileena.

Age: 17-25?

Height: 5'1"

Nationality: Australian

Ethnicity: Black (Unspecified)

Martial Arts/Athletic ability: Possibly Stage combat and Dance

Family: no info

Trivia: She's new to the industry and even her social media account is fairly empty: https://www.instagram.com/sisistringer/?hl=en

Role: Mileena

Newcomer Australian actress Sisi Stringer will be appearing in the Mortal Kombat film as the vicious half Edenian, half Tarkartan clone of Kitana. Whilst some have noted she better resmebles Jade in MK11 or Jacqui Briggs in MKX. It is hard to find information on this actress due to her relative lack of background information available. What can be found on her Showcast profile is a few physical details like height and age range, no multilingual or martial arts ability. However she does have a singing and theatre background so it is fair to assume she has stage combat and dance experience which will be essential to remove any doubt on her athleticism.

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