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Meet the Potential Team Avatar Cast

Now you guys know we are massive fans of the Avatar Franchise. So much so we did a fan cast for not just the original Avatar: The Last Airbender series but we also did a separate fan cast for the follow up series Legend of Korra and we made sure not to reuse any actors. Feel free to the links on them. But right now the latest rumours point to the casting of Team Avatar already being confirmed lets see the potential line up of Aang, Katara, Sokka and of course Prince Zuko.

Gordon Cormier as Avatar Aang

First up we have 11 year old Filipino Canadian actor Gordon Cormier as Avatar Aang. Already he seems like a good fit for the role, he even does martial arts and skateboarding as seen on his insta profile which fits well with Aangs martial arts background and the fact Aang loves to ride about on his mini-tornado ball (just imagine Gordon on his skateboard but the skateboard is a mini-tornado ball). Gordon is best known for his role as Joe in Paramount's The Stand and Netflix series Lost in Space. He was also Jacob in A Christmas Miracle TV movie.

Kiawentiio Tarbell as Katara

Next up is the female lead, 14 years old Canadian actress Kiawentiio Tarbell who is of Mohawk ethnicity, a great match for Katara's indigenous American and Oceanic inspired heritage of the Northern and Southern Water tribes respectively. While we haven't found any martial arts background on her, it can be justified with Karate having no training until after she meets Aang and the Water Tribe (well the Northern ones at least) don't encourage Women to fight. Kiawentiio Tarbell credit include Ka'kwet in Anne with an E, Maya Thomas in Rutherford Falls and finnally the Titular character of Beans in the film of the same name based on true events. She also sang the song Light at the End. Which was the music for the film.

Ian Ousley as Sokka

For Katara's older brother Sokka, we have 19 year old Ian Ousley. Ian Ousley is an American actor who is mix of European, Asian and of course Native American ethnicity. We can't find much information on his specific ethnic origins, he does also show on his instagram that he practices eXtreme Martial Arts which is perfect for Non-bender Sokka. Sokka having no bending abilities had to always rely on his training and only got better the more he trained with new people not limited to just his father Hakoda, but also his future girlfriend Suki (one of the Kyoshi warriors), Panda (non bending sword master from the fire nation) and of course he likely trains alongside fellow sword fighter Zuko after he joins team avatar. Ian Ousley is best known for his roles as Jeremy in Young Sheldon, Robby Corman in Netflix's 13 Reasons Why and Zeke Breem in Physical.

Dallas Liu as Zuko

Finally we have the villain of season 1, anti-hero of Season 2 and then later the final hero of Team Avatar by Season 3. Prince Zuko. The firebending, sword swinging prince will be brought to life by Indonesian-Chinese American Dallas Liu. The promising of the four, 20 year old actor and martial artist Dallas Liu has a lot to offer. In fact his first ever role was the 6 year old version of Jin Kazama in Tekken (with Jon Foo as the adult version), he also appears as the child version of Bi-Han (aka Sub-Zero) in Mortal Kombat: Legacy and is slated to appear in Marvel's Shang Chi and the Legend of the 10 Rings presumably as a Young Shang Chi. But enough of him playing flash back versions of martial arts characters. His bigger roles are mostly TV roles such as Carter in Legendary Dudas, Bruce Lee in The Who Was? Show, Taylor King in Players and Shuji Ishii-Peters in Pen15. He also has impressive sword and karate skills which again was perfect for his multiple roles as child martial artists so we can see why he is going to be Prince Zuko.

Are you excited that a Live Action Avatar might actually be great? lets hope so. If this is our starting four characters. Then the future is looking bright.

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