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Aboriginal Australian Character that Disney's X-Men Could Develop into Live Action

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

As we know with Marvel, the MCU itself is becoming more and more diverse with Black leads in Luke Cage, Cloak and Dagger and Black panther. Female leads with Agent Carter, Jessica Jones, Captain Marvel and now Black Widow. Upcoming Asian leads include Shang Chi and Ms Marvel as well along with the potential Ghostrider series to feature Latino Gabriel Luna as Robbie Reyes. But what about Aboriginal Australians? Are there any superheros from those backgrounds? Answer: YES

X-Men has always been at the forefront of diversity in the Marvel universe. Whilst Fox's casting and portrayal of their diverse characters comes across as poor due to the number of actors not bothering to do the correct accent or completely ignoring their comics counterparts nationality (Nightcrawler being the main exception). The MCU now has the X-Men in their hands can willingly cast the characters and portray them more accurately to their culture. (as seen with the better African accents in Black Panther). One popular character in the X-Men comics whose culture go unnoticed is Lucas Bishop. Whilst he was portrayed as French African by Omar Sy in Days of Future Past and Black American everywhere else (Because Marvel had to Americanise all of their Black heroes apparently). He is Black in the comic but he is actually of Aboriginal Australian descent along with his Sister Shard and his possible ancestor the teleporter Gateway. But it doesn't stop there as marvel have more mutants of Aboriginal origin that could be introduced. Whilst Fox didn't seem to notice this when casting Omar Sy in the role. The MCU could potentially take this opportunity to find Aboriginal Actor actors to play these roles and bring us the first Aboriginal Australian superheroes to the big screen.

Lucas Bishop

The best known Aboriginal Australian superhero hands down is Lucas Bishop. The Time traveling Mutant who is best known for being a member of the Future X-men. He possesses the ability to absorb energy and convert it into super strength and energy blast usually channeling it through his pulse rifle. His Aboriginal heritage was completely ignored usually being portrayed as generically Black American in cartoons though probably because the writers claimed in the comics his parents immigrated to the USA where he and his sister were born in Mutant Concentration camps. Not sure why they did this but Marvel comics has a history of trying to Americanise their Black heroes such as Storm and Blade who were originally written as only Kenyan and British respectively. Blog Writer Travis Akbar makes note of this on his article regarding Bishop's true ethnicity and even suggests multiple Aboriginal Australian actor who would be more ethnically accurate for the role of Bishop. Lets hope we see that for the MCU.

Shard Bishop

Shard Bishop is the younger sister of Lucas Bishop and is generally in unknown due to being over shadowed by her more popular and well known brother. However Shard does at least have a few powers that Bishop doesn't and can be more flexible when it comes top writing. Shard typically has the ability to absorb light energy to similar effects to her brother which allow concussive blasts, lasers, (which she channels through her pistols) enhanced athleticism but also the powers which make her unique are her abilities to recreate photo-realistic illusions and turn herself into an intangible hologram. Meaning she can phase through solid objects to avoid damage much like fellow Mutant Shadowcat. Aside from her relationship with her brother, her only notable friendships would likely be with fellow future X-Men and on top of that she has dated or shown attractions to the likes of Trevor Fitzroy, Kyle Gibney and Jamie Maddrox. So some character interaction potential is there and there is not a large presence of Oceanic native women in Film and TV as a whole so the casting of an Aboriginal Australian female would be a stand out.


An omniscient teleporter. Nothing much is known about Gateway but he is believed to be the possible ancestor to Lucas and Shard possibly even their grandfather or great grandfather. He is also the mentor to Eden Fensi aka Manifold. Gateway's first appearence in the comics had him forced into working for Reavers as their transporter as you can imagine teleportation and Omniscient is a very useful combination. Gateway worked for them to spare his Aboriginal people from the Reavers wrath. Skullbuster of the Reavers offered Gateway complete freedom from the Reavers if Gateway agreed to free them after the X-Men defeat them and have them locked up. Surprisingly for a group violent mercenaries, Skullbuster makes sure the promise is kept and Gateway from then on is free from their influence and generally offers his service to the X-Men as a teleporter. While he has died and been resurrected a few times, He is last seen living on the island of Krakoa helping Captain Kate Pryde and her Marauders travel from Taipei to London.

Eden Fesi

Better known as Manifold. From Kata Tjuta, Australia we have another Aboriginal Australian teleporter much like his mentor Gateway. Though his teleportation is based off his low level reality warping abilities over time and space. He can use this ability to potentially explore alternate realms. Though the drawback means he can't use his abilities in full in other realities except for presumably returning to his own. Eden Fesi and his mentor Gateway were approached by Shield Director Nick Fury to join his team the Secret Warriors which included Quake and Hellfire (these names might ring a bell to Agents of Shield fans). Since the disbanding of the Secret Warriors, Eden would work for the Avengers even during the Avengers vs X-Men event, he joined A.I.M when it was under Roberto Da Costa's leadership and most recently worked with Black Panther in fighting off insurgents in Wakanda.

Jack Mead

Jack Mead nicknamed "Jack in a Box" (could be so much better) is a telepath with a radar sense. He has a an overwhelming strange draw back however. His usage of his power will cause a portion of himself to turn into organic rock, but unlike the Thing. This organic rock flesh is extremely brittle and will fall apart, Leaving Jack permanently losing parts of him and not able to regenerate them back. Hopefully a live action version of Jack Mead could be upgraded in the power department, maybe make his mutation play out similar to Emma Frost where he possesses Telepathy and Radar Sense in his flesh form, but loses it when he transforms into his Rock form which can make him super strong, invulnerable and immune to Psychic powers, but can revert back to his human form to use his psychic powers. Outside of his mutant powers, he works as a paramedic and ambulance driver so not only could a live action Jack Mead play the role of the Psychic and the Muscle but also play the role of a combat medic as well.

What do you think of these Awesome Aboriginal Aussie heroes? Reckon Disney will take the chance and give this community the representation it deserves?

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