• Amir-Hamza

MCU Third Spiderman Film Title Revealed

Rumours on the third MCU Spiderman film have gone crazy. With confirmations that Benedict Cumberbatch's Dr Strange will appear in the film wasn't crazy enough, Alfred Molina will be reprising Doctor Octopus from the Raimi Trilogy in a whole new MCU setting, he isn't the only one as Jamie Foxx will be doing the same as Electro. A character Foxx played during the Webb Spiderman films. On top of that we already seen J.K Simmons return as J.Jonah Jameson in Far from Home and WandaVision now feature Evan Peters as Pietro Maximoff. Leading many fans to believe that Peter's Quicksilver immigrated from the Fox X-Men universe to the MCU. Either way fans are going mad over the idea that this third Spiderman film will tie into Multiverse of Madness and be an MCU adaptation of Spiderverse with Garfield and McGuire's incarnations of Peter Parker being rumoured to appear in the film.

This can also tie in with the name of the film. Spiderman: No Way Home. Will Peter Parker be trapped in the multiverse? with all the potential Home related name fans came up with from Spiderman: Homewrecker, to Spiderman: Home Alone to Spiderman: Homeless. It seems Marvel has settled on a title to reference what Peter will be going through in the plot, though some Marvel What If could play around with these name for some humourous ideas. Also another idea What If... Quicksilver did not die in Age of Ultron? That would have been perfect for Marvel to do.

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