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MCU's Potential X-Men Team Revealed

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

According to some notes that apparently emerged from a meeting with the Marvel studios executives and supposedly leaked to YouTube. Kevin Feige and Co. have already lined up their Merry Mutants with: Storm, Cyclops, Thunderbird, Havok, Nightcrawler, Marvel Girl and Sunfire. The lineup seems loosely based off the second generation X-Men team with few differences. With it being 20 years since the original X-Men film came out, we felt why not look into this rumoured line-up.

(Left to Right) Professor Charles Xavier aka Professor X, Remy LeBeau aka Gambit, Ororo Munroe aka Storm, Emma Frost aka White Queen, Piotr Rasputin aka Colossus, Warren Worthington III aka Archangel, Jean Grey aka Phoenix/Marvel Girl, Robert "Bobby" Drake aka Iceman, Scott "Slim" Summers aka Cyclops, Anna Marie aka Rogue, Katherine "Kitty" Pryde aka Shadowcat, James "Logan" Howlett aka Wolverine, Kurt Wagner aka Nightcrawler, Dr Henry "Hank" McCoy aka Beast, Max Eisenhardt aka Magneto

While this may not be 100% determined and could change we felt like it would be interesting to take a look at this line up and what we could expect from them. There is currently no word on the potential villain or villain team that could oppose them.

Ororo Monroe aka Storm

Anna Diop as Storm

It has been long theorised that Black Panther 2 would introduce Mutants like Storm and Namor into the MCU narrative. Whilst its not confirmed with at the moment. It seems that Storm being a likely candidate for the X-Men could mean an interaction of sorts between her and T'Challa. Ororo Munroe was originally written as Kenyan mutant who was worshiped like a benevolent weather goddess. She has been one of marvel's most prominent Black African Heroes and one of the X-Men's most iconic and longest lasting non-white ethnic minority character. Her history has been complicated most likely the writers forgot to give her a realistic Swahili Surname so they changed her family history to her Mother being Kenyan and her Father being an American (because Marvel love to Americanise their Black heroes look at British Blade and Aboriginal Aussie Bishop for proof). This new backstory revealed she was born in Harlem, later orphaned in Egypt where she developed Claustrophobia and then forced to work as a thief for Amahl Farouk aka the Shadowking. A young Professor Charles Xavier has rescued her from Farouk and she would return to her native Kenya. Being able to manipulate the weather she is a versatile elemental master for the X-Men and grew to become one of their best leaders of all time. With how well Black Panther had represented African culture we would hope to see Storm with the correct Kenyan accent and maybe her Kenyan heritage clashing with American culture could be brought up. We can imagine the MCU Ororo's motherly nature from X-Men Evolution and the BlackPanther Animated Series.

Scott Summers aka Cyclops

Jensen Ackles as Cyclops

The first Mutant that Professor X recruits into his classic X-Men team. Serving as the field leader for most part. Many fans of the Fox X-men felt disappointed at how Cyclops was typically sidelined in favour of Wolverine. So with the MCU now working to bring the X-Men in. Cyclops will most likely be portrayed as the Fearless leader he traditionally is. Having been separated from his family during a plane crash which left him with comatose with brain damage (unable to control his Mutation Optic Blasts) and sent to an orphanage. Scott was abused by his violent foster father until Professor X had Cyclops kill him in self defense, so its not surprising that Cyclops typically grew to have issues and become one of the most hated heroes in recent years. It is unknown how the MCU will portray Cyclops and his relation to Professor X since it is one of the more controversial sides of Cyclops since his X-Men vs Avengers portrayal being notorious for splitting the fans opinion of him. If Storm is not the one leading the X-Men it is likely that Cyclops will play the role of Captain for the X-Men with Storm being more so the next in line for the future films, while she adjusts to American culture and her role on the team. The new X-Men film may give fans the Cyclops they've been wanting to see since X-Men 3. Considering we are getting his little brother Havok in the mix and Jean Grey with no Wolverine. Scott Summers in the MCU will probably veer towards his classic 90s Animated self and his X-Men Evolution personality being a more heroic and sociable version.

John Proudstar aka Thunderbird

Hawaiian Jason Momoa for Thunderbird

A surprising inclusion of John Proudstar aka the Thunderbird. The X-Men's first Native American character and potentially the MCU's first Native American Superhero. Debuting as part of the second generation of X-Men, he was infamously killed off during their second mission as writers wanted to show how serious the comics were. While the character has never appear in the previous X-Men films, he did appear in the Gifted TV show portrayed by Blair Redford as the Leader of the Mutant Underground. In the comics, Thunderbird was an head strong, impulsive mutant with Super senses and Superhuman "everything-humans-can-do" (strength, speed, stamina, etc). Unfortunately with Wolverine and Colossus on the team he generally did not have much to bring as Wolverine pretty much did the same things and more, and Colossus was way stronger and durable. He was chosen to be written out and killed off. However since this potential MCU X-Men line up lacks both Wolverine and Colossus, we will likely have our version of Thunderbird play the role of the strong guy and the expert tracker/former military guy all in one. While he could be killed off like he is in the comics, the Gifted kept him alive till the series finale so it could be case that he will cover Wolverine and Colossus's role on the team and likely will but heads with Cyclops or Storm over strategies and plans.

Alexander Summers aka Havok

Garret Hedlund for Havok

The younger brother of Scott Summers. Many fans may remember Alex as being the older sibling due to the Fox X-Men films where their ages are flipped and also apparently 20s years apart (dont think too much on it). Alex was separated from his family in the same plane crash that left his older brother comatosed. Alex was adopted by the Blanders family in Hawaii. Havok alongside his lover Polaris did join the original X-Men team alongside his older brother Scott. During the Second generation period he and Polaris would join the government funded X-Factor mutant team lead by Forge. He possesses the same powers as his Brother Cyclops but can channel it as beams, energy hoops and pulse waves from his hands or chest. The two brothers are in fact immune to each others powers as they are to their own. We don't known what to expect with Havok potential role in the MCU X-Men team as most versions of him never stuck around but he may play a similar role to Iceman personality wise being the mean, sarcastic jokester which is similar to how Havok was originally portrayed in X-Men First Class. Alternatively his storylines may centre around him and his brother's relationship since they are not seen together much outside of the comics. But we can imagine X-Men Evolution influencing Havok and Scott's personality and relationship for the films

Kurt Wagner aka Nighthcrawler

Greek/Egyptian American Rami Malek for Nightcrawler

Everyone's favourite Catholic German Teleporter. Nightcrawler has been one of the X-Men most popular characters so fans will be pleased to see him among their ranks in the MCU. Son of German Mutant Raven Darkholme aka Mystique and the Middle Eastern Mutant Azazel (who claims to be the influence for the Devil). Nightcrawler is surprisingly a light hearted, swashbuckler for the team. But when your mum dropped you down a waterfall and you are raised by the Circus. I guess super villain parents aren't that bad, especially since Azazel and Mystique do apparently love Kurt Wagner (but then who wouldn't love him). Kurt joined the X-Men as part of their Second generation becoming close friends with the likes of Colossus and Wolverine. He is also one of the X-Men best martial artists and most religious as seen in X-Men 2 and Dark Phoenix. If Daredevil is any indication, Nightcrawler will be a popular and complex character to have on the team. We will likely get mix of the previous films Nightcrawler and a bit of his Wolverine and the X-Men portrayal.

Jean Grey aka Marvel Girl

Holland Roden as Phoenix

The first lady of the X-Men. Joining the original Team alongside Cyclops. Jean was known to have issues using her psychic powers which Professor X was to help her develop. Unfortunately in many of the earlier comics, the 90s cartoon and Jean had a bad habit of holding back and struggling to use her powers in combat. Making her the deadweight in more cases. However come the second generation and Jean becomes one of the X-Men's most powerful members and later become the target for villains like Mr.Sinister and the Hellfire club for her power and the Phoenix Force that she will alter possess. Hopefully for the MCU, Marvel Girl in particular will be way more competent that she initially is though some limits to her psychic power may be put into play as being able to knock out her opponent telepathically would finish the fights too easy and make Professor X seem redundant way too early.

Shiro Yoshida aka Sunfire

Gaku Space voiced Sunfire in X-Men Destiny

The first Asian member of the X-Men and their first Pyrokinetic character. Japanese Mutant Shiro Yoshida joined the second generation of the X-Men being somewhat a hothead and loose cannon. He left the team not long after Thunderbird's death leaving Storm as the sole non white member (unless Nightcrawler's half Middle Eastern heritage counts). If this line up will be true. This will actually be the first ever live action portrayal of Sunfire in any form of X-Men media and probably the only time his character is part of the main X-Men Team outside of the comic books. He is also noted as part of the Yashida extended family that includes cousins Mariko Yashida and her half brother Keniouchi Harada (Silver Samurai), he is not a martial arts character unlike most other East Asians in comic books. It is likely he will be the flying fire power of the team next to Storm and likely the heavy hitter beside the resident muscle Thunderbird. This will be a welcome addition to the MCU being one of the first Japanese superheroes in an MCU film. As Shiro has very little characterisation outside of the comics, we can assume his fiery temper and rude attitude will be a key part to his character with plenty of room for character growth.

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