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MCU Looking to Cast 3 New Female Characters

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

Latest news regarding the Marvel Cinematic Universe is what new heroes they are intending to bring into live action. Now due to a casting call sheet sent out by casting director Sarah Finn, it appears to be looking for a deaf female Native America, First Nations, Indigenous or Latinx, 18 or older to play the role of 'Malia' in an upcoming Disney series set to shoot this Autumn. Finn wants an actress that can portray said character as "Independent, athletic and bright". This description is best fitting for Maya Lopez aka Echo from the Marvel comics.

Maya is a deaf Native American girl whose father was a mobster working for Kingpin. Kingpin had her father executed and took Maya in has his own. Maya possessed photographic reflexes similar to that of Taskmaster making it extremely easy for her to master multiple martial arts and acrobatic techniques making her be able to match Bullseye and Daredevil after watching a video of them two fighting. She eventually switch sides after discovering that Kingpin killed her father. Whilst this may not indicate the return of Daredevil to the MCU just yet. Some fans theorised that Maya maybe introduced in the Hawkeye TV series on Disney+. In the Comics, Clint Barton aka Hawkeye is 80% deaf (from multiple injuries one of which included being stabbed in both ears) and wears special hearing aids to hear normally. This was never touched upon in the MCU, but with the Hawkeye TV show they could introduce this concept that Barton has always worn hearing aids throughout the films. Maybe show that he has been taking sign language classes or attending sign language events as a superhero ambassador. It is here he could potentially meet Maya Lopez and decide to take her under his wing.

The next character in line to supposedly join the MCU is Angelica Jones aka Firestar. This one should be taken with a grain of salt as this is according to a noted scooper named Daniel Richtman, aka DanielRPK, "There is a plan to introduce Firestar into the MCU," Richtman wrote on his Patreon. No information has been provided regarding whether these supposed plans involve Firestar appearing on the big screen, or perhaps on a Disney+ series. So who is Firestar and where would she appear?

Well, Firestar is a mutant with the ability to control microwave emissions. So she heats you up by irradiating you? damn. However she did not originate from the comics. In fact Firestar first debuted in Spiderman and his Amazing Friends where fellow mutant Iceman and Firestar where portrayed as Spidey's closest friends in the series. Some speculation leads to wondering will Spiderman 3 introduce Firestar as a teen hero or mutant that Peter Parker will make friends with? It is unknown. Comics wise when Firestar was introduced she joined Emma Frost's Hellions squad (Emma's equivalent to Charles' New Mutants) simply because Frost got to her before Charles. She did eventually leave the Hellions when she discovered Emma's manipulations and became part of the New Warriors.

Now for the third female character, this will tie into the Fantastic Four characters more. The previous films didn't capitalise on Dr Victor Von Doom's Latverian heritage outside of a him being an American Business Tycoon or Scientist who happens to have foreign ancestry. However the comic book Dictator is best known for either operating in the Latverian Embassy or literally just in Latveria's royal palace wear he is the reigning monarch. But as it seems Falcon and the Winter Soldier are introducing the nation of Madripoor (closely related to X-Men stories). It is a rumour that Latveria will be introduced through Lucia Von Bardas.

Who is Lucia Von Bardas? Not exactly an A-List marvel character however, she may be the key to easing in Latveria's existence in the MCU. In the comics Lucia Von Bardas was an Latverian Scientist teaching at a University in America. By the time the Dr Doom was disposed of his leadership role in Latveria. Bardas campaigned to be the countries new prime minister with the intentions of improving the relationship with Latveria and USA. However her ulterior motif was to secretly fund Tech-based Super villains in the States. Nick Fury decided she needed to be taken out having Daisy Johnson (from Agents of Shield) assassinate her. Lucia naturally survived as a cyborg and vowed revenge against Nick Fury those involved in his plot against her. We can imagine the MCU having a bit of leeway on what they wanna do with Lucia Von Bardas as a way to realistically integrate Latveria and Dr.Doom into the MCU.

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