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Disney/Marvel May Feature First Sikh Characters in the MCU

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

As we know that Mahershala Ali had been cast in the MCU as Luke Cage villain Cornell "Cottonmouth" Stokes before being killed off half way through the season. Ali had went on to successfully star in films like the Green Book and Moonlight where he won awards for. Becoming one of the first Muslim actors alongside Riz Ahmed and Ramy Youssef to win such awards in the acting industry. Kevin Feige believing Marvel made a mistake decided to cast Ali in the MCU again for British superhero Blade.

While its amazing to have a Mahershala Ali recognised for his talent. The potential of Blade in the MCU may actually introduce us to the first Sikh character and hero for the MCU. But who would that be? Well look no further than British Indian Taj Nital.

Meet British Indian Sikh Taj Nital

Who is Taj? Well in the original Blade comics, Blade was a Londoner vampire hunter who teamed up with another group of British Vampire slayers called the Nightstalkers. This team consisted of Quincy Harker, Rachel van Helsing, Frank Drake and Taj Nital. Taj was essentially the big guy, the religious bruiser of the group. Standing at 6'6" tall, wearing a Dastar and beard like the proud Punjabi warrior, he was recruited by the Nightstalkers after Rachel had tried to save him and his family from a vampire attack. The attack left his wife Jyota paraplegic and his son Adri infected with the vampire infection and forced to be chained up in isolation.

British Asian iZombie star Rahul Kohli

Considering British Indians are the largest ethnic minority group in the UK and Sikhs are some of the most under represented Religious groups out there. It would be perfect choice for Marvel to cast it's first Sikh character in the Blade series. Maybe even the first ever official British Asian hero in the MCU. Unless they Americanise Blade and therefore Americanise Taj along with the rest of the nightstalkers. But fingers crossed people, we reckon that Blade should take the chance to introduce the British Nightstalkers and explore the idea of the MCU's first ever Sikh character. On a side note, anyone else miss Mahershala's laugh as Cornell Stokes? We did.

On the Shang-Chi side of things, we known that Simu Lui will play the titular character with Tony Leung portraying The Mandarin (Who is merged with the comics version of Fu Manchu, Shang Chi's Father). Awkwafina and Ronny Chieng have also been cast in undisclosed roles but theories point to potential characters like Fah Lo See (Shang Chi's sister) and Paul Hark (aka Red Lotus). But who is this potential Sikh character that could appear in Shang Chi then? Meet Zingh


Most likely his name is supposed to be Singh but I guess the letter Z is cooler? I dunno. Zingh is a giant muscular Punjabi Sikh who essentially works of Fu Manchu as his henchman. Whilst this may not be the most flattering portrayal. It adds to the MCU's diversity of their characters and we can imagine Marvel looking to cast a tall muscular South Asian for the role. I mean the easiest choice would most likely be The Great Khali just look at size of him! Would you like to see Great Khali as Zingh?

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