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Marvel Studios casting 'Birdman' in Disney+ Ms Marvel

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

It was announced earlier this year by Kevin Fiege that a Ms.Marvel tv series centred on Kamala Khan will be created as part of the MCU's phase 4. However popular as she is Kamala Khan has great chemistry with other heroes and is popular with the newer and younger readers of marvel. She does lack what iconic heroes do. Which is a significant rogues gallery. After all, many heroes of the super hero genre are only as good as the antagonists they oppose and Kamala being a young fairly recent hero gives her a small number of villains unique or exclusive to herself.

But it seems to be now Marvel is looking to cast a "Birdman".

Despite how strange this sounds, it is plausible for this "Birdman" to be the casting codename for one of Kamala's first unique antagonists: The Inventor.

So whats this character's deal? Well the Inventor is (for unknown reason) a result of Gregory Knox creating a clone of the famous Thomas Edison, but..... some how the DNA sample of the clone was contaminated by Knox's pet Cockatiel (of all things) leading to this clone to be a human bird hybrid.

The things they make up ey?!

The Inventor ends up becoming an enemy to Kamala when she notices that Vick Carrelli was one of the Inventors kidnapped victims. Why does the Inventor want to kidnap people? Because much like his DNA template he is looking for alternate power sources,

I think at this point in cinematic history...if we've seen a giant lizard-dinosaur called Godzilla fighting a giant 3 headed serpent, I'm sure we can accept a Human-Bird hybrid fighting a Muslim Female Superhero.

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