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"CORNER SHOP - Thank You Come Again" Feature Film Official Updates

The much anticipated final episode of Corner Shop Show is coming, and here's what we can tell you so far!

It's A Feature Length Film

That's right, The CS Network team gained a small budget from sponsors "East Shopping Centre" & "Chaii Wala" to produce the film, allowing them to shoot bigger and more crazier scenes. So expect to be blown away by the level up!

There's a Pitch Perfect/Glee Inspired Scene

Mistah Islah and Sonna Rele have teased a lot of studio sessions for the film, there are several songs in this film including "Ek Ladki Ko" which was released on Valentines Day 2019 as a teaser to the rest of the soundtrack

Tons Of Cameos

They've brought back old characters, new characters and we'll be seeing a bunch of our favourite social media influencers, actors and YouTubers all in one film!

Confirms Expanded YouTube Universe

Early on in Season 1, Episode 7, there was a small reference to 'Humza's Dad' serving as an Easter Egg to something which is finally confirmed, Corner Shop exists in the same universe as Badman & Bubblegum by Humza Productions

A Mendhi Scene & A Wedding Scene

As if these weren't hard to pull off in real life, these guys have gone to the length to do both in 1 film!

The Evil Mayor Will Be Revealed

The long awaited cliffhanger will be revealed, who could it be? We can't tell you, but guarantee you won't see this one coming!

There's A Huge Fight Scene

The guys trained for 9 months with Master Zakareah Khan (aka Sifu in Corner Shop) to pull off epic fight scenes inspired by Jackie Chan movies! Woah!

It's The Last Ever Episode

It's true, The CS Network will move on from the series, but the characters will live on in other shows, cameos & live appearances on stages!

It's out on October 27th!

It will be released as a Feature Film, ON YouTube! Just because this is our big feature, we're not going to do make anyone pay for it or act like we're huge Hollywood stars. This film was made for the people, by the people. We wouldn't be where we are if it wasn't for our Loyal Corner Shop Customers. This is the content you want to see, so we're gonna give it to you!

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