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Lexa Doig Wants to Return To The Arrowverse in Batwoman

It sounds like Talia Al-Ghul may not be finished with the Arrowverse, Lexa Doig who played the famous anti-hero on the hit series 'Arrow' would be open to a return!

During her latest guest appearance in The Director's Cut Podcast with Mistah Islah, she expressed her enthusiasm to return on any of the shows if given the opportunity, but the show that she thinks would suit her character most would be Batwoman to cause some trouble in Gotham City and flesh out her ties to Batman.

We left Talia Al-Ghul with Thea Queen at the end of Season 8 of Arrow, but who knows where she ended up after Crisis on Infinite Earths? Mistah Islah suggested that she could return with Bruce Wayne's son, Damian Wayne. Which would be a super cool story arch!

You can watch the podcast below!

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