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'DC's Legends of Tomorrow' S5 have full Farsi Speaking Scenes

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

The CW's been known to always be inclusive, and they have surprisingly shown a new side of this with character's Zari and Behrad interacting with their family speaking full on Farsi. A truly proud and joyful moment for a lot of Persian viewers out there!

Let's take it back through the timeline before we start!

When the Legends pick up Zari from her dystopian timeline in 2044, her family and brother have died, she is a devout muslim and has taken up her brotehr role as a vigilante hacker against the A.U.G.U.S government which sanction all metahumans, vigilantes, empowered people and religions as illegal.

After the Season 4 finale switched out Zari Tomaz for her no-longer dead Brother Behrad Tomaz, they saved their present timeline and unintentionally altered the Siblings future.

Season 5 appears to have the siblings show up together with Behrad introducing Nate to his family which includes Tale Ashe as Zari.

But with the change in timeline Behrad is alive and well with the air totem to play the hero, his parents are also alive and Zari is surprisingly a vain social media influencer and is nothing like her original timeline counterpart.

Zari and Behrad are from an Iranian Muslim family, and in S5E03 Tale Ashe and Shayan Sobhian get to show off their ability to speak fluent Farsi with their on screen parents played by David Diaan and Mitra Lohrasb.

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